Best China Books

  • China's state-run General Administration of Press and Publication screens all Chinese literature intended to be sold on the open market. The GAPP has the legal authority to screen, censor, and ban any print, electronic, or Internet publication in China. Because all publishers in China are required to be licensed by the GAPP, that agency also has the power to deny people the right to publish, and completely shut down any publisher who fails to follow its dictates. As a result, the ratio of official to pirated books is said to be 2:3.

1001 Places to See Before You Die

  • Completed in Bold & Italic
  • Europe

  • Great Britian & Ireland

  • England

  • Clivedon
  • Windsor Castle
  • Chester
  • Penzance & Land's End
  • St.

Clone of 1001 Places to See Before You Die

  • Europe
  • Great Britain and Ireland
  • England
  • 1. Cliveden
  • 2. Windsor Castle
  • 3. Chester
  • 4. Penzance and Land's End
  • 5. St. Ives
  • 6. Hotel Tresanton and The Seafood Restaurant
  • 7. Chatsworth House
  • 8. Burgh Island Hotel
  • 9. Gidleigh Park
  • 10. Arundell Arms
  • 11. The Rising Sun
  • 12. Royal Pavilion
  • 13. Glyndebourne Festival
  • 14. The Cotswolds
  • 15. Chewton Glen
  • 16. Winchester Cathedral
  • 17. Osborne House
  • 18. Canterbury Cathedral
  • 19. Leeds Castle
  • 20. Sissinghurst Castle Garden
  • 21. The Lake District
  • 22.

Top 10 Countries I'd Like to See Before I Die

  1. Romania
  2. Italy
  3. Japan
  4. Germany
  5. Spain
  6. Greece
  7. France
  8. Tibet
  9. India
  10. Thailand

5 Best Cities I've Visited

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Daytona
  4. Atlanta
  5. Nassau

Your Favorite Books About CHINA Poll

Considering the broad scope of books written about China, it would be impossible to list everyone's potential favorites in this poll, so I am only including the 5 most definitive books about China that everyone has (or should) read during their studies of, or travels to, the People's Republic.


  1. The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck
  2. A timeless classic on the lives of Chinese farmers
  3. Lonely Planet China (Country Guide) by Robert Storey
  4. No explanation needed. If you are going to China, you take this

Travel Photography with Chinese Characteristics

To introduce the photography book China: Portrait of a People, it is first important to actualize the mind-baffling amount of challenges travel photographer Tom Carter went up against during his 2-year, 56,000-kilometer quest to photograph China in its entirety.