Best Trance songs of All Time (Top 100?)

  • I'm new here and won't waste a lot of words, but I'm just doing this out of boredom/experiment to see if anyone will _read this and reply to this.
  • IMPORTANT: I just did this for fun and not out of seriousness, so if your list would look totally different, please do _not take any offense! :)We all got different tastes.
  • New suggestions are always welcome (in fact I would really like to see lots and lots of new suggestions!) but there _are a FEW rules first:
  • 1. Don't suggest songs already on the list, since that won't add any new content.
  • 2.

Best of Uplifting, Melodic, Euphoria Trance

  1. The Best of Trance (and some other EDM genres) - melodic, uplifting, euphoric. Music that tranceports me to a higher dimension - If music like this played all the time I'm sure we would have a perfect peaceful happy world! Thank God for these amazing artists and music producers.
  2. The first 25-30 tracks or so are all number one.

the best of my dance music collection

  • hi there,
  • having compiled my collection over the last 20 years i've amassed some purely sensational dance music vinyls and cd's and with over 2500 12" and 1500 cd's to choose from to make this list.
  • not everyone will like or even heard of most of these tracks but i'm quite sure there will be a few in there to your liking.
  • the tracks are in no particular order of favouritism and i will add the remixes and labels where i can for your info.
  • this is an ever expanding list so please feel free to suggest something as i know i will miss out a load of class tracks.
  • anyhow without furher adieu her

Top trance tunes 1990 to 1992

  • Secret Desire - White Light (1990)
  • Dune - Espiral (1991)
  • Interfront - Strange (1990 version from "Invisible 1 EP")
  • Age of Love - Age of Love (1990)
  • Antico - We Need Freedom (1991)
  • Guru Josh - Infinity (1990)
  • Phantasia - Inner Light (1991)
  • Last Rythm - Last Rythm (1990)
  • DNA - La Serenissima (1990)
  • The Works of Atreus - The 6 Train (1991)
  • Atahualpa - Ultimo Imperio (Original mix) (1990)
  • Dilemma - In Spirit (1992)
  • Orbital - Belfast (1991)
  • Jam & Spoon - Stella (1992)
  • Ultraviolet - Kites (1990)
  • CKA - Bellissimo (1990)
  • And I have to let this in even though the wrong year, because

Greatest Trance song of all-time?


feel free to vote on your fav :)

Top 100 Trance Tracks of All-Time

To be honest, it's kind of arbitrary, but #1 is better than #20, which is better than #40. There is a definite gradation. Please suggest some more tracks, I don't have 100 amazing ones.

1) Café Del Mar (Three N’ One Mix) – Energy 52
2) Age of Love – Age of Love
3) Born Slippy Nuxx – Underworld
4) Children – Robert Miles
5) Nothing (’93 Returning Mix) – Holden & Thompson
6) For an Angel – Paul Van Dyk
7) Love Stimulation – Humate
8) Papua New Guinea – Future Sounds of London
9) Suburban Train – Tïesto
10) Insomnia – Faithless
11) Beachball – Nalin and Kane
12) Xpander – Sasha

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August 23, 2010 - additional tracks

My Top Psy-Trance Albums 2000-2010

  1. Psychedelic Trance has come a long way since it's birth, which coincided with the so-called 'death' of Goa Trance in the late '90's (although it was more of an evolution than a death).

My Top Progressive Trance Albums 2001-2010

  1. This is a list of my favourite Progressive Trance albums of the last decade, in order of the year of release. Some are widely recognised classics, while others I feel are overlooked or underappreciated gems. The term 'Progressive Trance' can be quite broad - so to be more specific, a lot of these albums can be classed as progressive psy-trance (aka psyprog or psygressive) and some are minimal progressive, etc.
  2. -
  3. The definition of 'progressive' in dance music terms is quite widely disputed and can mean different things to different people.

Trance Music Songs

  1. *I like all types of trance music, but preference-wise I'm attracted more to early, melodic, "euphoric" and Balearic trance. But that's not to say that all other types of trance do not interest me. These are the northernmost tip of the iceberg, with several close calls.
  2. *With that being said, yes, these are my favorites. There's already many "Greatest Trance" lists out there; I wanted to offer a deviation from that norm.