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  1. Introduction
  2. Seating Chart
  3. Attendance sheet procedure
  4. Student info
  5. Important numbers
  6. Health Room procedures
  7. Behavior policy
  8. Morning Routine
  9. Daily Schedule
  10. Lesson Plans
  11. Guidelines for Centers
  12. Homework policy
  13. Dismissal policy

Impromptu Speech Topics


    An Alphabetical List of GRE Words [most recent: A]


      100 Things for the First Three Weeks of Class


        100 Things to Do with Books

        1. Discuss how the main character is like or unlike people you know.
        2. Pretend you're one character and introduce the other characters to your class.
        3. As an interior decorator, how would you decorate a character's bedroom and why?
        4. Invite one character to dinner and write a note of explanation to your mother.
        5. Invite three celebrities to a party for the main character and explain your choice.
        6. Write a page about a character beginning with the sentence: "I was (any verb) by ..."
        7. Make a time line of the events in the life of the main character.
        8. Write a chronology for one character.
        9. Make up five i