How do you feel about spoilers? What can be done about them?


Some folks like to read the last page first, while others find that sacrilegious. Out of respect for both groups, you can post spoilers, but if you do we request that you enclose the spoiler in

Spoiler: Highlight to view
tags. To do that, just type something like this:

"I really liked the movie until the end; [SPOILER]I can't believe everybody died![SPOILER] I didn't see that coming."

This will appear to everyone else like this:

What about profanity? Can I cuss up a blue streak?


I try to keep Listology PG-13ish, but mostly with that rule I'm trying to prevent abuse and frivolous spouting of profanity. Don't go hog wild. There, a vague answer to a subjective issue.

What are your policies regarding list content? Do you censor?


While we are as hands-off as possible regarding list content, we reserve the right to remove inappropriate posts and their authors from the site. "Inappropriate posts" include: fast money-making schemes, or posts that are pornographic, defamatory, racial, abusive, or hateful.