101 things in 1001 days.

  1. Get a job
  2. Get another tattoo
  3. Learn how to cook
  4. Read the entire bible
  5. Finish School
  6. Watch 100 movies
  7. Visit England
  8. Read 200 books
  9. Read at least 30 pages a day in February
  10. Redecorate my room
  11. Play in the snow
  12. Go to the cinema
  13. Take part in NaBloPoMo
  14. Take a photo a day for a year
  15. Buy a DVD
  16. Catalogue all my books
  17. Eat 2 pieces of fruit everyday in February
  18. Go for a walk in the rain
  19. Don't drink any alcohol in March
  20. Clean my room at least once a month
  21. Get rid of stuff I don't use anymore
  22. Write down 100 things that made me happy
  23. Post a quote/lyric every day in April
  24. Play golf with my dad
  25. Stop smoking for a month
  26. Post on Livejournal at least 3 times a week
  27. Leave notes in library books in May
  28. Buy 5 people a gift just because I can
  29. Go out for dinner 5 times
  30. Watch season 1 of One Tree Hill
  31. Watch season 1 of Gossip Girl
  32. Go roller skating once a week in July or August
  33. Transfer €10 into my savings account every month
  34. Read a whole book at the library
  35. Complete 100_snapshots @ Livejournal
  36. Don't eat any candy in February
  37. Get a new haircut three times
  38. Go one month without buying anything I don't really need
  39. Make 100 icons
  40. Go to bed before midnight for one week