Best Post-Rock Albums

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All of these albums are highly recommended and I've added links to the labels so you can buy the CDs and listen to them in high quality.

Explosions in the Sky - Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean (TEINACDP)

Bark Psychosis - Absent Friend (Hex)

Mogwai - Friend of the Night (Mr. Beast)

Mono - Yearning (You Are There)

Sigur Ros - Untitled #1 from ( )

GY!BE - The Dead Flag Blues (F# A# infinity)

Talk Talk - Ascension Day (Laughing Stock)\

Slint - Washer (Spiderland)

Tortoise - Live at Werchter [full set]

Great list! I'll be doing a fair bit of downloading thanks to this :D

No love for Agaetis Byrjun, eh?

I thought ( ) and Takk were better but every album Sigur Ros made is brilliant including Agaetis Byrjun.

Fair enough. Although I found () needlessly depressing IMO.

How do you like their new album?

I'm laughing pretty hard at myself right now because I found ( ) to be fairly depressing at the beginning of the album, but towards the end I felt it to be... not necessarily uplifting, but more uplifting than depressing. I've listened to that album alone about 6 times, and I'm almost terrified of moving onto his other ones for fear of not being as pleased.

to spinmedown16

Most post-rock doesn't sound like Sigur Ros at all. You'll find that most bands use guitar, bass, drums, violin and its basically instrumental rock with lots of distortion. eg. Explosions in the Sky and The Evpatoria Report.

Then there's bands that a do something different with the sound- like new Mono (Hymn to the Immortal Wind) and also the new Mogwai (The Hawk is Howling).

So any of these bands on my list are worth listening too and also I tried to represent all different types of post-rock as well.

( ) is pretty sad and melancholy like a lot of post-rock, but I found quite a few of songs to be very uplifting. I've only listened to the new album twice, but from memory it seems to get better towards the end and they seem to really be doing the quiet parts really well.

Hey guys, check out God is an astronaut - Echoes, youtube it perhaps?. I find it to be a very uplifting and epic post-rock song, and i wish i could find more post-rock like it.

Maybe 'Exxasens' is similar to god is an astronaut.