Stretch Corleone's Ever-Growing Album Collection (Part 11: Country/Bluegrass/Folk)

  1. Johnny Cash-At Folsom Prison
  2. Nick Drake-Five Leaves Left
  3. Nick Drake-Pink Moon
  4. John Prine-John Prine
Author Comments: 

Yeah, I know there's not much on this list so far, but I didn't want to group the last few genres of my album collection (even though they're very tiny right now) into one big list.

Comments or questions? Bring 'em on!

If you like At Folsom Prison (and I love it), the full unabridged two-disc At San Quentin album is even better.

Yup, I got that on the "to get" list already! Not really a country fan at all, but I do like Johnny Cash and At Folsom Prison is an amazing album.