WWE Wrestlers Who Really Deserve A Champion Run


I will go on the record of saying i hardly ever see any wrestling anymore. i was huge fan through 00-mid04 but have since lost touch of it all. too me its too much presentation and fun, not enough wrestling. But i do chekc up on it and what shows that look quite good. Heres my list of wrestlers who really deserve a WWE / World title run. Wrestlers with * next to them means they have been champion before.

Christian - Done, TNA Champion

Carlito - Must admit not seeing much of this guy as he came in just when i had given up but i did like what i saw. on whim i ordered the july PPv, Vengeance, and his match was brilliant. WWE are known for giving new guys title runs within their first 4 months, why not this guy? He reminds me of a cross between Cena and Christian.

Kane* - it's been too long. stop all the crazy storylines, let him go back to being a monster.

Rob Van Dam -

Done, WWE and "ECW" Champion, but he messed it up and got arrested, they gave him the balll and he dropped it, big time.

Booker T* - Done, World Heavyweight Champ, excellent story so far, good work

Kurt Angle* - Done

Shelton Benjamin - The single most talented member of the roster, i mean, did you see his picture perfect jump onto the steps of the ladder??? insane, he needs a chance to run with the ball

Chris Benoit* - He had a good run, he needs it again. i felt sorry for him, he waited soo lnog then lost it after 4 months and hasn't come close since.

Chris Jericho* - Since i started watching it back in 2000 he has been the only one to my memeory never to take time off, never. Actually just went on site yesterday and it said he is taking a holiday, so maybe don't get the title, have a rest! However he is one of the best on the roster. he really made that whole Undisputed Champion, he made it part of his character. another run would be brilliant!

Funaki - that would be amazing, i would watch again.

You realize it's all fake, right? The entire thing is planned out and choreographed before the "competition."

oh yeah totally. i get that, so by this list, what i'm trying to say is, these are who the company should be letting win more matches, from a company stand point. I was a huge wrestling fan from 2001-mid2004. just recently been getting back into it and some of the people who i thought had the in ring ablility, character and skills, are still in the same place they were before and have been for a long while. so this is just some advise to the people in charge of who too give a chance at the gold, because they deserve it. but it's a shame to think that some amazing talent in the company won't get the chance, because their not "marketable" .

Fair enough. :)

Tis definitely an interesting show, for sure, if you're into that.

Even though I am obviously seeing this list quite a while after you made it, as some of these workers are not in WWE anymore (Christian, Angle), and others have had championship runs (Booker, RVD), I definitely agree with most of your comments, especially Carlito, Benoit, and Funaki, who is nowhere to be seen any more. I would love to see Jericho come back too. I don't think he's gonna make it as an actor/ singer.

yeah actually quite a few of these have now become champ. i agree that i can't see jericho's career going far in terms of acting / singing.