What I'm Reading Right Now...


Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett

Everybody's all with the 'Ehh,' but I'm amused.

Stardance, Spider and Jeanne Robinson

This is a re-read from years ago... Fun, quick. (Until I put it down, that is.)

Although there's something to be said for "A Holiday for Murder" by Agatha Christie if you REALLY want to get into the Christmas spirit.


And yet so far none of the Hogfather quotes you've posted are the ones in my quote journal.

Strange, that.

I love our differences. :)

... I wanna know which ones you wrote down!

I'll have to dig out that volume.

Yes, the quotes journals now come in volumes. I don't have a problem.

I have a problem remembering which volume they're in, but apart from that I'm doing well.

That's exactly why I love listology so much. Searchable quote database that you can see too. :)

Dude, bigger problem: I was going through Volume 2 last night, and I noticed that I'd used an inferior notebook. The pages are crisping up and destroying the writing! Volume 1 is fine, a good strong notebook, but I'm reevaluating Vol 3 for archive potential (it's only like 20 pages so far so no biggie to copy) but sort of freaking out about Volume 2. Please advise.

Eek! Umm.... scanning/photographing the pages? It would be a quick fix at very least, and then typing into electronic form could be done at leisure.

How much do I love thee? Let me count the pages. I couldn't find which quotes I'd tagged in any of the volumes, so I reread Hogfather.

Quotes to follow.

I suppose next you'll want my list of quotes from Thief of Time, laboriously copied out of Volume 2 of the Quotebooks.

My work is never done.

Hee. Never forget, I live to give you fits.