(Un)Popularity of Book Genre?


It seems that the Book genre is the least popular of the 4 genres in Listology (though, it seems, Music has been dormant for a time now as well). I'm wondering why this is so. My only guess is that there is just so many more options with regards to the printed word than with video or audio and therefore less common ground amongst the Listologists and this results in less discourse. But, I'm not sure. I'm wondering what others think about this. Are books just less interesting/popular than movies, TV, and music? Do we not have as much in common with regards to the books we like?

Or is it just me? :)

I think your guess about options for books being so vast may be dead on. I read very little modern fiction myself, and I tend to feel like the big ol' nerd I am trying to start lists concerning Homer, Greek tragedies, TS Eliot, et al.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I think an additional problem I have is that I don't retain enough of what I read to be able to discuss them much. I've read a bit of the Greek stuff, definitely Homer, and some others in college (I attempted a minor in Greek Mythology, but couldn't fit in the Latin and/or Greek), but I don't remember enough of it to really discuss it.

You know, I would be interested in a "book club" forum, where a different book (or Greek play, or what have you) is selected every month and discussed on Listology. Any others interested?

I like the idea.. I'm in a book club a friend started, but I can't make half of the meetings so it hasn't been that exciting for me yet. Any suggestions on how the books would be picked?

I've wondered also about why there's so many fewer book posts.

Seems to me, the poll feature offers the best way of doing this. There could be a three stage process: a call for suggestions via a list, a vote on the suggestions via a poll, and then the actual discussion, via a list again.

I would suggest that books should not be just released books, as they might be too expensive for some to get.

How does that sound?

As an English Major and an avid reader, I must say this sounds extremely interesting. I've not participated much as of yet because I haven't read most of the stuff being discussed.

i love the idea!! please let me know

I don't know who's going to start the poll but here's an idea. Since we all have different tastes in genres we should have one poll for 20th century American Lit, another for new novels, another for Modern International lit, then for 19th century...also should have different polls based upon fiction/non-fiction. I myself am more interested in fiction.

I personally think one of the good ideas about a book group is that you read things that other people are interested in that you might not have picked up on your own. My parents used to run one when I was younger. It was about 5 couples and they rotated hosting duties. When it was your turn to host you got to pick the next book. As far as I know there were no limitations on genre, etc.

Love the book club idea (not sure if I'll have time to participate - now that this site is magically busier (which is gratifying), I'm busier). A thought . . .

If you didn't want to associate the book club with your "primary" login, there's no reason why you couldn't register a second ID called, "BookClub" or something like that. Within that ID you could conduct all BookClub polls, discussions, etc. You could even adopt a naming convention that sorted the content according to the session. So you might have a content list that looked something like this (dates are the projected date of the book discussion):

  • (A) 2001/01/01.1 - What should our 1/1 book be?
  • (P) 2001/01/01.2 - Vote for the 1/1 book
  • (A) 2001/01/01.3 - Discussion topics (with ensuing discussion)

Alternatively, the "BookClub" ID could be used to pick the moderator for the next session, and then that person could store the related discussions/polls in with their "primary" ID.

I'll be following this discussion closely. Another alternative would be that I actually code in some "club" functionality. Must sleep on this.

That seems like a very good system to do things, Jim. Thanks for your input.

Maybe one day, the Listology book club book of the month will be featured on Amazon.com's homepage... :)

Can someone tell me if anything ever came of this Book Club idea?! It too might be interested. If you'll have me :-)

I just set up a list for voting on April's book

Thanks to sebreg for getting the ball rolling. I'm sorry I haven't been able to follow up on this thread, as I'm travelling from conference to conference at this moment.

What happened to the book club? How about getting it back to live?