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Here is a treat for you - STATUS QUO
After the first couple of years (when they were a flower-power band), they transformed into a raw, minimalist, pre-punk, driving rock band, long before The Ramones, and were easily one of the best live bands around. Admittedly, in later years, after the departure of bassist Alan Lancaster and drummer John Coughlan, they have become somewhat a parody of themselves, but that shouldn't detract from just how good they could be in the early seventies. At their best, live and raw, they could rock better than anybody. I saw them live four times between 1971 and 1973. They deserve a bit more respect than they are given nowadays.

Paper Plane &nbsp (my favourite)

If you liked that, here are a few more:

Don't Waste My Time

In My Chair


Roadhouse Blues &nbsp (Doors Favourite)

My favourite album of theirs is :
- including the exceptional Paper Plane, Oh Baby, Roadhouse Blues, Don't Waste My Time, plus a couple of very decent slower songs.
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