TREAT OF THE WEEK - No.16 &nbsp


Here is a treat for you - &nbsp STIFF LITTLE FINGERS &nbsp - PLAY LOUD
SLF are a band from Northern Ireland, naturally influenced by the troubles surrounding them when growing up.
Singer and composer Jake Burns also quotes as a strong influence - Joe Strummer.
One of my favourite bands, hugely unrecognised, at least as good as The Buzzcocks (IMHO).

Gotta Gettaway

If you liked that, here are a few more:

Suspect Device

Alternative Ulster

At The Edge

Tin Soldiers &nbsp I couldn't find a decent live version of this song, one of my favourites, so this is the brilliant studio version with a spine-tingling chorus (PLAY LOUD), but an unconnected Final Fantasy video.

Wasted Life

Barbed Wire Love.

Johnny Was &nbsp - brilliant live version of a great, great song.
This was adapted from a Bob Marley song, reggae rock in the style of Clash, transferred from the streets of Jamaica to the streets of Belfast.
I have uploaded to YouTube &nbsp my own footage of 'Johnny Was' &nbsp from a 2005 SLF concert, but neither the pictures nor the sound is as good as this version.
I have also uploaded &nbsp my own footage of 'Barbed Wire Love' &nbsp from the same 2005 concert.

I can recommend their first two albums: &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Inflammable Material &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Nobody's Heroes

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