Top 10 best Songs you've never heard


This is a list for the layman not the pedagogical studier of music.

10. Intro + Stand in Silence (... And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead
9. Autorock (Mogwai)
8. For Miles Around (Scratch to Void)(People in Planes
7. Camouflage (Third Eye Blind)
6. Father Figure (Army of Anyone)
5. The Suggestion Box (Aqueduct)
4. I Want You (Danko Jones)
3. Movement 2-4 Symphony no. 5 (Ludwig von Beethoven)
2. Passion (Nightmares on Wax)
1. Gas Panic (Oasis)

Should probably amend the list at some point. A lot of great muzak out there that should be music.