Title Combos


The game is almost completed, #19 and 23 are still up for answers, so try your luck.

The game is called Title Combos and it combines two elements from different movies (i.e. character name, actor name, movie title (may or may not be the foreign title)) to make a new name which you try and guess.

Jake La Strada = (Jake La Motta (character from Raging Bull, real life boxer)+ La Strada (Fellini film) - correctly figured by Imposter

Close call by AJDaGreat with Jake LaMata Hari (Jake La Motta (character from Raging Bull, real life boxer) + Mata Hari (dancer, also movie title)) but it's not the answer I was looking for.

Wo Hu Cang Long Duk Dong = Wo Hu Cang Long (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) + Long Duk Dong (character from Sixteen Candles) - correctly figured by Imposter

Quintin Tarantino or Quint Tarantino = Quentin Tarantino (director, writer) + Quint (character from Jaws) - correctly figured by Odysseus

Pretty in Mr. Pink = Mr. Pink (character from Reservoir Dogs) + Pretty in Pink (film)

Smokey and the Bandits = Smokey and the Bandit (film) + Bandits (film) - correctly figured by AJDaGreat + Cosgrove + Odysseus

Rip Torn Curtain = Rip Torn (actor) + Torn Curtain (film) - correctly figured by Penny + Odysseus

Sergio Léon = Sergio Leone (director, writer) + Léon (The Professional) - correctly figured by 1922

The Bridge on the River Quiet American = The Bridge on the River Kwai (film) + The Quiet American (film) - correctly figured by Cosgrove

Se7en Things I Hate About You = Se7en (film) + 10 Things I Hate About You (film) - correctly figured by AJDaGreat

Minnie Taxi Driver = Minnie Driver (actress) + Taxi Driver (film) - correctly figured by jgm8530

Citizen Caan = Citizen Kane (film) + James Caan (actor) - correctly figured by 1922

Good guess by lbangs with A Place in the Sonny but I'm looking for two different names.

Reign Man = Reign of Fire (film) + Rain Man (film) - correctly figured by tdunnie

Ran Man = Ran (film) + Rain Man (film) - correctly figured by Jim

YoJimBiancalo = Yojimbo (film) + Jim Biancalo (webmaster of Listology) - correctly figured by Stooky

Paul NewMan on Fire = Paul Newman (actor) + Man on Fire (film) - correctly figured by AJDaGreat

O Godfather, Where Art Thou? = O, Brother Where Art Thou? (film) + The Godfather (film) - correctly figured by AJDaGreat

A good guess by Odysseus - Marlon BrandO Brother, Where Art Thou?

A Raisin in the Tuscan Sun = A Raisin in the Sun (film) + Under the Tuscan Sun (film) - correctly figured by Penny

Kill Billy Elliot = Kill Bill (film) + Billy Elliot (film) - correctly figured by Imposter

Blackbeard Jungle = Blackbeard (film) + Blackboard Jungle (film) - correctly figured by buzzdriver

8 1/2 Months = 8 1/2 (fellini film) + Nine Months (film) - correctly figured by lbangs

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly = - correctly figured by Rushmore

The Neverending L.A. Story = The Neverending Story (film) + L.A. Story (film) - correctly figured by lbangs

To Eraser, with Love = To Sir, with Love (film) + Eraser (film) - correctly figured by alsox4life

Renoir Dogs = Reservoir Dogs (film) + Jean Renoir (director, actor) - correctly figured by russa03

Home Stallone = Home Alone (film) + Sylvester Stallone (actor, ha...feels funny writing that) - correctly figured by Jim

Dr. Strangelove Actually = Dr. Strangelove (film) + Love Actually (film) - correctly figured by russa03

The Good Girl, Interrupted = The Good Girl (film) + Girl, Interrupted (film) - correctly figured by Rushmore

The Thin Red Lion = The Thin Red Line (film) + The Lion King (film) - correctly figured by grandpa chum

The Bridges of Orange County = The Bridges of Madison County (film) + Orange County (film) - correctly figured by JoeGraham

Congo Air = Con Air (film) + Congo (film) - correctly figured by 1922

Jackie Black = Jackie Brown (film) + Jack Black (actor) - correctly figured by cramoukji

Once Upon a Time in the Westworld = Once Upon a Time in the West (film) + Westworld (film) - correctly figured by openstacks

Enter the Dra-gone With the Wind = Enter the Dragon (film) + Gone With the Wind (film) - correctly figured by AJDaGreat and russa03

I'm not sure I understand the game at all. Perhaps a couple examples are in order.

But, I'll guess 'Raging Rudolph' for the unnumbered #1.

Good guess, but that's not it. The red nose is from another movie (not animated) and you are on the right track.

#19 is "Blackbeard Jungle"


ok well #1 hhhmmm is it a combination of The Game & Raging Bull? if so the..Raging Game?


Raging Bull And It..Raging It, these are poor guesses i know, but this game is tough. oh and the picture of De Niro is very funny

The pic of De Niro does look funny and once you realize the two movies, BAM! you'll have the answer. Good guesses, keep trying.

Is the last one Smokey and the Bandits?


Ooh! Is #1 Jake LaMata Hari?

Great guess, I think I'll put it up there because that's a great answer, but that's not the one I had in mind. You're so close with that answer it's painful.

Well, #5 is definitely "Smokey and the Bandits".

And would #1 maybe be 'Jake LaMITta'?

You're on an extremely close track for the first puzzle, keep guessing!

Or perhaps it may be Jake LaCageauxfolles (or his son, Jake LaCageauxfolles II... possibly his grandson, Jake LaCageauxfolles III or "Jam Master LC3" to his fans.)

Think about a flowing name. Recognize the face? It's from a film by one of the old masters.

5. Smokey and The Bandits: Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Burt Reynolds go on a bank-robbing spree in a tractor trailer haulin' beer (that sounds about right.) Along the way they pick up Galadriel and Norma Rae as they try to avoid being run down by a bus driven by Ralph Kramden.

3. Jawsie Brown: Sheriff Brody and Quent are two hitmen playing rub-a-dub-dub on the trail of a giant shark in a bridal veil until they require the services of a "fixer," Mr. Holland (not pictured.)

1. Raging Queens, New York: Jake LaMotta is forced to take the role of MC in an off-borough production of a musical about Nazis.

Haha, very nice. Correct on the first (#5), good guess on the second and third, but not quite.

#3: desperaJAWS? well, tarantino was in it (although rodriguez was the director on that one)...how about kill jaws?
any clues for #5? like did you use leon or the professional?

Neither for #3 and for any of the puzzles (including #5), it's your duty to the movies to figure out which title I used and which flows (look at the rest of the answers and see how they flow, one into another or how the titles rhyme). If you post an answer that's not what I was thinking of but is a very good answer nonetheless, I may post it as one solution to the puzzle. But keep trying!

3.Quintin Tarantino: If this is the answer then you're going down in the shark cage with Mr. Holland. If it isn't then I'll keep fishing. Either way I'll be ladling chum.

Haha, you got it! I also would have taken Quint Tarantino.

2. Wo hu cang long duk dong! Verrrry clever.

Bingo! So glad someone got this!

Reservoir Sharks?

Reservoir Jaws?

Jaws That Never Close Because He's Always Yapping on About Something?

No, but glad you recognized that it's the director of that film. Think about a flowing title, look at the other examples there are and their answers. The answer can be a character name, an actors name, name of a film, etc.

#6 combines the actor Rip Torn and the poster from Torn Curtain.

And the end result is...naw, I'm kidding, I'll give it to you. It's Rip Torn Curtain.

In Alfred Hitchcock's tense Cold War thriller the inmates of Area 51, led by Chief Zed, must smuggle military secrets out of East Germany, save a singing Austrian family from Nazis and free a prisoner who can eat fifty eggs. Rip Torn Curtain

Well, well, you are just kickin' them out!

This reminds me of playing "smooshedtitles" (which I think I learned from Says You!) where you run together movie titles into oneplotdescription:

(threemovietitles) "A big city cop is attracted to a blind Danish writer and her plantation in Africa. He is bribed to throw the World Series and the pursuit of a serial killer is hindered by his lifetime ban from baseball."

Which would be: JenniferEightMenOutofAfrica
(or: Jennifer Eight , Eight Men Out and Out of Africa .)

...all of these would be sevenmovietitles:

(A) Tony Clifton is an autistic savant bounty hunter living in Little Italy who loses his girlfriend, aspiring singer Shug Avery, to his brother Morris, a soul singer with a wooden hand. When Morris is killed Tony takes the only witness to the murder, Morris' dog, on a cross country car trip to escape the hit men that Shug has hired to kill them. Tony finds redemption while posing as an all-gender professional wrestler for thirty years in this tale of triumph of the human spirit with an all-black cast.

(B) Valentin is an excellent cook who moves to San Francisco to live with childhood friend and cross-dresser Luis while he attends the Navy's Flight School where Valentin flies a jet cut from the heart of a lightning struck tree. Luis entertains Valentin by telling him stories of dancer Gloria and boxer Davy who escape Gloria's boss and lover Vincent by becoming serial killers in the British Army stationed in the Raj until their wingman is killed. Stanley Kubrick uses this story, loosely based on a work by Kipling, to make an exploitative satire of modern mores concerning violence, the media, public opinion and over-age ballplayers hosting cooking shows.

(C) Harry, a former bullfighter, and his wife Grace, a lawyer, are aroused by killing so they send for a drunken marshall to protect their family farm on one of Jupiter's moons from a giant, murderous dolphin. Grace is forced to defend the dolphin, who admits his guilt, against charges of rape in order to get Letters of Transit which will allow her and Harry to escape to America after the government decides to place a missile base on their farm. Played by a real-life couple, Harry and Grace face legal and moral issues over covering up the use of drugs by workers on their farm and the intercut scenes of minstrel ballads.

(D) Brad Pitt plays Felix Leiter, heavyweight boxing champion of the world, whose wife cheats on him with his partner who is not only his best friend but a legendary soul-singing blind detective. The men must climb Mt. Nanga Parbat in pursuit of a serial killer who injures Felix while killing his wife in very gruesome fashion. The soul singer quits the service and avenges his partner by defending the Dalai Lama against racially motivated charges of rape. Told through the eyes of the singer's tomboy daughter with scenes in reverse chronological order it is an epic bio pic of the struggle between "The Greatest" and the sins of man.

Yow! Those are tough, or maybe I'm looking too far into them. I think you left a bold tag open on your first post. I'm going to try and get Jim to fix it. I'll keep thinking aboutyourmovietitles.

(A) thecolorpurplerainmanonthemoonstruckturner&hooch

otherwise known as:
The Color Purple , Purple Rain , Rain Man , Man on the Moon , Moonstruck , Truck Turner and Turner & Hooch .

Well no wonder I didn't get that one: I've only seen Rain Man out of those. I'll try the next one.

skipping to:
(C) matadorcasablancatballoutlandjusticeforallyroundtheflagboys

otherwise known as:
Matador , Orca , Casablanca , Cat Ballou , Outland , ...and justice for all and Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys .

Aye aye aye...still, only one for seven...sheesh.

(D) sevenyearsintibetrayalicensetokillamockingbird

otherwise known as:
Se7en , Seven Years in Tibet , Betrayal , Ray , Ali , License To Kill and To Kill a Mockingbird .

You're killin' me smalls...only knew two out of that set.

(B) thenaturalbornkillerskissofthespiderwomanontopgungadin

otherwise known as:
The Natural , Natural Born Killers , Killer's Kiss , Kiss of the Spiderwoman , Woman onTop , Top Gun and Gunga Din .

#8 - Ten Deadly Sins I Hate About You?

Not quite. Where are those deadly sins from?

The movie Seven (or Se7en)? Is it Seven Things I Hate About You?

That's it!

Hah! #8 is "Bridge on the River Quiet American"!

Indeed it is.

Is that Taxi Minnie Driver?

It could be...I was actually looking for Minnie Taxi Driver (so it's kind of like mini taxi driver) but close enough. Good work.

12) Rainman of Fire ?

That's it (I also would have accepted Reign Man). Can you get the next one?

Ran Man

Sure is!

Could #7 be sth. like 'Sergio Léon'?

That's it!

For #1, how about Jake La Strada?

Da da! That's finally it!

could that be YoJimbo?

It could be, I was thinking of a bit longer name of YoJimBiancalo, but you caught the drift.

Ha! Very funny. A bit creepy-looking, but funny. :-)

15. Paul NewMan on Fire?

That's it.

I'm gonna say #16 is O Godfather, Where Art Thou?

Marlon BrandO Brother, Where Art Thou?

AJ got it, very nice guess though.

18. Kill Billy Elliot

And #11 has been torturing me for weeks, just so you know.

Ha, I've been wondering if people had forgotten about #11. I think I might change the face so it's more recognizable. You got 18.

17. Under the Tuscan Raisin in the Sun?

You got the movies, but what I had in mind was A Raisin Under the Tuscan Sun.

11 - A Place in the Sonny?
20 - 8 1/2 Months?
22 - The Neverending L.A. Story?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Very good guess for 11, but that ain't it. But you got the other two. Keep guessing!

25: Home Stallone?

That's it!

27). The Good Girl Interrupted


Last one: When we were the Lion kings

I'm bad at this... but i think the last one is "The Thin Red Lion King" or "The Thin Red Line King"

You got it, and no one's bad at this, it's just for fun anyway. Either would work.

Good guess but grandpa chum got it.

21) The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Close, take the names a few steps further.

hhhmmm okk like this:

The Good Son, The Bad Santa And The Ugly Coyote

i don't think thats right, but if my previous guess was wrong and you said take the names abit further...

You got it!

31 is Jackie Brown Black or Jack Blackie Brown or Jackie Black Brown

I was thinking just Jackie Black, you were along the lines.

#30: Congo (film) + Con Air (film) = Congo Air
But not sure...

That's it.

32. Once Upon a Time in the Westworld?

Yes it is.

Lets try "Bridges of Orange County" for #29, or something of that sort...

That's it Joe. See any good movies lately?

I baught an old Miyazaki fick called Nausicaa, itw as pretty damn good, so was Million Dollar Baby.

33 - Something like Miss Saigon With the Wind?

You've got the last half right, try again with the first part, though.

26. Dr. Strange Love Actually


24. Shawn Dogs

Not quite, look closely at the face on the right, this is a tough one, probably the hardest out of the bunch.

33. Enter the Leigh with the Wind

Is that Wallace Shawn in picture 24?

You're really close on 33, change the word Leigh to something else, and I'm not sure who Wallace Shawn is.

33. Enter the Lee with the Wind

Wallace Shawn did the voice of Rex in Toy Story and is in a few Woody Allen films.

Keep guessing for that middle name. Think about how the two movies would be combined with one word. What would be a flowing title as one segways into the other.

Thanks for the background info, I know now who is, that you pointed him out, just didn't know his name. And that picture does look something like him now that I look at it, but I'm looking for someone much older than Shawn.

Would that be Enter the Dragone with the Wind?

P.S. If that's right, I'm willing to share credit with russa03, since he got me most of the way there.

That would be it! And I'll split the credit for you.

Damn it! Well done, I wouldn't have got that. I don't deserve credit.

He was Wally Shawn in My Dinner with Andre and he was Vizzini in The Princess Bride .

How could you not know the Grand Nagus? Inconceivable!

Ha, once it was explained to me, I knew who Shawn was immediately.

Is that...My Dinner with Andre the Giant?

Intentional or not, the idea of "My Dinner with Andre the Giant" is both brilliant and hilarious in equal measure. I can't believe I never thought of that. Thank you. My life will be different from now on.

It was intended, glad you liked it. Though, I've yet to see My dinner with Andre.

24. Renoir Dogs i think it looks like Jean Renoir.

Ba-zing! Very good!

I watched La Règle du Jeu just recently, that's how i got it.

A ha! That's an interesting movie. I think it's a bit long though.

Couldn't #11 be Citizen Caan?

Mmmm...could be...and it is!

#23 is To Eraser, with Love.

That's it! Guess I'll have to come up with some more over winter break.