Things I regret about my life and things I should regret but don't at all.


Things I regret.
Well, I really mean things that I wish were different about my life. (I'm nearly 17 by the way.)

1) That my parents never had the money to send me to a private boarding school.

2)That I didn't work hard enough in my last year at school so I am going to fail my As levels.

3) That I will never get into Cambridge.

4) That it took me so long to be comfortable in myself.

5) That I had my hair cut to this length.

6) That I spent much of my pre-teen years agonising over why I didn't have my period/boobs/pubic hair yet, rather than just having sleepovers.

7) That I stopped acting.

Things I should regret but don't at all.

1) That I started smoking.

2) That I spent a whole house party topless in the garden once.

Cannot think of much else on this one.


Fell free to comment and shit. xxx