The Television Shows i'm watching right now (Even if they're not on tv anymore)


Lost- If some of you haven't checked this show out yet, its AWESOME with a capitol A! I never thought i'd enjoy this show but I guess I was wrong.
Friends- I own almost every season and watch it over and over. Its so funny I can't help myself! This happens to be my #1 Show of all time.
Sopranos- My husband and I are waiting for the next season to come out on dvd but until then, we'll have to suffer. With this one as well, I didn't think i'd get into it but then again I have no idea why, since I absolutely LOVE Mob Movies.
American Idol- Please don't ridicule me for this...I used to sing very well, until I started smoking full force. Watching this show makes me think back to when I was healthy. lol
House,MD- This show is another one that's AWESOME! He's so nasty, you have to love him.
Malcom in the Middle- I own season 1 on dvd and once in awhile skip around with the episodes on tv but i'm still waiting for season 2 to come out. This show's pretty hilarious.
Seinfeld- This show's the bomb! Need I say more? lol

Nice too see Sopranos on the list. what did you think of S5? i think Adriana's death was very gripping as you, i can't wait for the dvds! also friends rules!

Actually, I haven't gotten a chance yet to see season 5. I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD since I don't get HBO. lol

Aaaaaahhhhh! sorry lol :( my bad, you didn't read it did you? dammit sorry. i guessed you had seen it and were just gonna buy it when it came out, anyway very sorry if you did read the spoiler

No, I didn't read it. I'll just wait and have myself anyway though and its no big deal. I'm cheap that way anyhow, not getting HBO. lol