Television Series Review : FRIENDS (1994-Present) * * * *



CAST Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer

Sitcoms are a difficult program to get right. A lot of variables have to be just right. For instance, strong writing, witty jokes, good cast, prolific story lines and characters we can like and remember. Friends posseses all these traits and so much more.

Friends debuted in 1994 and every year since has been a mainstay in the top ten ratings battle. There is a reason for this. The show is great. Its almost like a soap opera comedy. What I mean by that is the shows follow each other in events. A storyline is prominent throughout each episode linking them, pulling the audiences interest in and maintaining it with relative ease. Each character is individually known and distinct. The ensemble of writers attached to the show have the capability of developing thought provoking stories.

The show is centered around six friends who are all roughly the same age. Three guys and three gals. Love interests come and go between them. They go through good times and hardships together. There is not one character who is boring and all endear. This show is a wonderful show and it keeps plugging away. More sitcoms need to look at Friends to see how a sitcom should be made. A great television series.