Summary of The Radiohead's best work. (Work in progress)


This is a list of what i consider to be the best material from British Rock band Radiohead

NOTE : My hard drive blow up 4 months ago and i lost all my music. I borrowed Amnesiac off a friend, burned it to my pc, then returned it, which means after my hard drive blow up, i no longer have access to it. Same can be said for Rainbows, so that will explain why there maybe a lack of songs from those albums. I too don't know many of Radioheads b-sides and rares and will mostly consist of album tracks. I know most die hard fans will say at this point that with that being said i am not qaulified to make this listt, but i'm doing it anyway :)

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No Order

Paranoid Android
It's a work of genius. It's easily one of the greatest songs ever. So layered, i love it

The National Anthem
I have no idea why, but whenever i here this song, it makes me think of space travel. Like some futuristic traveling device moving through space. Theres so much going on in this record, it just gives me this sense of journey and travel. A highlight of KID A for sure

This song does feel slightly out of place on OK Computer, maybe it would be more at home on The Bends. However i am thankful it is on OK Computer, because its a nice break from the more somber tone into a total rock out flash of energy, great song indeed.

Stop Whispering
When ever people diss their debut album, Pablo Honey, i say two words "Stop Whispering". I can't see how anyone could hear this song and not admit it is near perfection. One of Radiohead's finest moments for sure, i love this song to death.

Thinking About You
Another track from pablo honey. One of the main reasons people tend not too like Pablo is that it is a deeply personal album in terms of the lyrics, and this is the finest example of that. I feel awkward listening to this song sometimes, it feels more like the lyics such be kept in a diary rather than sung on a record. However, That being said, IMO its one of radiohead's best, deeply personal but addictive listen.

Black Star
You wont hear this spoken about much, but i LOVE this song. I love the slow build up at the beginning , the lyrics, the tune, the vocal performance, awesome song, one of my all time faves.

The Bends
Awesome tune, nothing much else to say, it rocks on all levels.

short, simple, energetic , passionate, dark, brooding and bloody good.

Possibly best vocals by yorke and thats saying something. Awesome.

Karma Police
It's Karma Police, its awesome, nuff said.

Fake Plastic Trees
Beautiful Song, brilliant video too.

A Punch-up at a Wedding
Both low key and funky at same time, awesome.

Nice Dream
Very low key, but VERY good.


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Reckoner is the best song off In Rainbows. Hunting Bears from Amnesiac.

However I don't think Pablo Honey is as good as the rest of their work. Other than that- great list!

I'll give Reckoner i listen when i get a copy of the CD again, but i do remember some of Amnesiac, i liked hunting bears but personally life in a glasshouse is my fave from that album