Summary of The Offspring's best work. (Work in progress)


This is a list of what i consider to be the best material from American Punk Rock band The Offspring.

Why I Love Them : In school i had a friend called Tim, he got me into the band. I'd heard songs such as Pretty Fly before, but he got me listening to them properly. I remember the day he brought in conspiracy of one too school the morning after it was released and we listened to it during break. Awesome, even though looking the song "Original Prankster" is pretty bad. I eventually picked up every album (expect debut) and have loved them ever since. They can fall of course, and it tends to be when they do, they do it badly, a bad offspring song is a BAD bad song. When they get it right, its a hell of a lot of fun, addictive and "cool" lol

NOTE : I have yet to hear their Debut The Offspring. Also i have only heard Smash a handful of times.

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No Order

Lightning Rod
Splinter is an album that gets a fair bit of bad press. It has quite a few haters, i myself am not among them, i really enjoy the album. Lightning Rod is the highlight. Dark lyrics and a grand scale of sound, theres a lot going on. This will go down as a offpspring classic, at least in my mind

From their 2008 release "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace" which i thought was a brilliant album. It's true that you could tell the influences they had, it is pretty clear in the style of each song. Whether its Greenday and even panic at the disco. Half-Truism has a killer chorus and very addictive tune.

"Ah fuck! fuck fuck fuck!" are the opening lyrics to one of the best offpsring songs IMO. Session is a fast paced short burst of adrenaline. It is steaped in that garage band tone, it's a hell of a fun record.

Me & My Old Lady
That opening bass and latter guitar sounds gives this song a very dark and ominous tone. Great lyrics too.

Gone Away
Offspring at possibly their most mature. It's a beautiful song, much like Me & My Old Lady, use of bass in the verses give it a dark tone. It's just a brilliantly crafted song that it very powerful considering these are same guys who made that trainwreck "Original Prankster"

Special Delivery
Lyrics are good, chorus is immense.

Again, with many offsprings songs, the pay off for the chorus is amazing (no pun intended) and this is no different. Its a simple song with few lyrics really, but the passion put into them is awesome. A simple song, but a bloody good one.

She's Got Issues
who doesn't like this song? it's awesome. It's got the fun factor of say, pretty fly, but darker.

Denial, Revisited
I love this song so much. The last bit of the song from 3 18 till the end, man, i love that bit. so sad, a lot of passion sung into this song, check it out.

Why Don't You Get a Job?
write a verse, then reverse who your talking about in the second verse and what do you get? an f'n good song. Fun, addictive and cool.

Spare Me the Details
Splinter was an odd album in that it was fairly dark in places, then there were these mad tracks. i guess that has been a theme of offspring always but you really have to hear "When You're in Prison" to know how mad it is, when compared to dark songs such as Lightning Rod. However Spare Me the Details is a fun track that deffinatly works, it takes what would be a terrible situation to have, and takes a crude attitude towards it, with lots of clever rhyming :)

The Kids Aren't Alright
It amazes me how popular this got in mainstream. the lyrics are very very dark, about drugs, death, addiction, poverty, sucicide, a tragic subject matter coated over by amazing guitar riff and a fast pace. I love this song (and the video)

I only recently discovered this track, but so glad i did, its awesome.

All I Want
A whole lot of angst thrown at you at top speed. Always pumps me up, plus, it was on cray taxi :)

Take It Like a Man
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You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
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Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)
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Come Out Swinging
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(Can't Get My) Head Around You
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