Summary of Oasis' best work. (Work in progress)


This is a list of what i consider to be the best material from British Rock band, Oasis

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No Order

Magic Pie
Underrated track in my opinion. The chorus is awesome

Don't Go Away
Liam's vocal performance on the chorus is brilliant, the song is sad and powerful. I love the guitars in this, they are actually quite piercing and sharp but mixed with the other instruments the whole song takes a well formed sound. A great song.

Rock 'N' Roll Star
Best opening track on any album in my book. that sound of the guitars in first few seconds, wow.

(Get off Your) High Horse Lady
My favourite of their newest album. Very different for oasis, musically theres really nothing too it, no variation in tune, however it is very effective, well constructed and all out great stuff.

Live Forever
It's a classic, nuff said right?

Married with Children
simple song, but i love it.

Bag It Up
Apart from the "more more more" bit sounding like "Jump" its a brilliant track, sung well by liam, a lot of energy in this track.

The Importance of Being Idle
Pretty much my song of the summer back in 2005. I love this song so much. It's simple in terms of lyrics really, but boy does it work. As good as anything that did in whats the story days IMO.

She Is Love
Liam had songbird, noel had She Is Love. A brilliant track that is very well sung by noel , very underrated, quite a sweet track from the manchester boys.

Underneath the Sky
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Don't Look Back in Anger
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She's Electric
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(It's Good) To Be Free
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Part of the Queue
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Born on a Different Cloud
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Stay Young
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Champagne Supernova
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It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
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