Scrubs DVD: The Countdown!!


thats right its may 17th!! finally after what seems forever, Scrubs: The Complete First Season is on dvd! welldone to everyone for waiting, you deserve it.

0 Days Too Go!

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I think that someone with your type of personality might want to know about a show on NBC. It's called Scrubs and its fans (including myself) are fairly enthusiastic about it. I particularly enjoy the writing and think that the scripts are excellent. It's nice to find people and information that appeal to your excellent and discriminating taste. It's a good little show, you should check it out sometime.

cool. thx for some great links there..i took the "which character are you" test and i was..Carla..:-)

Hey Scrubs isn't on the fall schedule, I don't think its actually been cancelled, but it isn't on the schedule to start at least. Not good news.

i don't know what they are playing at! they say its on "hiatus" they have signed on for a 5th season set to air early 2006. but i agree that it seems weird its not on the schedule. if they do get rid of it then they are fools! scrubs is the best thing to ever hit tv, they kept friends on for 10000 years and that was too long, why keep that on and get rid of scrubs, it makes no sense. Scrubs rules!!

I believe the strategy is for NBC to see if The Office takes off (it is doing poorly in the ratings game at the moment), and if (when?)it does not, Scrubs will be the replacement.

Of course, in my opinion, this cannot happen soon enough...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I just hate the way that (Now) stale shows like friends were able to go on beyond their time but fresh, very well written show such as Scrubs is in danger, it makes no sense, i will stand by this statment:

Scrubs is the best thing to hit tv, ever.

What mystifies me is not the network's treatment of the show, but why more people aren't watching it. It gets my vote for best sitcom on American television at the moment.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Clearly you haven't watched enough Joey. :-)

Well, I don't watch Joey, but is that the same thing as what you said? :)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I said to myself, i'm going to watch joey all the way through no matter how bad it is, i got to episode 3 :-)