The Scariest Scene of All Time


The scariest scene of all time is not in a horror movie, it is in a musical.
The musical I am referring to is Cabaret. The scene goes like this:
The time is pre World War II. The place is a public park. People are sitting and laughing while music plays in the background. The music ends, and a young man starts to sing. His song is beautiful, it describes babies in cradles and deer running free. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. The camera pans down and reveals a swastika armband on his upper arm. Then he gets to the chorus:
The day will come where the world is mine
Tomorrow belongs to me!
His fellow soldiers and officers stand up (to attention, not in a casual way) and join in. Soon a young woman joins in, then people all over the park stand to attention and sing along. babies and small children are singing along, and soon the entire park (with a few exceptions) are singing with the young man. Towards the end of the song, the boy puts on his hat, and raises his arm in a salute to Hitler, and the words are sung by him in a menace that is not picked up by the rest of the park.
At the end of the song, we cut away to the MC backstage at the Cabaret, he looks into the camera, and a malevolent smile crosses his face, and he begins to nod.

That is the scariest scene ever.

Jeez...I've never seen this movie, but this scene alone sounds more frightening than anything I've seen before.

Check it out! Now! One of my top ten films!

That is so cool. I don't know much about the rest of the movie, but I've always wanted to write a movie told from the perspective of the Nazis - not to show how murdering millions is okay, but to show how many of them were good people decieved by a persuasive and cunning man (and, I'd probably throw in some scenes of Allied forces being evil).