Red Dawn - review *****


I didn't think I was a big Patrick Swayze fan but as I step back and look at my movie collection it appears I like him more than I want to even admit to myself. But Red Dawn takes the cake over any and all of them. I saw this movie as a child, my dad bought it when we got into VRC tapes, and when I moved away from home; it was sure to appear in my movie collection. This story draws you in and makes you fear the tragedy of an invasion into your own home town. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you trust? I met many a good actors/actresses in this movie and they all should have won award after award. I come from a large but close knit family and I could feel the pain of holding a sibling as they breathed their last breath. If anyone out there has yet to see this movie, I strongly suggest you put it at the top of your 'must see' list. I think everytime I watch it, it just gets better.

What kind of awards should they have won Elizabeth. I mean, no way could a foreign country invade our native soil. This script is even more far fetched than Face/Off. This film is not Swayze's best either. I would look at maybe Point Break or The Outsiders for that film.

Thanks Jeff, I too thought some of your favorite movies weren't so wonderful at all. As I said before, you have your opinion, I have mine. I happen to think it was a great movie and that it was a far cry from such crap Patrick has done such as 'Dirty Dancing'. I hold to my opinion as I am sure you hold to yours.


By the way Elizabeth, you are doing a fine job with your reviews. I like reading them. It opens up good avenues for discussion.

thanks Jeff, it is a lot of fun.