Philip K Dick - Eye in the Sky


Well, once again I've scuppered any plans of having a decent night's sleep.

I have however just finished reading my third book of 2007 - Philip K Dick's Eye in the Sky. Aiming to read 100 books this year means read one every 3 and a half days. Today is the 18th, no, it's the 19th, so I'm only 3 books off target. Early days, I'm not too bothered, especially as I have more on the go :)

As for the book itself, I enjoyed it very much. I liked not really knowing which reality we were in :D

Strikes me though that the three I have read so far have all been Philip K Dick books, so I should probably try something different. Plus I've nearly run out of unread books of his, and I'd quite like to keep some for another night ;)

I'm still reading Stuart Christie's autobiography Granny Made Me an Anarchist and I'm actually getting quite into it.I'd only managed about the first chapter last year, so think I can count it among this year's achievements when I finish it.

As to what to read next... I'm thinking Douglas Coupland's Girlfriend in a Coma would follow quite nicely, but I'm also drawn to Nick Cave's fabulous And the Ass Saw the Angel in all its gruesome, religious glory....