Part 3of my Fanastic movies of 2003 that many people did not see:House Of a 1000 corpses


I know to some people this appears to be some run of the mill horror movie.But it is'nt Rob Zombie managed to create a disturbing,disconcerning,good old fashion Horror movie. A scary movie that's actually scary.The type of movie where you look away because the images are just to much to look at. In this day and age most horror movies are just plain stupid no Plot and one demesional characters.Personally,when I see a horror movie I want to be scared out of mind not bored silly,this movie managed to do that.

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I agreed with you on Russian Ark, mostly, but there is no way in hell I'm watching House of 1000 Corpses.

Why not? Dont'cha enjoy grindhouse sleaze? I really like the film, but I can't say I was scared by "Corpses", and my reasoning is twofold:

1) I don't get scared by much, cinematically. It takes a real corker (say, "Audition" or the original "Night of the Living Dead") to truly shake me.

2) I don't think Rob Zombie was going for scary, per se. Rather, he was going for funhouse-disgusting, the kind of feeling you get from a haunted-house thrill ride. I mean, a lot of the films he was emulating (and name-checked in intereviews) aren't scary so much as they are transgressive and thus somewhat discomforting. But then, that's just me.

Oh, yeah... and the scene where Otis shoots the cop? Best. Scene. Ever.

I agree. I loved this film.