My Opinion on Russell Brand / Jonathan Ross Prank Calls


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ok so during a radio recording of "The Russell Brand Show" Russell and his guest co-host Jonathan Ross made comments about the actor Andrew Sachs' Grand daughter, Georgina Baillie's sex life. If you want to hear the comments paste in the link below (Warning it contains strong language and conversations of an adult nature)

So whats my opinion on this scandal ? well first it shouldn't be as news worthy as it was. this story was the biggest thing over here in the uk and given the credit crunch, how the hell did this get so much press? I am a fan of Russell Brand, a long time listener of his radio 2 show for 2 yrs. When i heard the show first, i didn't think the comments were that bad abd i admit to laughing a lot. On reflection, they did go too far. Being a pre-recorded show, they should of nipped it in the bud, and it is quite suprising it got through onto the airwaves. Not only due to the comments but even the F word went out un-bleeped, which never happens unless its live, so whoever passed it through messed up. Though Jonathan made the comment its itself, russell kept it going and should of stopped it. The singing bit was too far and not funny really. However i think the mian thing here is..why was sachs even planned to be on the show?? simple answer : Russell's need to be daring as a comedian and stupidity. He had previously had sex with Sach's granddaughter, had made comments about this in weeks leading up to this segment. He must of known and probably wanted something to come out about it, and even said " have got respect for you and your lineage and your progeny" for that he is a total idiot. I don't think BBC would of fired russell had he not resigned. Guess he would of got same treatment as Jonathan. Russell is too key to the youth demograhpic. I imagine they've lost a big youth audience with russell gone.

So in closing, these two are comedians and strive to shock. However russell did egg the situation on way too much, jonathan should of known better. Plus russell has lost any right to complain about the media's large coverage of his sex life (not like he ever does complain really) still it isn't big news when you take a second too compare it too real problems in the world

your views? was it right, wrong? was the punishment fair? or was it all in good fun and people should chill out? let me know your views

People should definitely chill the hell out.

I could not believe the press this story got. But what really pissed me off is that, after the original airing, only TWO people complained. A week later, The Mail pick it up and suddenly every do-gooder pensioner in the country is whining about their licence fee being spent on smut. Ross and Brand have a mandate to shock and challenge; not to cater to every whim of the middle class "Outraged of Tunbridge Wells" brigade.

I'm not defending their actual action, it was a bad decision made in poor taste. But I mean, jeez, talk about overreaction. And now The Mail and co. have got onto other BBC shows with swearing, demanding there be a widespread removal of filth from our screens or some such rubbish.

I hope Ross gets re-hired with a big-ass payrise, as unlikely as that may be. What amuses me the most is that The Mail, the paper that first ran with the story, are always, always complaining about the politically-correct government not allowing them to insul-- uh, I mean, "describe in traditional terms" minorities, or gays, yet someone insults a virtual nobody with an admitted slut of a granddaughter and they're up in bloody arms.

As you can tell, the whole situation has me quite irate. I'm also pissed Ross' show is off-air for three months!

oh i am in total agreement at the over-reaction. You can have the view that it was in bad taste, but nearly everything they do is, i've heard russell say things just as bad before. as you brilliantly said " have a mandate to shock and challenge; not to cater to every whim of the middle class "Outraged of Tunbridge Wells" brigade " i think that pretty much sums up.

as you say there is no denying it was a stupid thing too do. The first comment made by ross was in terrible taste, however russell made it worse (and unfunny) by doing the song and other stuff. I think russ should of just played the embarrassed role after ross' comments. Thats the type of thing he did when with usual co-host Matt Morgan. However i think it may of turned into a little bit of a one up manship between the two. I do think there is truth in the fact that when recording a show, it may become easy to forget your actions have a reality outside of those 4 walls too.

i too hope Ross gets re-hired, i think maybe having Sachs on his show might be a good idea.

"virtual nobody with an admitted slut of a granddaughter and they're up in bloody arms."

great comment, it's like you've got these up themselves people complaining, defending a woman who will be in nuts magazine by weeks end. lol and yes in terms of sachs, its not like it was john cleese they offended :)

i'm gonna miss russell's radio show a lot, he should of nipped it in the bud. the first comment but mainly russell's reaction and that of his co-workers in the studio was quite funny, but it went into madness.

Yep, when you're messing around with someone, whether that's at home or in a studio, you can often go beyond what you'd planned to as you get into the swing of things and start bantering and egging each other on.

I do think Sachs should go on JR's show. With any luck, that would bring the whole sorry affair to a close.

Sucks about Russell's radio show. I've started to like him a lot lately, watched one of his live shows and it was great.