My CD Compilation:


I have burned two sample CDs with samples of my favourite artists, Free and Van Der Graaf Generator, and in particular Free's vocalist Paul Rodgers, and VDGGs composer/vocalist Peter Hammill. &nbsp I have expressed here on Listology many times my admiration of these two but with only very rare reaction, so I thought I should try and spread the word.

Paul Rodgers is the greatest blues singer ever (IMHO), and has been called 'the voice' and the 'soul of rock'. &nbsp The emotion and tone in his voice is unparalleled, but he also has a super rock voice to match the best. &nbsp Free also boasted in Paul Kossoff one of the best guitarists of his generation, to match Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. &nbsp Free were one of the seminal British blues bands, alongside Led Zeppelin, Cream, and Fleetwood Mac.

Van Der Graaf Generator were the leaders of the British progressive music scene in the early seventies, sometimes supported by Genesis on tour. &nbsp Peter Hammill was the lead singer and composer, solo he continues experimenting, gigging, and recording to this day (almost 50 albums to date). David Bowie and Radiohead both claim Peter Hammill/VDGG as an inspiration (amongst others).

If any regulars on Listology want a copy of these samples (Listology regulars only please),
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i love van der graaf generator. peter hammil is the best singer i know. pawn hearts is my favourite

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