Just Wondering...


I was just wondering if the recipent of my Listology Secret Santa mix Cd has enjoyed it.
It would have been an unmarked TDK black CD including such artists as Ted Leo, Radiohead, Van Morrisson, Outkast, Boomtown Rats, Joe Strummer, the Clash, the Wrens, Spoon,the Flaming Lips, Junior Senior and a few others. Anyway, just wondering if it was enjoyed.

Wow, that sounds like a great mix! I didn't get it, but I sure hope whoever did is enjoying it!

Thanks Geek, too bad you didn't get it; sounds like you would have enjoyed it

It would be great to get feedback on the mixes, if folks are so inclined. So whoever's out there clutching a cassette from the swap, feel free to let me know yay or nay!

I am pretty sure I recieved this mix. Of course there was no list of songs included so I can't be sure. 50% of the artists and songs I knew. The other 50% was alien to me. I would say I liked 75% of it. Some very good music.

Perhaps you could post a listing of the songs so I would know what the heck I was listening to....

Hehe, sorry about that! I hate to be so ignorant about my own work, but do you remember how many tracks were on the CD?

There were 16 tracks on it including the truly great I dont like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats. A song for all you Bowling for Columbine fans.

OK, here's what I remember then,I'm not sure about the exact order.
St. John The Divine-Ted Leo And The Pharmacists
Variations On a Theme By Erik Satie (1st and 2nd Movements)-Blood, Sweat & Tears
Let Down-Radiohead
Shake your coconuts-Junior Senior
Domino-Van Morrison
Los Super Ratones-Como estamos hoy
Richard Hell And The Voidoids-Love Comes In Spurts
Hey Ya-Outkast
I Dont Like Mondays-Boomtown Rats
Happiness Is A Warm Gun-The Beatles
Clash-Rock the Casbah
Coma Girl-Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros
Me And The Bean-Spoon
This Boy Is Exhausted-The Wrens
Up Above the Daily Hum-The Flaming Lips
Valley Winter Song-Fountains of Wayne
Hope that helps :)