JOEY: Any Good?... (Review & Episode ratings)


Friends ended, they all went seperate ways, it was sad, it was an end of an era, but Matt LeBlanc sets out to make a new era..the Joey era. so far i've only seen 2 episodes of "Joey" which follows Joey Joey Tribbiani in hollywood trying to get his "Big Break". the first thing that bothered me about Joey was the theme tune and openning video..too cheesy, its not 1993 anymore. it also to me looked to over the top and "big headed" it conveyed to much confidence to early. ok now for the content, well its ok. one joke though that many have pointed out, was this line:

Joey: i was told my agent as shark, which means she's a good agent not an actual shark.
Gina: I know that
Joey: did i

now we know joey is meant to be a little slow but i think this joke was going abit far, if he thought that..he'd never get anything done! but enough bad stuff heres the good stuff. well its funny at times, very funny. this is becuase of the introduction of Michael Tribbiani played by Paulo Costanzo (Road Trip) he is great here. he has very good comic timming and though its to early to tell chemistry wise how him and Matt go but from the 1st 2, its good. he says his lines with this comic insecurity which i love and this provides for some great moments, like this one:

Joey: leave him alone, he's 20, he shaves and has sex with women
Micheal: I do shave...

Drea de Matteo (The Sopranos) is an interesting addition. she's funniest when reacting to something, rather than stand-alone jokes. but i think she'll get better as the show goes on, but so far she was ok. i think in general JOEY was good, it did seem to use the joey style of humour well (stupid statements, so on) but i hope that, that does evolve and get less like how he was on friends and more into his own show, his own style. i also look forward to seeing the episodes directed by Friends star David Schwimmer. Another problem i had with JOEY was his apartment, to strange! i couldn't tell whether it was outside or what! I will be adding Episode rating as they go along and that will change my over all rating of JOEY

Overall 1.5 / 10

Episode Ratings

"Pilot" (Ep: 1.1) = 5 / 10
"Joey and the Student" (Ep:1.2) = 6.5 / 10
"Joey and the Party" (Ep:1.3) = 3.5 / 10 (Though Molly was very funny character)
Missed Episode
Missed Episode
lol ok missed 2 in a row, c'mon? its hardly momrable? i think i may be the only one trying ot watch them all :-)

Ok i've given up watching this terrible show but i'm gonna keep this article open for discussion!

I watched the first episode. You cannot imagine how much I hate this show.

That surprises me, actually. I watched Joey and the Student, and nothing in the show made me feel hatred. Nothing made me feel anything. I'm surprised that such a bland product, such a nonentity, is able to instill such vigorous hatred in anyone. It gave me a chuckle or two, but really I just feel sorry for everyone involved. I actually pity NBC, believe it or not. After years of Cheers, Seinfeld, Frasier, and Friends, their primetime sitcom is now... this thing. It's actually a pretty sad story if you think about it - a riches to rags state of affairs. Because it's not like they're not trying. They are. You can clearly see how hard they're trying to make Joey be as much like Friends as possible. It's just not working.

All MHO, of course. If you enjoy watching Joey, more power to you.

may i add to this? i know the question was somewhat directed towards lukeprog but may i just say a few words?

i have to say that i agree that the pilot was very bland and sterotypical, the entrance theme is appauling, but i think that the show might have some promise. i don't think it was " now... this thing" bad, ok it wasn't good but it wasn't terrible. the promise i think it shows is the character of Michael, he is great, one of my favourite sitcom characters already and as long as his writting stays good, i hope joey does get better. but i agree its a blow to the Tv company considering their past shows (though i hate seinfeld)

NO. You are not allowed to speak or have an opinion.


:-) doh!! sorry for thinking i could

I didn't intend my comment "this thing" to be all that bad. I thought "this thing" would be pretty neutral. It wasn't "this good thing" or "this bad thing", it was just "this thing." I was mainly reacting against lukeprog's strong feelings of hatred towards the show. How can you so adamantly hate something that's just "this thing"?

I wasn't too impressed with Michael in the episode I saw, but maybe he's more interesting in the other episodes you saw.

Agreed with most of your comments, Rush (is that an appropriate abbreviation of your nickname? :)) but I actually found the 2nd episode better.

This has given me an idea actually.. perhaps I should go through ome of my favourite shows and rate all the episodes in chronological order..

:) Yeah "Rush" is cool with me ;-)

i've watched both episodes again since posting this article and i now agree that the secand is better, i'll up the rating a little. i loved the bit where Gina looked in the mirror

"what a Tramp!"
Joey: Gina thats a mirror!

I'm not suprised that Joey is bland as I don't think Friends was anything other than bland for a long, long time. And this is coming from a person who watched Friends every Thursday night for 9 years. Perhaps my tastes have changed over time.

If I were to order NBC's 1/2 hour sitcoms by current enjoyability Joey would be the last on the list. Most likely it would go...

1. Scrubs
2. Will and Grace
3. Joey

I don't have high hopes for The Office since NBC hosed up Coupling so bad. Now that NBC has become the Law and Order network, which is a decent enough show but not worth 4 separate series, I hardly watch NBC anymore.

yeah i mean friends is great but i see where your comming from with your comments. when you say "The Office" do you mean the USA remake?

pS: are you going to buy the Scrubs dvd out on may 17th?

Yes, I mean the American remake of the British series. They've been showing quite a few previews and I've only laughed once.

i mean i hardly saw much of the original when it was on (and i'm form the uk!!) :) but i hear it was pretty damn good. actually i did watch one on my media course, it was quite funny.

Jim, will vouch for the non-American version of The Office which I've never seen. I love Coupling UK but could not stand the American version. Unless something is very different I predict The Office US will meet the same demise.