An Hour and a Half


You wear a tie to these interviews
So they can strap you to the gallows without much delay.

The balding man with tomato cheeks
And facial hair like a stunted Ming emperor
Begins a shaky question
That slips again inside an avalanche
Under the weight of his woes
Heaped heavy by the employee
You discover you’re scrambling through this mudslide to replace.
You make another note
As he states another quote
Loaded with language
That echoes through these halls
Yet finds no home in any dictionary.
Before he locates his question again,
The hour hand signals the interview’s end.

You shake his nicotine-stained hand.

One last question,
Off the record, of course.
He sees you once wrote music reviews.
What kind?

Apparently, he has another thirty minutes to kill.
This upstanding attorney, you see,
Is a Led head who with time has found
Brooks & Dunn is now more his field.

O, the fun
These gentle inquisitions can yield!


Ouch. Not a job you'll be accepting then, eh? And is "Sorority Girl" someone you know? Very harsh, both of them. I loved 'em.

By the way, did you happen to notice this new list of mine? I'd be curious to see your version. This is a shameless plug to elicit more clones, but that's not against the rules, is it?

I did notice, and I enjoyed the list, although, as you might guess, I would probably like it even more with a few words aimed at luring others to the films.

I'd clone it, but I'm afraid my ten might well just be the top ten of my best films list, and well, we all know how quickly that list is going, eh?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Rats, and here I thought I could trick you into giving those 10 away. Saw right through me, you did!

I would love to comment on those movies afresh, but have too much going on right now. I did link 'em all up to lists that contain my existing comments on those films though. Zat help?

Sadly enough, if they offered health insurance, they could probably nab me pretty cheap...

Sorority Girl is really a mish-mash of several college women I know. TU has more the feeling of an extended high school than a college, so several folks here get folded in, although I also mixed in several people much too old to be in college. In a way, I'm also thinking about a society that tends to have one ideal of perfection, and how boring 'perfect' people can become as a result. As Gene says, "It is what it is what it is."

I'm very glad you enjoyed them. I cranked these three poems out between midnight and three AM this morning, so to be honest, I'm not even really sure what I think of them yet! Right now, I think I favor Euripides.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs