Honda Commercial

I found this site from It's the most brilliant commercial ever created.

The commercial utilizes no special effects. It was one continuous shot. It took 606 takes.

Actually, sorry to kinda spoil it, but the article says it actually used two shots using some clever photography. It's still amazing though.

So it was two shots, but there are otherwise no special effects?

That is correct. That whole thing was set up using only parts from a Honda (save for a few obvious ones, like the table, the ramp, etc.). They used no trick photography (except for the clever editing together of the two takes) or special effects. On the first 605 takes, something very minor went wrong. On the 606th, they finally got it all right.

P.S. I'm getting this information from an article about it from (I'm too lazy to insert links; copy and paste if you wish to go there). The article says that the first take ends and the second take begins at the one-minute mark when an exhaust box rolls off to the right of the screen. I'm not quite sure what an exhaust box is exactly, but even after they told me where the join is, I still didn't notice it. That's some discreet editing right there.

P.P.S. According to the article, the only reason they used two takes was not because they feared the whole contraption would become too complicated, but because no studio was big enough to hold the entire contraption.

That's *amazing*! Well worth the 3+ MB download, and my five-year-old loves it. :-) I'm still slightly skeptical that there are no FX involved, as the three tires bumping each other uphill really looks impossible to me, but I *want* to believe all they did was film a real Rube Goldberg contraption.

Those tires were weighted in some weird way that made them behave like that. Believe me, it's all real.

Ah, weighted tires! I'm a bit disappointed in myself for leaping to the CGI conclusion when weighted tires is a perfectly reasonable explanation.

I picture that guy from Out of Sight saying "weighted tires?!" instead of "fake legs?!"