Guess the Quote (from nearly anything)


1) "...and if that's wrong, well, maybe I'm missing the point of having commercials." (from Family Guy guessed correctly by grandpa_chum)

2) "Moses supposes his toeses are roses, Moses supposes erroneously." (from Singin' in the Rain guessed correctly by AAA)

3) "I want to know who I'm looking at." (from Scream guessed correctly by AAA)

4) "A-ring-a-ding-ding." (from Lost in Translation guessed correctly by Rushmore)

5) "You die first."

6) "Don't let them in." (from The Village guessed correctly by guardo)

7) "Anybody hear that? It's's an impact tremor is what it is. I'm fairly alarmed here." (from Jurassic Park guessed correctly by Wezzo)

8) "The public will think what I tell them to!" (from Citizen Kane guessed correctly by Rushmore)

9) "Am I drinking? As soon as I'm done." (from Lost in Translation guessed correctly by Rushmore)

10) "Trumpy! Come back!" (from The Pod People guessed correctly by P Pogo)

11) "But sir! They'll get a look at the big board!" (from Dr. Strangelove guessed correctly by Cosgrove)

12) "I will act as the sword's custodian." (from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon guessed correctly by Penny)

13) "You drink that drink!" (from Roger Dodger guessed correctly by Penny)

14) "I get it! He's everything I'm not." (from The Royal Tenenbaums guessed correctly by P Pogo)

15) "Four-thousand restaurants in the downtown area, I pick the one my father goes to." (from Ferris Bueller's Day Off guessed correctly by Rushmore)

16) "Does anybody want a soda or something..." (from Jurassic Park guessed correctly by jaimeblack)

17) "Remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend." (from Jurassic Park guessed correctly by P Pogo)

18) "You should be dressed up, going out with boys, going to school, you know, that kind of stuff." (from Taxi Driver guessed correctly by lukeprog)

19) "We're both expressable as the sum of two cubes!" (from The Lesser of Two Evils (episode of Futurama - 2nd Season) guessed correctly by Wezzo)

20) "Yeah, I thought about getting a job, but I also thought about getting fired from that job, is that something you want this family to go through?"

21) "I'll have the Macarena and cheese. Is that cheese fat free?" (from I Love the 90s Part Deux promo (on VH1) guessed correctly by Imposter)

22) "He's the best bang since the big one." (from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (book) guessed correctly by Imposter)

23) "It's the price of a cheese pizza and a large Coke at the place I used to work." (from A Fishful of Dollars (episode of Futurama - 1st Season) guessed correctly by Imposter)

24) "That's whatever you were talking about for ya!" (from Love's Labour's Lost in Space (episode of Futurama - 1st Season) guessed correctly by AJDaGreat)

25) "Just think: tonight when the clouds are sneaking around the moon, I'll be sneaking around you."

26) "Mr. President, we cannot allow a mine-shaft gap!" (from Dr. Strangelove guessed correctly by lukeprog)

27) "You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he's going to jail." (from Gone with the Wind guessed correctly by Rosie Cotton)

28) "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" (from Network guessed correctly by lukeprog)

29) "My darling, you're such a child. You think that by saying, "I'm sorry," all the past can be corrected." (from Gone with the Wind guessed correctly by RosieCotton)

"toeses" - Singin' in the Rain
"who I'm looking at" - Scream


the first one is from family guy

Yes it is...and for worthless bonus points, do you know which episode?

i feel pathetic for knowing this but i think it's the one where he has to take chris to soccer practice and he tells lois he'll do it during the commercials "i am peter hear me roar"... but i'm not sure, it might be the same thing but taking meg out to teach her how to drive

You got it, it is the one where Peter takes Meg out to drive which is not I Am Peter Hear Me Roar (that's the one where he tells the joke about women'ts breasts at his work and goes to the women's retreat), but it is I Never Met The Dead Man. And you're not pathetic for knowing, the show is brilliant.

hahaha... i got three shows all rolled up into one there... good case of intelligent guessing... cover the field.

"A-ring-a-ding-ding" - from lost in translation
"Am I drinking? As soon as I'm done" -from Lost In Translation
"The public will think what I tell them to!" From Citizen Kane


Anybody hear that? It's's an impact tremor is what it is. I'm fairly alarmed here: Jurassic Park, methinks

You die first: Tombstone? Not sure, but there's a quote like that in there.

That's a go for Jurassic Park but a no go for Tombstone. Great!

15. Ferris Bueller's Day Off??


Number 12 is from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, isn't it?


Can't believe nobody's gotten #11 yet -- it's George C. Scott in "Dr. Strangelove".

I can't believe no one got it sooner, but that is it!

#13 seems like it might be from many films, but the one I'm thinking of is Roger Dodger.

Yes! Wow, I'm glad someone answered this. I thought no one would. Good job.

Is 14 Closer?


I haven't seen Closer, but it may be in that movie as well as the one I'm thinking of.

21) from the new I Love The 90's promo on VH1?

22) describes the legendary Zaphod Beeblebrox by Eccentrica Galumbits, the triple-breasted whore of Eroticon Six (from my favorite book...ever)

23) from the first season of Futurama

Ding...ding...and ding!

And Hitchhiker's is my favorite book as well. Simply unbelievable and watching Futurama is the closest thing that brings the feelings I got from reading the book other than reading the book.

I'm almost fearing the movie coming out because I'm scared of it not meeting what I want it to be, so I'm going to try and go in with an open mind, but it won't be easy.

Have you seen the teaser trailer yet? I'm looking forward to the movie, but I know it won't match the image I've had for it for over 20 years. But I'm a believer in letting the book be the book and the movie be the movie (and in the case of HHGTTG, letting the radio show be the radio show, the tv show be the tv show, etc.)

Hitchhiker's is my Lord Of The Rings, so I'm pretty eager to see what they do with it.

19. From Futurama too, I believe it's delievered by bender in a conversation with Flexo in "The Lesser of Two Evils" (could be wrong though!).

Absolutely correct.

dammit i know 24) dammit!

is it a tv show like Frasier / Friends / Scrubs?

Heh, heh, heh. It is a TV show...but which one? Oooh...that's your challenge: which one? But I will do you the favor of eliminating the three you inquired, keep guessing.

I'm pretty sure #24 is another Futurama quote, and I think it might be Bender, but I couldn't tell you what episode it's from.

Yes, it is a Futurama quote, actually from Zapp and the episode is Love's Labour's Lost in Space.

#14 is Royal Tenenbaum from the film of almost the same name.

17 is also Jurassic Park. Jeff Goldblum, I believe.

You are correct for both, though it was Sam Neill that gave the quote in Jurassic Park.

how did i miss that Royal Tenenbaums Quote!! nnnoooo!!!

I'm surprised I missed that one, too. I kept thinking it must be from some romantic comedy.

I wasn't going to say anything, I was just waiting for you to catch on, but alas...

For #10, a guess:
Wasn't Trumpy the name of the weird looking alien in Pod People, a flick made famous by MST3K?
It's a long shot...

Not a long shot at all, you nailed it.

Yes, I know one! #18 is from Taxi Driver: Robert DeNiro trying to convince Jodie Foster to give up prostitution.

You got it!

I'll take the easy ones:

26 - Dr. Strangelove
28 - Network

You got it.

27)& 29) Gone With The Wind

Yes it is.

Is 6) from "Dawn Of The Dead"? Or "Night Of The Living Dead"?

Not sure if the quote is from either of those (as I haven't seen them), the movie I quoted it from is recent (in the past year).

number 6 is from The Village i think

It is!

16. Jurassic Park

Indeed it is. This post has been dormant from sometime, as has my listing.