Gmail Invites

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Any Listologists want a Gmail account? I have 4 invites left and can't seem to give them away.

You're so kind. I'm sure they'll be swiped up pretty quickly.

But not by me. I can't imagine a use for all that space, and I don't want an account that won't work with Thunderbird. But, once someone figures out a great, easy way to use GMail for fast filesharing, you know I'll jump on it faster than a busty blonde's beaver (how's THAT for alliteration - boo-yah!).

sure! That's sounds awesome!

Thanks alot!

I need your e-mail address to send the invite.

I's want one. Can you invite me. my e-mail is on my profile page.


Yahoo says your email address doesn't exist. The invite was bounced back to me.

Stupid yahoo, no wonder I've gotten nary a message. there ya go. Thanks.