GAME: Identify GreenCine Daily Header Pieces!

Excellent movie blog GreenCine Daily has a graphical header showing shots from certain movies on a strip, fading away into the distance. Let's try to identify the films!

They aren't all screenshots from movies. A couple are posters or simply photographs of stars.

Anyway, here's the pic, enlarged and numbered:

1. Certainly some version of Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but it doesn't seem to match any of the 8 versions I'm aware of.
2. High Noon.
3. Does this look like Toshiro Mifune? In Yojimbo, perhaps, or Seven Samurai? It's also been suggested that this is Zatoichi.
4. Anyone got any guesses for who this might be?
5. DVD cover of The New Tale of Zatoichi
6. La Cage Aux Folles.
7. Metropolis.
8. A poster for Gilda, starring Rita Hayworth.
9. Godzilla.
10. A Touch of Zen.
11. Nosferatu
12. This has been the most commented on, but we haven't found an exact match. Our best guess so far is some kind of rare poster for 2001: A Space Odyssey.
13. Cowboy Bebop.
14. Probably part of a poster for a 30s-60s thriller, perhaps Hitchcockian, though I can't find it.
15. Stand and Deliver.
16. Almost certainly Fred Astaire, in his trademark tails.
17. Looks like Bruce Lee, probably from Enter the Dragon.
18. Tim Curry from Rocky Horror Picture Show?
19. Two overlapping street signs, unreadable. Might this say Sunset Boulevard? But then again, a street sign would read SUNSET BLVD, which doesn't fit the graphic.

BTW, the small 'film strip' that is unnumbered (because the pieces are way too small), on close inspection, appears to be two women sitting very close, perhaps holding hands. One has dark hair and a white shirt. The other has blonde/brown hair and wears a green shirt. But it's too indistinct to really make a guess.

I went through every single 'classic movies' poster at and didn't come up with any new answers. Shoot.

Now I went through all the posters in the 'before the 1940s' and '1940s' sections at and STILL no luck. ARGHH!!!!

Succeess! #8 is Gilda, starring Rita Hayworth!

Nobody wants to help? D'oh!

#17 looks a little bit like Bruce Lee, but I'm NOT sure about that.
#3 could be ToshirĂ´ Mifune in 'The Seven Samurai'.
#2 is Gary Cooper in 'High Noon'. I'm sure about that!


Yes, I think you're right about #17 - but I can't tell if it's Enter the Dragon or not.

#6 is from La Cage Aux Folles (1978)

#10 looks like a guy holding a bow and arrow. Could it be The Adventures of Robin Hood?

I think #12 is The Right Stuff, but don't quote me on that.

#14 looks like a Hitchcock film. Psycho? Strangers on a Train? Vertigo?

Could #19 say Sunset Boulevard?

#6. SWEET! How the hell did you know that?
#10. Maybe, but doesn't it look like an oriental archer with his hair tied in a knot above his head?
#12. I'll look around, see if I can confirm this.
#14. Yes, perhaps. I'll look through some Hitch posters.
#19. NICE! Quite possibly. I'll try to confirm.

#6 - I've seen the movie, and I've seen the DVD in stores.

#10 - Oh yeah. At first I thought that was something different, but I think you're right.

Anyone got some guesses on who #4 might be? The face doesn't really look familiar to me.

10 - A Touch of Zen
11 - Nosferatu
13 - Cowboy Bebop (I think, I'm not 100% on that, but I'm pretty sure)

How sure are you of 10 and 11? To me, the film quality of #11 doesn't match with the film quality of Nosferatu, at least the print I saw.

Maybe 11 is Shadow of the Vampire then? :-)

Maybe. It looks AWFULLY similar (but not identical) to a couple of images here.

Pardon me! You're right, it is Nosferatu!

Good work, I found a shot from A Touch of Zen virtually 100% identical to the image here.

#15 is Lou Diamond Phillips in Stand and Deliver. I'd also like to second the idea that #13 is Spike from Cowboy Bebop.


BTW, Jim, it appears you fixed the < iframe> problem here, but it still reads "< iframe>" without the space - did you just disable inline frames in post messages or something?

I just escaped the first bracket with &lt;.

Oh, duh, like I should have done :-)

Can anyone confirm/debunk AJDaGreat's suspicion that #12 is The Right Stuff?

I just doesn't look quite right to me. Especially since the second figure from the right appears to be jumping.

I agree.

If not Sphere then how 'bout 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Something with helmets and suits.

Indeed, something with helmets and suits! :-)

I was actually thinking maybe something with zombies. Don't some of them look kind of stiff, while others look poorly postured? They could be lurching.

Hmm. Actually, I think the white sphere is actually the huge boulder from Raiders. It's from an alternate scene where all the lead characters are running from the boulder instead of just Indy. :-)

I'll just assume you're joking...

Actually, the guy 4 to the left of the jumping guy is certainly NOT in a space suit in helmet in this closeup (and the others probably aren't, either).

The jumping guy looks like he's unnaturally high, which made me think it might be on a place with low gravity, but if its a zombie then all rules are out the window.

"They could be lurching."

That is one of the funnier things I've read. I'm going to try and work that into everyday conversation.

Too bad the Olympics are over - there were all kinds of opportunities to use it watching the US Men's Basketball team.

Zatoichi is #3, he's the blind bringer of ze funk

12 could be
I'm not sure about the right stuff though

17 is Bruce Lee, but from what I have no idea. My guess would be Enter The Dragon, from the scene where he fights kung-fooy in the stock/dungeon room.

18 Could be Rocky Horror Picture Show, or Masters Of The Universe



Excellent thoughts! You sound pretty sure about Zatoichi, so I'll change that one.

I'll look to confirm your guesses for #12 and #18.

can't find anything to confirm your guesses for #12, though I just know I've seen that image before somewhere!

I also can't find anything to confirm your guesses for #18, though it looks more like RHPS than MOTU, if it's either of them.

ehh... I dunno, #5's features look an awful lot like Paul Newman's to me.
Since he's got a tool in his hands I'm assuming it's from the
chain gang/road crew/car wash scene(s) in Cool Hand Luke hmm?

As for #4, when I see B&W movie cleavage I think Jane Russell.
Then I think Sophia Loren.
Then I think unsexy thoughts. Then I think of Barney in a bikini...
But I know that it might just be the pic that's B&W.

And #12, I'm thinking Sphere ....

Good thoughts!

Though, I can't find any posters or DVD covers of Cool Hand Luke or Sphere that match the images in the graphic.

I can't find anything to confirm your guesses for #4, though I'm pretty sure it's not Sophia Loren.

BTW, confirmation about ANY of these from ANYONE is appreciated.

How's this for cool? I wrote the folks at Greencine and told them about our efforts here, and they linked us up! The whole thing's good reading, as usual, but we're in the last paragraph if you're impatient.

hehehe. Maybe this'll bring some traffic to Listology!

For those foolishly :-) still using a browser that can't zoom, and are too lazy to pull the picture up in a graphics viewing program, here's an enlarged snapshot of the more indistinct parts of the image. Get your microscope out if you need any more help.


12 - Mission to Mars maybe. At least, one of those Mars movies, can't remember which.

can't find anything to confirm that. Does it really look like something that recent to you?

Well, for a second, I thought it was when the group goes into the room with the miniature galaxy. I haven't seen the entire movie, so I don't know what it was, I just saw a scene and it looked like a miniature galaxy and that picture looked like it. But now that I look at it again - 2001: A Space Odyssey?

What point in the film? Someone else will have to do confirmation work on that, I haven't seen the film for a couple years now :-(

In 2001 when the group of astronauts goes down into an open crater (I think it's a crater) and then a piercing noise drives them crazy.

Hmmmm... perhaps... Can anyone confirm this? It just doesn't look to me like they're wearing space suits...

I agree about the appearance of the terrain, however:
the person in the middle has no shoulders which made me think "helmets"
(and no horns which made me think "not vikings")
but I can't remember whether light bursts from the obelisk or not.

This brings us so close to that supposed moment (but not actually to it)
that it might jog memories.
For something that is inconclusive it made me think "not 2001 ".

Yes, the image in the header piece almost looks like a poster-ized version of a frame from that clip. Hmmm....

Hear, hear!

There's a link above with a pic from 2001 that has six guys in spacesuits and (the start of?) a bright light.

Yes, but the terrain in the pic looks totally different, and the characters aren't wearing space suits or helmets... at least that's not how I see it.

#12 looks strangely similar to this poster for A Clockwork Orange, but no.

hmmm... almost looks like it'd belong in a poster for one of the Cocoon movies.

#4 doesn't look too unlike Greta Garbo...

Or hell, it might as well be Marilyn Monroe as far as I know, I can't tell. Too much of her face is in shadow, anyway.

or Ava Gardner.

or Gloria Swanson

I just don't know! I looked through 3,000 actress posters on and couldn't find a match for #4. Harumph!

#5 is from the cover of "the New Tale of Zatoichi" DVD. #3 is not Zatoichi.

AWESOME!!!! I guess I hadn't seen #5 before, I was thinking of something else.

Do you have any guesses what #3 is from, then? Might it be from Seven Samurai, as previously guessed?

One of these days I will have watched every movie ever made and then I'll be able to solve this puzzle. :-)