Films Peeps like that I Hate


1) Spider-Man- Hyped, Dumb, and made Spider-Man look like (Explict Deleted)Who has been changed by Atheism?
2) Harry Potter- UK Kids get into Black Magic, that cant be good for parlement. He's out there
3) American Pie Series- Dirty, Immoral, wrong...If everyone would stay in marriage we wouldnt have AIDs.
4)Matrix Reloaded- Loved the First, hated this one. Can you guess why? Jesus is King.
5)Jurrasic Park 3- I rather wake up in the morn with my head sewn to the carpet than watch this again...ok its not THAT bad. Evolutionary beliefs have inspired Hitler and the Columbine gunmen to commit their actions
6)A Walk to Remember- Piltdown man was proven to be a hoax in the 1950's
7) Fast and the Furious- Bad acting, Bad Dialogue. My moms VW beetle could womp those pieces of junk...0-60 babie 0 2 60. What good is a 120,000 car when you die?
8) (Removed)Remember The Cross
9) Something About Marry- Neanderthal man is 100% Human
10) Scary Movie- I like films with little plot, but this was just wrong. Weed is for rope

NOTE: This list has been edited because it has caused some problems within the community. The only reason I dont debate is because it would be a circular argument. I only speak to people about Jesus, who are willing to make a change. Also this gives a prime example of the need of a savior, as you can see I have issues of my own. Nobody can ever be like Jesus, and that is why he is our way.

Well, since you don't do debates, I won't comment about "American Pie", but I'm more intrigued by your comment on "There's Something About Mary", which is my personal favorite Farrelly movie. You say they can do better, so which Farrelly Bros. work(s) do you prefer?

I prefer their work on Dumb and Dumber, and when they wrote for Seinfeld back in the day.

"I hate Secular Rap, and they should keep thier stories in da Hood."

You are, of course, welcome to you own musical opinions, but this is one of the most backwards, racist statments I've seen on this site so far. If you're so anxious to spread your "stories" of Jesus, then maybe others should be allowed to spread their "stories." Prat.

Well, this statement wasnt meant to be taken anywhere near the realms of race and color. Im sorry to say that your the one that twisted it around that way. Im sorry if it come off as that, but its time the world sees the lies that these films project on our youth. American pie makes it right to sleep with anyone before the respect of marriage. And these rappers tell us that violence is the answer to their problems. They give a false representation of God and his purpose, and thus have literally raped society of what lies above our understanding. In other terms Eminem is one of the rappers I speak about, and hes white. Dont push this any further than it has gone. The intentions of these statements were to give my opinion of these films, and what they potray. Sorry for any offence taken.

I'd say you know Jesus about as well as you know rap music.


Scular rap is brainwashing people into thinking that all life contains is Clubs, Women, Cars, Money, Thug Life (Violence). It fails to present an alternate way of life, it takes no prisoner. Im far from racist, it has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with what its doing to America's Children.

"The intentions of these statements were to give my opinion of these films, and what they potray."

So did you make this list to make the point that these films portray immoral actions? Do you think that when people see immoral actions in films, it causes (or at least encourages) them to become immoral as well?

Yes in fact what we listen to and look at does reflect our every day actions.

Well, if you are closed-minded then that might be the case. But I consider myself to be open-minded and every day I try to purposelly listen to and look at things which have nothing to do with my daily actions and hopefully will challenge me and provide perspectives on things which I have no familiarity with whatsoever. Talk about circular logic and thinking. Almost every comment you have made in this recent exchange reflects your inability to see past your theology.

I have been taught evolution and believed it, I have studied all sorts of theorys with an open mind. I have been in the world with no care but the crazy desires of my mind, I have been out of this "theology" my friend.

What film was this in relation to? While I hesitate to say this without seeing the original context, it's hard for me to imagine any other reading but a rascist one for "I hate Secular Rap, and they should keep thier stories in da Hood." Not only that, you generalize all secular rap, and associate "these rappers" with nothing but violence (again, without the original context I can't be sure who "these rappers" are). Secular rap is pretty much a panoply, with as much of it decrying violence as advocating it. To reject the whole genre out of hand is closed-minded at best.

SECULAR rap...;)

How do you know what Jesus was like?

The Bible

So which version of the Bible do you prefer?

New King James
King James
New International Version

Jesus needs to teach you to spell correctly, my friend...

Thats just lame, you didnt have anything constructive to say so you rip into my o man.

Sorry, but I can't take seriously anyone who can't take but a few seconds to correct some typos. In my line of work, this would get me fired.

Oh ok, but I'm not in your line of work

Jesus freaks out in the street
Handing tickets out for Gawd
Turning back she just laughs
The boulevard is not that bad


It's from the Elton John song "Tiny Dancer."

What does it mean?

It's always been about Bernie and Maxine. A nonsense post meant to break the tension. It didn't work.

Listen, I post all my things on the front page to prove a point. Music and Films are loaded with people that you the consumer fuel. There are people that try to shock, rip, and grind what everything is all about. They call it Shock Rock and you buy it. I was waiting for a conversation like this to start. I tell you now that Jesus Christ is the one and only renegade that ever exsisted. My points are this, I am standing up for the minority. We are the people that refuse to get drunk cause we see that life contains better things. We refuse to have sex with the weekends pretty faces because we respect a person for who they are, not what they look like. We dont smoke, we dont beat, we dont cause strife. We are my friends, everything you are not and we wouldnt have it any other way. Jesus does love you and if you are too wrapped up in a life of self-indulgence to see that, than I feel sorry. I am a sinner, I have desgraced Gods name. The first step is to admit it, the next step is to stand up and refuse to be a slave. Read the bible to see Jesus, dont assume you know who he is.

When dgeiser13 asked you why you posted everything on the front page, he wasn't trying to be hostile or anything. It's just that many Listology newcomers don't immediately realize how to post lists that don't appear on the home page. That said, I don't see how posting stuff on the front page proves your point, unless your point is, "I want more attention."

As for your disdainful, presumptuous diatribe about the corruption in consumerism, I think you are making a lot of harsh assumptions, Jesus_Freak. "We are my friends, everything you are not"? I don't know where you get off thinking that you can lecture to us like we're your children. I also don't see how you think watching movies is an example of corrupt self-indulgence. You seem to like war movies, right? If you believe what we see in movies is reflected in our actions, why aren't you warlike and violent? I'm sure that Jesus wouldn't like your judgemental diatribe. Jesus didn't judge people like you do. His most famous message is, "Love thy neighbor." Not "Love thy neighbor only if they are morally opposed to Eminem."

The thing is, is that all Christians judge. And I say that on behalf of us all. We hear it all the time, but thats exactly my point! People have no clue who we are. In the words of DMX "They dont know who we Be" Because thats the truth...You will never know until you see that your a sinner. We dont hate you, we hate your sin that you deny cause it annoys us because we sin, but we repent! Are we the only moral people left on this earth? You'd think Buddha would raise good children, yet Kurt Cobain writes his suicide note to him. You dont know it! I love being a Christian! I love being a JESUS FREAK! Because Im not like the world, the world does not know me, and actually to the world I dont exsist. Im a social security number, a name on a birth certificate. Its time my friends we see what life is about. Im still learning, the question here is not who is right or wrong...but who cares about the truth enough to find it. And dont give me freudianism's on that one...There is a truth boys and girls, its time you see it.

Look, I'm not one to insult someone based on his or her beliefs. But when you try to impose your beliefs on others, and do it with the same amount of arrogance and presumptuousness that you have, it really irritates me. The fact is that not all Christians judge. I know plenty of Christians, devout ones, who are very open to all beliefs, who are far less judgmental than you are.

You say that you hate the sin, not the sinner, but then you go on to polarize yourself from all the Listologists to whom you're talking by referring to yourself and other people who share your beliefs as "we", as opposed to "you", the sinners. Your holier-than-thou attitude really doesn't make anyone want to listen to you.

I miss your point about Buddha. Do you honestly think that Buddhism encourages people to commit suicide just because one celebrity addressed his suicide note to Buddha? That's just the kind of closed-mindedness that I object to.

Do you see anyone rallying to your side around here? Do you see anyone suddently embracing what you have said about religion? I didn't think so. If you would like to post normal lists on this site, go right ahead. But if you would only like to preach evangelism and look down upon us for watching movies where people have sex before marriage, I think many of us would appreciate if you posted that elsewhere.

Do you even read my posts? Im not going to correct your statements cause you'll only refute those too because your all knowing. Anyway the thing is, is nobody is taking my side because they are not Christians, and have no idea what Im talking about. Here is some things to consider:

1) Christianity is not a religion.
2) Are these Christians you know Catholics?
3) I dont think Im holier than you BECAUSE THE WHOLE MEANING OF MY "speech" is to show you that I am a sinner and for you to consider yourself the same. So I am in FACT putting myself lower than you. Your better than me, all of you are.
4) I'd like to think that Christians are NOT close-minded, after all we have denied who we are for the sake of something we cant see.
5) Why would it matter if I post here, you dont have to look at them if I offend you.

But I guess, I can arrange that...I wouldnt mind taking my evangelisom elsewhere. I'll just stick around a few more days, cause I must admit Im enjoying this. Than Ill be on my way.

1) What is it then?

2) Some are. Why does that matter?

3) Do you read my posts? Regardless of what you have said, you made a clear point of stating that, even though we are all sinners, YOU have realized it and WE have not yet found the truth. Which comes across as a holier-than-thou attitude, regardless of what else you said.

4) First of all, I wasn't saying that Christians in general were closed-minded. I was only saying that your statement about Buddha was closed-minded. You don't speak for all Christians. Second of all, how does your statement reflect open-mindedness? I don't mean "closed-minded" as closed off from religion / holiness / etc. I mean "closed-minded" in regards to your intolerance of other religions (again, not Christian intolerance in general, just yours). To say (or at least imply) that Buddha encourages his followers to commit suicide is closed-minded to that belief. Finally, you said "we have denied who we are" in reference to being a Christian. I'm baffled as to what that statement means. You certainly couldn't refer to sinning as "who we are", since you say that we are all sinners. So how are Christians denying who you are?

Now, here are some things for you to consider:

a) Harry Potter doesn't provoke Satanism or demon-worshipping or witchcraft. It's a wonderful series of books and movies about children learning spells that are mostly innocuous. (The spells are mostly innocuous, that is. The books / movies are totally innocuous)

b) You may not find "American Pie" funny or enjoyable, but its characters are more moral than other ones you'll see in most other teen movies, or even at most other high schools.

c) Watching "American Pie" does not make me want to go out and have sex. Watching "Harry Potter" does not make me want to go out and cast spells. Watching violent films do not make me want to go out and kill people.

d) Each person can find his own path to religious faith. Myself, I'm a Jew, I love being one, and I am extremely satisfied with the level of religion in my life. But you don't see me trying to make you Jewish.

e) "Tiny Dancer" is a song about a country boy who falls in love with a beautiful performer in the city.

1) Religion is considerd Mankinds attempt to find god or a god. You see in in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and even Atheism, Evolutionism, Agnostisism, and all the other ISM's. Christianity, that is true by the book Christianity is God coming to man (Through Jesus). Thus its just the opposite, and the Bible is very clear that we cannot get to heaven by our own works.

2)I see, Just relevant if you know the Church.

3)Im not holy, and Im not better than you.

4)Buddhism is notorious for their self-sacrafice (The protest of the monk who lit himself on fire during vietnam)They teach some...interesting doctrine. And Buddhist monks have been coverted INTO Christianity, and NO Biblical Christians have ever left this faith. Emphasis on BIBLICAL. Thats the key...and The Bible says to deny ourselves (Our sins, our works and our triumphs and to follow Jesus)

a) I understand, but I just dont like it...It's fishy.

b) Good point

c) Again, I agree...But you have to admit it lowers peoples Moral standards. Its more about the startdom involved. People like doing what the stars do, and they get what the stars do from their movies.

d) "All roads lead to Rome" This is one of the greatest lies Satan has published. Its not about Faith and Religion, its about the ONE truth this life contains.

e)Ok, Thank You

Can you please be on your way now? Why do you have to storm in and co-opt an otherwise peaceful community?

Here's an idea. Why don't you create your own web site and call it Jesus_Freak's site? And you can pour your hard work into that site as Jim has here and then see how many people come to behold what you have created?

Ok, I can see When a man is not wanted. Jesus wasnt wanted in the Jewish Temples. Paul wasnt wanted in the Greek Philosophers places. Where are Christians wanted? Not anywhere were it convicts the hearts of people.

So what you are saying is that you've been hammering away on the front page of "our" web site to prove a point? And that point is that "music and films are loaded with people that you the consumer fuel"?

Im not a company, and no Im not...Just causing a little fire, thats all. You know? Just waking up the herd.

Yes, you caught me. I feel like such a sheep. How do you think Jesus would feel about your arrogance?

I didnt say I caught you, Im saying I tried to get the crowd going. And enter a healthy conversation about life. After all movies are about life right?

Are you ready for the most discussed? I am.

20...Almost there

Hardly most discussed. The most discussed list had 170 comments.

Well, Im sure this could beat it, but Im not gonna be around much longer.

Is there any way that we can get him off of his pulpit? Anybody have any suggestions? Wrecking ball, perhaps?

I'll be leaving soon

Might I suggest using a different name if you return? This site was recently rocked by a couple of people that were more interested in playing mind games than producing content. From what I’ve read, they were very successful as you seem to have been.

I've got to say, you were somewhat doomed from the beginning signing in with such a loaded moniker. Drop the “holy roller” title and the preaching and you might fit right in.

Thats why I like the name, its "loaded".

Didn't we once wonder what would happen if politics and religion were discussed on Listology?

Look what's happened...

Its life, you cant ignore it with your music and movies.

Who says that we ignore it? I just happen to think that my relationship with God is a personal one. It's between God and me. Unlike you I don't feel the need to drag the rest of the world into it. If God has a problem with my behavior he will let me know in the same ways he has always done it. The Jesus_Freak methodology of kicking someone in the stomach and then telling them that their stomach hurts doesn't fly with me.

The Bible COMMANDS us to spread the Gospel. Thats the whole reason were down here still, we have work to do. Remember when Jesus said to be "Fishers of Men". Im just doing a little fishing, and if your a man of God, that is through Jesus. Your expected to tell other of your faith.

Jesus_Freak, I think you need to put a little more emphasis on the Jesus and a little less emphasis on the Freak.

lol, well said.

Ok, Ill look into that.

I hate to stifle discussion, but I've often found the only way I can stop folks proselytizing to me is to just walk away (or close the front door). Appeals to logic or my right to believe what I want to believe without being accosted just result in more proselytizing. Even though I think such appeals will work, I get no satisfaction, because there's really no communication or listening happening.

If everybody's hating this, I could just delete the whole brouhaha. I hate deleting stuff that's not outright hateful or abusive though, as I worry about getting too restrictive or power-mad, and the author has already removed the particularly offensive item (see my post above). As for the rest of the list, we all filter our opinions of movies, books, etc. through our own world-views, and that's what JF has done here. While I don't agree with that world-view (especially this particularly close-minded flavor), I can't just go deleting everything on Listology I don't agree with. Oh wait, yes I can! bwaa-ha-ha-ha!!! [slaps self, comes to senses.]

Anyhow, that said, if this is all just a thinly veiled excuse for preaching (I find more evidence for that in the home page flooding than the content itself) that's pretty lame. So much for "we don't cause strife." I'm going to do something about the home page thing in the site redesign this winter, but it'll take me awhile to finish that.

You couldn't shut me up, If I leave Ill always have a voice. And who know's I might be at your door. (WARNING: Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormon's...Well just be carefull)

If I can add my two cents in, if you don't mind:

Look, we're all entitled to our opinion. This is definitely one of the few web sites out there in Internetville that welcomes and encourages the voicing of opinion, and does so in a healthy, respectful fashion. If every one here enjoys listening to John Mayer, let's say, or enjoys watching Friends, and there's a lone voice that says, hey, I think John Mayer sucks, then that's okay. The lone dissenter may have some very valid reasons why he doesn't like John Mayer.
No one, especially those posters who have been coming back to this site for years, are going to shun or, pardon my french, jump this guy's shit for not conforming to groupthink.

However, there are more appropriate vessels for the expression of religious beliefs on the Web. Jesus Freak, you are most certainly entitled to your opinion, and even if I think it is wrong, I strongly support your right to express it. If you didn't like American Pie, so be it. I wasn't all that crazy about it after the 3rd viewing. But you must admit that there is some semblance of truth to this film. Teenagers are a horny lot, obsessed about sex. It may seem crude and immoral to you, but there's very little about the film that's inaccurate. If I may suggest, Jesus Freak, perhaps you should be refrain from viewing films that may offend your sensibilities and beliefs. Harry Potter isn't for everyone, I can attest to that, but don't you think it's extremely hypocritical for people with strong religious beliefs to suggest that the Harry Potter books and films are reasons why society is going to hell in a handbasket. I personally am sick to death of the negative commentary the Harry Potter books and films have received from Bible beaters who are too narrow-minded to examine the Potter phenomenon without resorting to accusations of Witchcraft and Satanism. Far from it, I'm afraid.

I think I speak on behalf of everyone who frequents and contributes to Listology when I say that we certainly welcome your opinion, Jesus Freak, but polarizing and prozelythising are best left for other sites where this would be more suitable. It would be one think for you to stick to your guns, religiously speaking, but you can't expect everyone to agree if you'll maintain an air of inflexibility with your own opinions, now can you?

Well said, Ill be back on that...Im late for Church.

It's go from opinion to fact when you have Jesus, so I couldn't call it an opinion if I tried. Well, about sex, I have been saved for only 1 1/2 years and Im 18. That leaves a big space open for worldliness. I USED to own American Pie on video, and I bought it for its jokes, and for obvious reasons. And I have experienced sex, Im not blindly shouting my mouth off here. The fact is, that when I got converted my whole view changed. And Im in fellowship with people that have experinced the same thing. How does a horny 16 year old drop his sin? Jesus. It goes beyond religious experiences and the like, and it comes off nothing short of life changing. I just wanna share it, thats all. Im also not that against Harry Potter, I saw the first film and actually thought it was entertaining, but it had a lot of stuff I'd be carefull of thats all. Again I dont have opinions I have a story that changes lives, and I dont want to hurt anyone.

Hot damn, I guess it's a good thing you don't debate.


I tell you what, Ill leave when this is the most discussed topic on So if you want me to leave early, all you have to do is stop posting things for me to reply to. It's that easy, but I think you reply because I spark some interest, anger, resentment maybe? Can you control yourselves? Or do you want to prove me wrong? *Cue the Good, the Bad, and The Ugly stand-off music* It's just a healthy topic. Go ahead...Hit me with your best shot. Nothing can rise over Jesus my brothers and sisters, nothing.

"I tell you what, Ill leave when this is the most discussed topic on"

Alright, you heard him, ladies and gentlemen. Jesus_Freak has the same mentality as the school bullies of your youth. He just wants to egg us on. He wants attention. Ignore him and he goes away. Mark my words, this is the last time I post on this list.

Good, if you dont care about life be like this man and ignore it. I am challenging you to state your opinions, not hide from them! I will leave once this topic is discussed to its extent, because this cant go on forever.

Jesus_Freak, you wanted everyone to see this list, so you posted it as a news item. Then you also wanted it to go on the Most Discussed list. Correct me if I'm wrong, but news items are ineligible for that list. I think your arrogance has backfired.

To tell you the truth, I have no clue how this website works. Now come on geek, your off the topic here, now your just taking cheap shots. You can do better than this.

Jesus freak,You can have your own beliefs or worship any way you choose,but keep in my mind once you try to force them on others or start to condem,you open up a can of worms and right to debate.You have to allow people to defend themselves.I personally do not think censorship is the way to bring people to God,I think people need to find God in their own way.Also, be a little more open-minded.Kindness brings people to God.

What God mary? There are many heathen gods that decay with the test of time. There is one God out there, not three not 1,000 just 1. He came down in the flesh 2,003 years ago as Jesus he Christ. He died on the cross for the sins of the world, yet most believe they are not sinners. It does not matter what they think, only whats inside them. You are all going to bow to Jesus, whether you want to or not. I suggest you be open-minded and actually see that life is here, and not plah-doh which can be molded into anyway you think best. God does not work around you, you let God into your heart, through Jesus and let him do the work.

First of all,I never said God had to work around me.I just suggested that you should be a little more kinder to people,instead of offending them.God is love.Sadly,you assumed that I did not know God because I don't agree with you.

A person should accept God into their hearts not have it thrown at them.

No throwing, just fire

Than proclaim him Mary, in the name of Jesus. Life is a battlefield, we all need love, but since this crowd was harsh (assuming too much from too little) I went for the throat like Paul did for the Greeks. And if you are a biblical Christian you know these are the times...for drastic change. People have forgotten God, God is dead to so many people. Im just fighting fire with fire.

Im just using my voice to stand up for Christ, because sadly Christ has few voices today.

Are you ready for a revolution? I cant state that a revolution is what the Christians of this world will cause. We will always keep thriving and fighting for what is right, and will never stop preaching the Gospel that literally saved our lives. Transformation is what we need, look at your hearts. Jesus declares "Behold I stand at the door and knock" This is the door to your heart. He is coming to you, and its the greatest life changing experience. I have nothing else to tell, I could tell you my favorite movies, or songs. But in the end they mean nothing to me, this is the greatest news I could ever tell another Human Being.

Ok,their is nothing wrong with that.Tell the world You love God,that's excellent.I love God as well but you have to embrace people and be kind even if you don't agree with them.Jesus did not push people away or censor them.He welcomed them.

Oh, but I'm not pushing them away, Im welcoming their opinions and views on this subject. And I love them, there's no saying that no love is going on.

I have one question regarding your post. In it you say "I only speak to people about Jesus, who are willing to make a change." Does it really seem by the tone of this list that I or anyone else on this list is "willing to make a change"?

No, but thats ok...I'll still talk


Amen brother. Nobody is going to get any satisfaction posting to this list. How can you debate in any intelligible fashion someone who can't even be bothered to understand a key term like "secular"? How can you reason with someone who wants to do God's work of "spreading the gospel" but doesn't care that his/her approach is actually driving people away, and making them *less* receptive to what they're trying to say?

(I'd think that last point, at least, would give JHF pause, as it would any reasonable person. But I'm sure it won't. I'm betting he/she will counter with some presumptuous comparison of him/herself to Jesus, and how nobody wanted to hear what HE wanted to say either.)

I won't be posting here again. I implore everybody else to follow suit. But of course, you're free to keep fanning the flames if you want. :-)

Jim, Uncle Jim...Mr. Jim. What is your problem with me? You have seen this, Im not scaring anybody away. People are still posting...and maybe you will post again soon. I sense that you will come here just to see what I have written. Your reading this right now, so are you afraid to post. Post, Mr. Jimbo...Post

Pigs could fly if you wanted the to. With faith the size of a mustard seed you could move mountains.

Christianity is not a religion, it teaches against any religious works.

Can I say that many of you maybe are afraid to make a change? You like your life, no? That's good we are all entitled to satisfaction. But have you given any logical thought to the orgins of life, and where you will go once you pass? It bothers me that people ignore such an important part of Human life. I'm not preaching, cause nobody is listening to that. I'd rather see what is more important than Jesus Christ, what causes you to "attack" me...but have the boldness to say that I am "attacking" or pushing something on you. The Bible offends, because truth offends, and we cant handle the truth.

I have decided that it's in the best interest of the people of this community that I no longer post anymore items at this location. I am honestly sorry for any problems, hurt feelings, or mis-representations that this discussion has caused. I love Jesus with all I am, and I didn't mean for it to be taken in such a fashion. My faults are shown in these previous statements. But I do hold true to many of them. I would like to say that Jesus does love you all, and has a place in your lives if your willing to accept him. In these times its hard to determine anything, but I have found something that I feel is the one truth this world needs. May God Bless you all, and I am sorry once again for disturbing this webpage. Grant.

Tell your buddy I said, "hey!"