Film Review : THE SURVIVORS * * *


The Survivors (1983)

CAST Walter Matthau, Robin Williams, Jerry Reed, Kristen Vigard, James Wainwright

DIRECTOR Michael Ritchie

"The Survivors" is a social satire of a black comedy that is filled to the brim with funny, funny scenes.
It stars Walter Matthau and Robin williams, as a couple of guys who have lost their jobs, and by odd circumstances, wind up being hunted by a criminal.

Robin Williams is Donald Quinelle, an awkward loner who loses his job, being fired by a parrot. Walter Matthau is Sonny Paluso, a gas station owner who loses his business when it explodes. The explosion incidentally is caused by Donald. The two men meet up in a cafe, when a robber holds the place up. Paluso pulls off the robber's mask and gets a facial shot. The robber is Jack Locke, played in a most funny manner by the country singer Jerry Reed. He locates Sonny and tries to kill him. You see, Sonny and Donald can finger Jack for the robbery, among other crimes Jack has confessed to commiting, like the assassination of Jimmy Hoffa. Donald becomes infatuated with arming himself to the teeth with weaponry, and he decides to go to a survivalist training camp, headed by a Jim Jones type mad man played by James Wainwright.

There are some things wrong with this movie. The screenplay is not fluent, and some of the jokes are pretty corney. But thats alright. This is a comedy made soley for the purpose of inducing laughter. And it does that. Funny dialogue is pretty constant between Matthau and Williams, and Reed is a pleasant surprise as the hit man with a conscience. I've seen this movie so many times I've grown pretty bored with it. However, I remember the freshness and laughter it brought to me when it was still new to me. I recommend this film to everyone if all you want to do is laugh at some very funny things in an otherwise pointless movie.