Face Off - review *****


Let me start off by letting you know that I am slightly biased because I think that John Travolta and Nicolas Cage are two of the sexiest men on film and yet both extremely talented. You start off with the traditional good guy and bad guy, we've all seen that play, right? As the faceless Nicolas said, 'face off'. John plays a bad guy so brilliantly that it is almost scary. Nicolas has those sweet almost innocent eyes that make you feel so hurt for him. Any red blooded female would melt to those sea green eyes when he tells his wife of another face, he loves her. Based on a lost son, you understand what John (or was it Nicolas?) is going through. Bullets flying, 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow', and even a bloody boat chase; this movie has something for everyone. And who could deny the little Adam when it is asked from the twinkle of those baby blues?

Well..this movie was borderline O.K. I feel Travolta has had better roles, as well as cage. The script was far fetched and the direction was unstable. Definetly not deserving of the rating you gave it.

Well Mr. jblack, as I warned you before you even read this, I am quite partial to John and Nicolas both. It is only my opinion and you have yours, neither is the correct, but both worth hearing. Looking forward to much more rebuttal from you in the future.

It's good to see you getting involved here on Listology Elizabeth. I look forward to debates and discussions with you as well.