Empire Magazine's "Gods Among Us"


This was a list that empire magazine did of the 5 greatest living actors. sadly Marlon Brando died in the middle of its release but he was rightfully included. so this is the list of the 5 greatest actors and their 10 best performances according to empire magazine.

I am going to put a * Next to the ones i've seen. and then do a tally out of 10 at the end. so lets begin. the actors are in no order, but thier performances are in order
(1 being the best)

so ok lets go:
the ones i've seen will have * next to them

Al pacino
1.The Godfather Part II *
2.Dog Day Afternoon *
3.The Godfather *
4.Carltios Way *
6.Donnie Brasco *
7.The Insider
8.Scarface *
10.Glengarry Glen Ross

Seen: 6 / 10
the ones i've seen will have * next to them

Marlon Brando
1.On The Waterfront
2.Streetcar Named Desire
3.The Godfather *
4.Last Tango in Paris
5.Julius Caesar
6.The Wild one
7.One-Eyed Jacks
8.The Missouri Breaks
9.Apocalypse Now*
10.The Men

Seen: 2 / 10
the ones i've seen will have * next to them

Jack Nicholson
1. Five Easy Pieces *
2. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest *
3. Chinatown
4. The Shining *
5. Easy Rider *
6. The Postman Always Rings Twice
7. The Last Detail
8. About Schmidt *
9. The King of Marvin Gardens
10. The Pledge *

Seen: 6 / 10
the ones i've seen will have * next to them

Paul Newman
1.The Hustler
2.Cool Hand Luke
3.Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid *
5.The Verdict
6.Somebody up There Likes Me
7.Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
8.Slap Shot
9.Road To Perdition
10.Nobody's Fool

Seen: 1 / 10
the ones i've seen will have * next to them

Robert De Niro
1.Raging Bull *
2.Mean Streets
3.The Godfather Part II *
4.King Of Comedy
5.Taxi Driver *
6.The Deer Hunter *
7.Midnight Run
8.The Goodfellas *
10 Heat *

Seen: 6 / 10
ok there you have it, please feel free to argue the choices made by empire magazine.

Also, to vote for the final winner go HERE happy voting!

Butch Cassidy is #3 for Newman, but The Sting doesn't rate at all? Something fishy there...

My personal point:
Pacino: 3/10 (I'm ashamed!) (Best Part: The Godfather)
Brando: 4/10 (Best Part: On the Waterfront)
Nicholson: 7/10 (Best part: The Shining)
Newman: 2/10 :( (Best part: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
De Niro: 3/10 (Best part: Taxi Driver)

which are the 3 pacino ones? and the 7 Nicholson ones?

1. Pacino: The Godfather, The Insider, Donnie Brasco
2. Nicholson: The Pledge, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Night, The Shining, Chinatown, About Schmidt, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Easy Rider
P.S.: I think it wasn't very fair by Empire Magazine to put Nicholson's performance in Batman among his worst.

lol totally agree, he fitted the role of Joker very well. he shined in that movie. when i read iit was in his worst, i suddenly lost faith in their judgement

BTW: Have you heard about Pacino's new film The Merchant of Venice? It was partly turned in Venice and partly in... Luxembourg, just a few miles (2-3!) away from my home.

lol lol they were filming only 2 miles from your house?? you could of seen pacino at your local shop! ;]

Yes, but unfortunately I didn't.
Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes were on the set, too.