Do The Next Line Game


1) He used to do surgery for girls in the eighties/ But gravity always wins and it wears him out ~Fake Plastic Trees (guessed by Taryn)

2) I think I got a job today they want me to draw shoes/ The ones I drew were old and used ~Open House (Lou Reed/John Cale - Songs For Drella)

3) We're manufacturing hearts we've got the perfect thing/ The word on the street we've got the new love machine ~Heart Factory (Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out)

4) But now there's wrinkles around my babies eye/ And she cries herself to sleep at night ~Racing In The Streets (guessed by jgandcag)

5) Hilary walked to her death because she couldn't think of anything to say/ Everybody thought that she was boring, so they never listened anyway ~If You're Feeling Sinister
(guessed by jgandcag)

6) Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes bends/ She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that she calls friends ~Hotel California (guessed by cmonster)

7) Struck by beauty, gripped in fright/ Three vermillion snakes of female face/ The smallest motion, filled with grace ~The Lamia (Genesis - Lamb lies down on Broadway)

8) And I'll see what chained to your sorrow/ all your sheep and your lilies of snow ~Take This Waltz (guessed by jgandcag)

9) Love'll get you like a case of anthrax/ And that's something you don't wanna catch ~Anthrax (guessed by xfanatic50)

10) Last night's spangles and yesterdays pearls/ Are the bright morning stars of the baroom girls ~Baroom Girls (guessed by jgandcag)

11) Body and beats I stain my sheets/ I don't even know why ~Blister In The Sun (guessed by Geek)

12) It ain't in their hearts they're bad/ They can comfort you, some even try ~People They Ain't No Good (Nick Cave - The Boatman's Call)

13) Says he can get in anywhere for free/ I began to go a little cross-eyed/ and from this charmless man I just have to hide ~Charmless Man (Blur - The Great Escape)

14) So, so you think you can tell Heaven from hell, blue skies from pain/ Can you tell a green field from a a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil ~Wish you were here (guessed by MacHeath)

15) And me and little J-O-E will be going away/ I love you both and it will be pure H-E double L for me ~D-I-V-O-R-C-E (Tammy Wynette - a lot of places)

16) Strung out on lasers and slash-back blazers/ And ate all your razors while pulling the waiters ~The Jean Genie (guessed by Taryn)

17) Your R&B records, your music books/ Your sense of humour and your rugged good looks ~Little Angel,Little Brother (guessed by jgandcag)

18) I read bad poetry/ Into your machine ~At your most beautiful (guessed by MacHeath)

19) Drive on baby through the electric night/ All the way sister in the taxi of life ~Aphrodisiac jacket (The Cult - Electric)

20) I'll tell you my name FU and CK/ 50ft queenie force ten hurricanes ~50 foot queenie (Guessed by jgandcag)

21)Your looks are laughable, unphotographable/ Still You're my favorite work of art ~My Funny Valentine (guessed by Geek)

22) I killed a man in Reno/ Just to watch him die ~Fulsom Prison Blues (guessed by Geek)

23) A redder shade of neck on a whiter shade of trash/ And this emory board is giving me a rash ~Shady Lane(Pavement - Brighten The Corners)

24) Emancipate yourself from mental slavery/ Noone but ourselves can free our minds ~Redemption Song (guessed by MacHeath)

25) Kinfolk come to see yvonne by the dozen/ Dress in style, go hog wild, me oh my oh ~Jambalaya (guessed by jgandcag)

26) She'd never bother with the people she hates/ That's why the lady is a tramp ~Lady Is A Tramp (guessed by MacHeath) He beat you by about 2 hours jgandcag. :?)

27) A kiss on the hand may be quite continental/ But diamonds are a girl's best friend ~Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (guessed by AJDaGreat) :?)

28) I saw her from the corner as she turned and doubled back/ And started walking towards a coffee-coloured Cadillac ~Nadine (guessed by MacHeath)

29) Playing solitare till dawn/ With a deck of 51 ~Flowers on The Wall (guessed by jgandcag)

30) We rarely practice discern/ We make love to some weird sin/ We seek out the tacitern ~The Way We Get By (Spoon - Kill The Moonlight)

31) Have you come to play Jesus/ To the lepers in your head ~One (guessed by cmonster)

32) them young girls they do get wearied/ wearing that same old shabby dress ~Try A Little Tenderness (guessed by jgandcag, MacHeath & Eyebowl)

33) She is hip to politics, but loves her jazz/ She’s got lots of rhythm, she’s got lots of class ~Sophisticated Lady (A lot of people)

34) You learn to live like an animal/ In the jungle where we play ~Welcome To The Jungle (Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction)

35) Who walks in the classroom, cool and slow?/ Who calls the English teacher Daddy-O? ~Charlie Brown (guessed by MacHeath)

36) If Mary drops her baby girl tonight/ I would name her Rock-N-Roll ~The Seed (The Roots - Phrenology)

37) It occured to me/ The suckers had authority/ Cold sweatin' as I dwell in my cell ~Black Steel aka Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (Tricky, Public Enemy)

38) The Super Hoe is loose in your section/ And he's armed with a powerful erection/ So grab your girl and run for protection/ Your momma too, cause I like to mention ~Super Hoe (Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded)

39) The minor fall, the major lift/ The baffled king composing hallelujah ~Hallelujah (guessed by AJDaGreat)

40) The vagabond who's rapping at your door/Is standing in the clothes that you once wore/ Strike another match, go start anew/ And it's all over now, Baby Blue. ~It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (guessed by MacHeath)

41) L.A. is a great big freeway/ Put a 100 down and buy a car ~Do You Know the Way To San Jose (guessed by jgandcag)

42) Tall and tan and young and lovely/ The girl from Ipanema comes walking. ~The Girl From Ipanema (guessed by MacHeath) 2 points!

43) Ole hanna brown from way across town/ Gets full of corn and starts Bringing them down ~Gimme A Pigfoot (guessed by jgandcag) :?)

44) They asked me to come down and watch the parade/ And to march down the street like a duracell bunny ~Rose Parade (Elliot Smith - Either/Or)

45) She got knee action body, hydraulic hips/ Air conditioned stomach makes her, back bone slip ~Have You Ever Been in Love (guessed by jgandcag)

46) I've seen the nights, filled with bloodsport and pain/ And the body's obtained, the body's obtained ~Day Of Lords (Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures)

47) got a problem with spending before I get it/ We all self conscious I'm just the first to admit it ~All Falls Down (Kanye West - The College Dropout)

48) Now I can hold you close and I can squeeze you tight/ And I can make you cry for me both day and night ~Seventh Son (a lot of people)

49) Steady rockin' on y'alls boulevards/ And, lookin' hot without bodygaurds ~Hey Mama (Black Eyed Peas - Elephunk) I can't believe noone got this one!

50) She was a girl from Birmingham/ she just had an abortion ~Bodies (guessed by MacHeath)


Just list the next lyric with variable accuracy and you'll get a point. But not only that, you'll also be the envy of your friends and all the hot girls or guys will want you (or both even, tres chic!) *results may vary

53) You take your white finger/Slide the nail under the top and bottom buttons of my blazer/ Relax the fraying wool/ slacken ties ~The Dark Of The Matinee (guessed by AAA)

55) Hollow vacuum check the oxygen tanks/ They hibernate but have they kissed the ground/ Pucker Up And Kiss The Asphalt Now At The Drive-In (got by Cosgrove)

56) I want to rock your gypsy soul/ Just like way back in the days of old/Then magnificently we will float into the mystic ~Into The Mystic (guessed by AJDaGreat)

57) If I could do just one near perfect thing I'd be happy/ They'd write it on my grave, or when they scattered my ashes ~If She Wants Me (guessed by cannedheat19)

58) Not everyone in New York would pay to see Andrew Lloyd Webber... (look down to see AJ's answers and leave lazy stook alone) Crowded House - first song on Woodface (got by AJ)

61) The screen door slams, Mary's dress waves/ Like A Vision She Dances Across The porch ~Thunder Road (guessed by AJDaGreat)

62) people say I'm the life of the party/ Cus I Tell a joke or two ~Tracks Of My Tears (guessed by tdunnie)

63) Then you came along with your siren song, To tempt me to madness... -Lush Life (Got by Odysseus)

64) When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school/ It's a wonder I can think at all ~Kodachrome (guessed by cannedheat19)

65) I'd trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday/ Holdin' bobbie's body next to mine ~Me And Bobby McGee (guessed by cannedheat19)

66) Been invited on a date/ I might have gone, but what for/ I just couldn't bear it without you/ I don't get around much anymore (Guessed by jgandcag)

67) Sometimes you're the windshield/ Sometimes you're the bug ~The Bug (guessed in a total fluke by AJDaGreat) All hail AJ

68) Stopping at the log where catfish bite/ Walking along the river road at night ~Green River (guessed by jgandcag)

69) And I ain't got nobody/ I got some money 'cause I just got paid/ Now how I wish I Had someone to talk to/ I'm in an awful way ~Another Saturday Night (guessed by jgandcag)

70) Shareem don't like it/ Rock The Casbah! ~Same (Guessed by AAA)

71) Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be/ There's a shadow hanging over me ~Yesterday (guessed by AAA) definately the hardest one in the game

75) Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz/ If that ain't love then tell me what is/Well I lost my heart it didn't take no time ~Portland Oregon (Guessed by Xfanatic50)

76) There´s a new sensation, A fabulous creation, A danceable solution...b>(look down to see AJ's answers and leave lazy stook alone) Roxy Music - Do The Strand (got by AJ)

77) Well we sat on the edge of the river, the crowd scramed, "Sacrifice the liver!"/ If god takes life he's an Indian giver ~Bukowski (Guessed by Xfanatic50)

78) Sun lights up the daytime, Moon lights up the night/ And I light up when you call my name ~Fever (guessed by jgandcag)

82) Well listen here girls, I'm telling you now/ They call me lovin' Dan, I'll rock 'em, roll 'em all night long ~Sixty Minute Man (guessed by jgandcag)

83) Well, flying across the desert in a TWA, I saw a woman walkin' in the sand/ She'd be walking thirty miles en route to bombay...

84) Did you make disease and the diamond blue/ Did you make mankind after we made you?/And the Devil too! ~Dear God (guessed by xfanatic50))

85) He's got his arm around every man's dream and crumbs in his beard from the seafood special/ Oh can't you see my world is fallin' apart... -Leave The Biker (Got by Odysseus)

86) And if you give me weed, whites, and wine, and you show me a sign/ I'll be willin' to be movin'. ~Willing (Guessed by tdunnie)

87) I won't lose a friends by heeding God's call/ For what is a friend who'd want me to fall...

88) Daddy's rifle in my hand felt reassurin'/ He told me "Red means run, son, and numbers add up to nothing." ~Powderfinger (Guessed by tdunnie)

89) Walking with my baby, she got great big feet/ Long, lean and cranky and ain't had nothing to eat/ But she's my baby, I love her just the same/ I'm crazy about my baby 'cause...

90) Well, the train come in the station I looked her in the eye/ Well, I felt so sad and lonesome that I could not help but cry/ When the train left the station, it had two lights on behind ~Love In Vain (Guessed by AJDaGreat)

92) Don't it always seem to go/ That you don't know what you got till it's gone ~Big Yellow Taxi (Guessed by AAA)

96) Sail on silver girl, sail on by/ Your time has come to shine ~bridge over troubled water (guessed by cannedheat19)

98) neva forget that tha whip snapped ya back ya/ spine cracked for tobaco I'm the marlboro man... - People Of The Sun (Got by Odysseus)

99) The good people of the world are washing their cars/ On their lunch break, hosing and scrubbing/ As best they can in skirts in suits ~All I Wanna Do (guessed by riotgirl)

100) Don't be a hard rock, when you really are a gem/ Baby girl! Respect is just a minimum/ Nigga's f***ed up and you still defending him ~Doo Wop (That Thing) (guessed by riotgirl)

101) I'm the lead singer of my band/ I get all the girl to take of their underpants/ I'm the lead the singer of my band my salsa/ Makes all the pretty girls want to dance ~My Band (guessed by AAA)


51) So you hate me/ That's the way it goes/ What the f**k?...

52) Sometimes it seems that I don't have the skills to recollect/ The twists and turns of plot that turned us from lovers to friends/ I'm thinking I should take that volume back off the shelf...

54) A friend in need's a friend indeed/ A friend who bleeds is better...

59) Is this how it feels when you don't even fit ino your own skin? And it's getting tighter/ Every day I'm getting smaller/ If I keep holding my breath I'm going to dissapear/ there's nowhere to hide...

60) And I wanna buy me a pistol, wants me forty rounds of ball...

72) Been hangin' around with a good time friends of mine/ Hangin' around with a good time friends of mine/ Oh, they treat me very nice and kind...

73) I and I know those saying was wrong/ And that Rasta let them know their homeland and seek their culture...

74) Now that I've met you, would you object to...

79) When she'd walk down through the garden, in the morning, after it rained/ Peacocks wandered aimlessly, underneath an orange tree/ Why can't she see me?...

80) make you do right, love'll make you do wrong, make you want to dance...

81) I've killed all the mockingbirds/ I've wrestled the octopus...

91) Was I gay, till today...

93) Jupiter and Saturn Oberon Miranda/ And Titania Neptune Titan...

94) Soon there'll be candles, And prayers that I say I know/ But let them not weep,
Let them know/ That I'm glad to go...

95) The way I hug my pillow, No woman should, because...

97) Time for some action, just a fraction of friction/ I got the clearance to run the interference/ into your sattelite, shinin a battle light, swing out the gat, and I know that will gat ya right./ Here's an example, just a little sample...


AAA - 5
AJDaGreat - 8
cannedheat19 - 4
cmonster - 2
Cosgrove 1
eyebowl - 1
geek - 3
imposter - 3
jgandcag - A gigantic 18!!! how does he do it? :?)
MacHeath - 11 el mucho grande ;?)
Odysseus - 3
riotgirl - 2
Taryn - 2
tdunnie - 3
xfanatic50 - 4

21. Yet you're my favorite work of art
22. Just to watch him die

Some others are bugging me, but that'll do for now.

Do we have to guess the title and musician, too? That would really mess me up.

27. But diamonds are a girl's best friend

39. The baffled king composing Hallelujah

6. She's got a lot of pretty, pretty boys/ That she calls friends
(Hotel California - The Eagles)

31. To the lepers in your head?
(One - U2)

4. And she cries herself to sleep at night
5. Everybody thought that she was boring, so they never listened anyway
8. All your Sheep and your lillies of Snow
10. Are the bright morning stars of the barroom girls
29. With A deck of 51
41. Put a hundred down and buy a car
43. Gets full of corn and starts Bringing them down

I will answer some more later....

Do you like the game?
Too easy...too darn hard?
What do you want more of? (naked people isn't an answer) :?)
Have you ever played Where's Waldo?

Game is cool, som are easy (The ones I know) Some are hard (The ones i dont know).

A Naked Waldo? Some things are just wrong on many levels.

32. Wearing that same old funky dress. Try A little Tenderness. The movie is Bull Durham where Tim Robbins proves without a shadow of a doubt that acting was a better career choice than Baseball. He was pretty bad when actually playing the game.

45. air conditioned stomach makes her back bone slip

17. Your sense of Humor and your rugged good looks Little Angel, Little Brother

20. 50 feet queenie force ten hurricanes - 50 feet Queenie

26. That's why the lady is a tramp

25. Dress in style and go hog wild, me oh my oh Jambalaya

Yes. Just right. More songs I know would be nice. Yes.

14) Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail
24) None but ourselves can free our minds
26) That's why the lady is a tramp
32) Wearing the same miniskirt dress?
35) Who calls the english teacher "daddy-o"
40) Strike another match, go start anew
50) She just had an abortion

A stunning no to both Otis Redding answers, get outcha Dictionary Of Soul and listen to the man layin' it down. Yo! :?)

1) but gravity always wins (Radiohead)
16) ate all your razors while pulling on waiters (Bowie)

9 is Love'll Get You Like a Case of Anthrax... and that's something I don't want to catch. It's from Love Like Anthrax by Gang of Four.


18) Into your machine
28) And started walking to her coffee-colored Cadillac (what a description!)

42) the gal/girl from Ipanema goes walking...
(The Blues Brothers, and pretty much every John Landis film)

11. I don't even know why

Number 32) "wearing that same old shaggy dress"
- Try a Little Tenderness, Otis Redding

shaggy? why would a woman be wearing a shaggy dress?

Okay since noone has actually listened to this song and knows the word is shabby i'll give you three a point for effort. Good job peeps, buy Dictionary Of Soul NOW! :?)

I just listened to it few times and it sure sounds like "Shaggy", but what I really wanted to say was - what an amazingly fantastically brilliant song it is.

56. And together we will float into the mystic

P.S. This is a great idea for a game. I think I'll try my hand at this sometime soon.

75. Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz/ If that ain't love then tell me what is/Uh huh/Uh huh/Well I lost my heart, it didn't take me no time/That ain't all/I lost my mind in Oregon.

That's Portland Oregon by Loretta Lynn. An incredible song.

84. Did you make disease and the diamond blue/ Did you make mankind after we made you?/And the Devil too.

That one's Dear God by XTC,

good job X!



70. "rock the casbah!"..."Rock the Casbah" by The Clash

71. "there's a shadow hanging over me"..."Yesterday" by The Beatles

92. "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone/paved paradise and put up a parking lot"..."Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell

101. "and the lead singer of my band, my salsa makes all the pretty girls wanna dance"..."My Band" by D12

61. Like a vision, she dances across the porch as the radio plays

90. When the train left the station, it had two lights on behind

And I actually don't think I've ever heard #67 before, but I'm going to take a logical guess: "Sometimes you're the bug"?

DUDE! You're logical guess is totally correct. Holy snizzle YER nizzle!

tallyholy moses


57) If I could do just one near perfect thing I'd be happy.../They’d write it on my grave, or when they scattered my ashes. (Belle and Sebastian-- If She Wants Me)
64) When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school.../It’s a wonder that I can think at all. (Paul Simon)
65) I'd trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday.../to be holdin’ Bobby’s body next to mine (Janis Joplin- Me and Bobby McGhee)
96) Sail on silver girl, sail on by.../Your time has come to shine. (Simon and Garfunkel- Bridge over trouble water)

Nice job cannedheat19. Your post snuck up on me it seems.

4 for 4

I was wondering when the someone would get the Paul Simon.




53 is Franz Ferdinand's "Dark of the Matinee"! You know, I think you may have posted this before I had absorbed the album, and I kept wondering why that line in that song sounded familiar.

good catch, AAA.



77. Well we sat on the edge of the river, the crowd screamed "Sacrifice the liver!"/If God takes life, he's an Indian giver. So tell me now why you'll never tell me never.

That's from Bukowski by Modest Mouse.

You da Woman X.



82. I'll rock 'em, roll 'em, all night long
I'm a sixty minute man Billy Ward and The Dominoes

78. I light up when you call my name
And you know I’m gonna treat you right The Fever

66. I don't get around much anymore

68. Walking along the river road at night,
Barefoot girls dancing in the moonlight. Green River

69. Now how I wish I had someone to talk to I'm in an awful way. Another Saturday Night

Thats enough for now

Good to see you back jgandcag. I see you can still lay waste to these lyrics with aplomb.

5 for 5



62. 'Cause I tell a joke or two.
86. I'll be willin' to be movin'
88. He told me "Red means run, son, numbers add up to nothin'"

99. as best they can in skirts and suits. (If you need more, the next part is: They drive their shiny Datsuns & Buicks/back to the phone company or the record store @ two)
100. Niggas f@$%ed up and you still defendin 'em

Good job riotgirl. Glad to see someone get the Lauryn Hill.

2 for 2

Return an pick off a few more.

I'll have to change the wording above rules obviously.



Well, I got one from lbangs's long-forgotten lyric quiz, so I might as well try yours too...

58. May his trousers fall down as he bows to the queen and the crown

76. To teenage revolution - do the strand!

Right on both!

AJDaGreat indeed. I may actually have to continue my quiz with pictures. Hey wait! good idea. mmmmmmmmm sleepy. Donut. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.



Ooh, haven't seen this game in a while...

83) To meet a brown eyed handsome man (her destination was a...)

87) Others find pleasure in the things I despise/I like the Christian life

89) Caldonia is her name! (Caldonia! Caldonia! What makes your big head so hard? mop!)

63 I thought for a while that your poignant smile was tinged with the sadness of a great love for me ~Lush Life Have you heard the Johnny Hartman version of this with John Coltrane?
85 Baby please leave the biker, leave the biker, break his heart ~Leave the Biker
98 Our past blasting through the verses brigades of taxi cabs trolling broadway like hearses ~People of the Sun

Not that I've scanned the lines that have already been answered but if you like these three songs & artists then you have crispy taste. Very very crispy.

Right on all three, good job. Especially "Leave The Biker", must not be many Fountains Of Wayne lovers out there.

Yes I have heard Johnny Hartman/John Coltrane version, it's on one of my fave albums (shouldn't have to list the title).

Crispy like Kentucky Fried my friend. :?)



You're probably right about Fountains of Wayne. If you've ever heard Leave the Biker you will never forget his beard and the seafood special. I remember being enchanted the first time I heard the song.

I didn't much like Coltrane & Hartman when I first heard it. So I put it aside until I read that Johnny Hartman was Ella Fitzgerald's favorite vocalist. I put it on again and I don't remember what I was thinking... it's one of the greatest jazz albums of all time. And the perfect low-light romantic album. Such sweet amber pleasures... I have a handful of Hartman's other albums and even the cheese is fantastic (I've heard that there's a country album of his lurking out there somewhere.)

Goodness! I do miss RATM.

Crispy like lettuce. Tasty tasty lettuce.

It's rare to find albums of sweetly subtle jazz on such a high level. I seem to remember buying that album on a whim from a great CD store that's since closed down (along with Junior Wells - Hoodoo Man Blues) that was a great drive home.

But now you've got Audioslave!...Oh, wait...

Are you a fellow jazz connoiseur?



"There are only two kinds of music: good and bad." --Ellington

As for being a "connoisseur"... I try to leave that judgement to others. When we make teams in Jazz History 101 hopefully it won't be like field hockey and I'll be one of the first ones picked.

Rick Rubin is a pleasure, isn't he? [rhetorical]

Wonderful, that and Metallica's attrocious "Stanger" make him producer of the year.

What's with those little sticks in field hockey anyway, why couldn't you touch the ball with the round side? Weird game.

I however probably wouldn't get picked at all having said "What's the big about Louis Armstrong?" and that would be the last of me in Jazz History 101.



I've always preferred Sidney Bechet to Louis Armstrong, but I don't know nearly enough about jazz to defend myself on that front.

Any mentor of Johnny Hodges is all right by me.
Sidney Bechet was an excellent trailblazer.

Louis was the road.

You can hear Armstrong and Bechet go at it in some of I'm a Little Blackbird Looking For a Bluebird. [Full] Bechet was the first jazz artist (to my knowledge) called a genius by a "legitimate" musical authority, conductor Ernest Ansermet in 1919. Armstrong and Bechet were the only horn players who could give each other a run for their money for the greater part of the 20s.

Bechet's playing is incendiary on Coal Cart Blues while the musical drive is provided by Armstrong. You can just taste the fact that they were playing on a whole 'nother level than everyone else. To hear their sounds delineated more clearly listen to Mandy Make Up Your Mind where Bechet gives the only know jazz solo on the sarrusophone (double-reed member of the saxophone company, low in pitch... you'll know it when you hear it.)

How can you do justice to someone who terrified people out of picking up the soprano saxophone? As well as terrifying people in bars with gun and knife fights? John Coltrane started taking up the soprano sax only after Bechet had been dead for a couple years

For excellent recordings and knowledge about pre-1940s jazz hep yourself to this wonderful site.

Bechet was an absolute font of creativity and fiery emotion while it is Armstrong who was sui generis in his conception, execution and scope. But let me listen to Bechet cutting a Shag rug and I'll let you take me home.

Wow, thanks for writing the defense I was incapable of, and thanks for the links! That site is indeed wonderful, and I hope to find the time to spend lots of it (time, that is) there.

And good gravy, what a virtuoso display on Maple Leaf Rag, huh? Terrifying indeed (even without the guns and knives).

Great site! are there more where that came from.

Obviously you've got mucho jazz knowledge (definately more than mine) and a good understanding of the history as well (History 101 definately not the last on the team). Me, I'm just a listener, if it don't please my eardrums I'm onto another artist. I find myself dissapointed in Armstrong's music, although Hot Fives and Sevens disc 3 & Plays W.C. Handy grab me by the short and curlies. He has a certain clinicalness that doesn't appeal. However, having said that I adore his backup on Bessie's recordings. That said, historical importance aside, I prefer Fats Waller.

Wynton Marasalis seems to think he's the best thing that ever happened to jazz, so he certainly doesn't need my support.

As for Bechet, I may have to pull out the CD's and give 'em another listen. He's been packed away with Bix in the to be sorted later boxes.



Off the top of my head (aided by a run-through of my jazz bookmarks) there's really only one site that's as enticing and welcoming as the site above. If you know even the least little smidge of jazz it's addictamazing. Even if you know less than than a smidge you really must watch A Great Day in Harlem. All I ask is an hour of your time. Is that too much to pay for a lifetime of memories?

What really touches me about Art Kane's still photograph is that everyone's personality is on display. The one in the white jacket. The one not facing the camera and the one responsible for it. The three ones in a man's world. The one on the curb. And the ones who drum. It's the greatest collection of composers ever assembled. In any city. At any time. In any genre.

Fats Waller was/is tremendous and, historical importance front and center, was important. If you like him then you'll probably like Willie "The Lion" Smith and James P. Johnson as well as their protege Duke Ellington. Waller gets a little bit of short shrift for being "The Clown Prince" of piano. People so often dismiss humour and exuberance as inconsequential and inferior. Louis Armstrong suffers from that and the fact that he performed for almost half a century.

By the end of his career all that remained of Louis Armstrong in the popular culture was "Hello, Dolly," "Mack the Knife" and "What a Wonderful World." This is akin to Mozart being remembered for nothing beyond "The Magic Flute." Among many things that have been forgotten is the fact that his West End Blues arrived like a thunderbolt from Jove. If Ken Burns' Jazz documentary did nothing else it insured that the names "Louis Armstrong" and "Duke Ellington" are now permanently accompanied by the word "genius."

I fervently believe that if you "like" jazz, any kind of "jazz," then you love (early) Louis Armstrong. The best analogy that I have is: If you "like" Monet and "Impressionism" then you love Manet... no matter how long it takes to work your way back to the source...

...and Bix worshipped, absolutely worshipped Louis Armstrong.

Once again, thanks for the copious links and resources! I would have replied earlier, but I've been having too much fun with too much jazz, if such a thing is possible.

I saw A Great Day in Harlem and liked it quite a bit. Quite a bit more than Ken Burns' Jazz, actually. As little as I know about jazz, it still felt to me like it was more "Wynton Marsalis's Jazz" rather than "Ken Burns' Jazz." Not that either of them are wrong to revere Armstrong and Ellington; I just felt rather beaten about the head and neck by the two of them (or was if the four of them?).

I finally got around to reading this and I thought about you. [I passed a shadowy lane...]

Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius, has written more about Louis, Duke, Wynton and Burnsie

Woohoo, JIM over here, look above me. :?)

(just in case you didn't catch it)

Yup, I caught it, loved it, and am just now finding time to post it to the front page. Should be there in two shakes...

Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius, has to returned writing and is beginning regain his old form.
Not to rub it in, but this is what Johnny Dodds looks like. This is what Earl "Fatha" Hines looks like. And this is what Keith Jarret looks like and, more importantly, sounds like. All just part of a great cast.

Particularly liked this bit from your "returned" link:

It goes without saying that, since a myriad of foods are allowed, portion control becomes very important. Here is where the Jazz Diet sets itself apart from every other plan. Instead of carefully measuring each and every meal, the Jazz Diet allows you to load your plate till your heart's content. But, you must eat while listening to jazz and you can only eat at certain, prescribed moments. For instance, if you're listening to Free Jazz, you can only eat when they play a recognizable melody. If you're listening to anything but Fusion, you can only eat during the bass solo. If you're listening to Smooth Jazz, the overwhelming nausea should be sufficient to keep you from eating much of anything and keeping it down.

Prepare for another pummeling.

Find out what you like.

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What I find I like the best.

Well, if anyone's still paying attention, #55 ends with "Pucker up and kiss the asphault now."