Black Sabbath: If there were a best of for 1983-1995


Fans don't seem to pay much attention to these years. I'm not badmouthing Ozzy but he's all I hear about. Sabbath during the 80's and 90's were much more creative, heavier and more enjoyable to listen to. I can judge, I own and enjoy all 18 BS albums. Sadly, no best of collection of these years will ever be made. So lets make one. 2 discs, 16 song each, 4 from the 10 albums, from born again to forbidden.

Disc 1

1.Disturbing The Priest
2.The Dark
3.Zero The Hero
4.Born Again
5.No Strange To Love
6.Sphinx (The Guardian)
7.Seventh Star
8.In Memory...
9.The Shining
10.Aincient Warrior
11.Scarlet Pimpernel
12.Eternal Idol
13.The Gates Of Hell
14.Headless Cross
15.When death Calls

Disc 2

1.Anno Mundi
2.The Sabbath Stones
3.The Battle Of Tyr
4.Feels Good To Me
5.Computer God
6.After All (The Dead)
7.Master Of Insanity
8.Too Late
9.Cross Of Thorns
10.Immaculate Deception
11.Dying For Love
12.Cardinal Sin
13.The Illusion Of Power
14.I Won't Cry For You
16.Kiss Of Death

Now Mkae Yours. Also, List your top 5 1983-1995 era Sabbath albums. Hopefully this era will get more fans.