Baseball, Best Players of all time by position


C: Carlton Fisk (The orininal Pudge)
P: Christy Matthewson (Greatest clutch pitcher of all time)
1B: Mark Mcgwire (A modern Idol)
2B: Rodgers Hornsby (Legend)
SS: Ozzie Smith (No other SS comes close to his amazing ability to make plays)
3B: Wade Boggs (on 3000th hit hits a HR, true sign of greatness)
LF: Barry Bonds (Maybe considerd forty years from now as the greatest ballplayer of all time)
CF: Willy Mays/Mickey Mantle (I wish i was Alive to see thease to play in the fiftys)
RF: Ted Williams (Hit man)
DH: Babe Ruth (Everyone knows him more than sixty years after he retired)

you may notice i put Ted as a rf instead of left i just had to include the greatest hitter of all time...
any complaints complain plaese...

I can't argue with your outfield, although I may subsitute Ty Cobb, asshole behavior and all, for Mantle. However, Pudge Fisk is a HOFer because of his work ethic and longevity, but he's by no means better than Berra, or in today's generation, Ivan Rodriguez or Mike Piazza. My third baseman is a toss-up between Mike Schmidt and George Brett. Oh, and who's your reliever?

I think these lists should include 25 players, since 25 make a roster, not 9 positions. Hence, you'd see more pitchers and other outfielders that usually don't make these lists.

By the way, you're not from New England, are you???

No right now i am in college at Purdue and i am a Die hard Giants fan (darn Angels)...I can see how your would think i am from new england putting the red sox's greatest catcher there i put him in front of Yogi mostly because Fisk basically was a lone leader for the red sox during his tenur and basically was a sole leader for the red sox, yogi played with some of the greatest leaders of all time and didnt carry a whole team on his shoulders, definite great though, As for a releiver I would have to go with the all time save leader Lee Smith. You have good points though...

hmmm. you wanna do that? sounds good to me. that way I can hedge my bets and include some of today's drug-addled behemoths.

seriously. I like the 25-man roster thing. I'll have to work on mine. managers, too, right?

The 25 man roster thing is a good idea, earlier this year I read in a baseball preveiw magazine of a writer who complained about how the Baseball Hall of Fame Is overcrowed and has lost it's initial purpose of only recognizing the greatest players, he also proposed to shorten the Hall of fame's list to 25 players much like your proposal.

In regard to managers, it is a good idea however some managers are blessed with a great team right when they start their tenor, For a manager to be a true great he must bring a team out of last place and make them a dynasty.