AJ's Daily Rut

And you think that your life is boring.


10:10 am - Alarm clock wakes me up, I hit the snooze button.
10:20 - I drag myself out of bed, and into the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth
10:45 - I towel off and put on clothes
10:54 - I leave my dorm and head over to economics
11:02 - I get to economics two minutes late
11:50 - I leave economics and head over to the dining hall, 1920 Commons
12:00 - I get to 1920 Commons and start picking up food
12:07 - I start eating
12:35 - I leave 1920 Commons and head over to the computer lab at Huntsman Hall
12:55 - I leave the computer lab and start heading to OPIM (operations and info management)
12:59 - I get to OPIM one minute early
1:50 - I leave OPIM and start heading back to my dorm
2:00 - I get back to my dorm and commence doing nothing. This is usually when I spend a good amount of time on Listology, listening to music, snacking, etc.
4:55 (Monday only) - I start heading over to my film 101 screening - or if I've already seen the film, I might just skip it
5:02 (Monday) - I get to the screening two minutes late, find they've already started the film, stumble around in the dark, and eventually sit down to watch the film
5:15 (Friday only) - I head over to Hillel for Shabbat services
6:30 (Friday) - Finished services, I go downstairs eager for dinner, only to be held up by people who are trying to socialize.
6:40 (Wednesday) - I go back to 1920 Commons for dinner
6:45 (Wednesday/Friday) - I finally get to start dinner
7:00 (Monday) - The film is over. I head over to 1920 Commons for dinner.
7:25 (Wednesday) - I finish dinner and head back to my dorm
7:40 (Monday) - I finish dinner and head back to my dorm
8:00 (Friday) - I finish dinner and head back to my dorm
Afterwards (Monday/Wednesday) - I make some attempt at doing homework. Eventually I just start hanging out with my roommates, or if not, I go back to doing nothing on my computer.
Afterwards (Friday) - I try to find something social to do. If I fail, I come back and hang out with people in my hall. Or if they're not here either, I'll do nothing on my computer as a last resort.
2:00 am (Monday/Wednesday) - I brush my teeth and go to bed.
3:00 am (Friday) - I brush my teeth and go to bed.

Tuesday/Thursday (coming soon)

Great idea.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment!

Ha! This is a little outdated, I'm afraid, although it is a painstakingly accurate reconstruction of what my routine was like four years ago, in the second semester of my freshman year. I honestly have no idea why I thought people would be interested in this list when I created it, but I'm flattered if somewhat confused that it has actually sparked a few comments today.

My life is not nearly so precisely scheduled now. Every weekday I get up at 8:45, work at my internship from 10am to somewhere between 6pm and 7pm (getting lunch at 1pm), and then either hang out with friends, see a movie, or just do something low-key back at my apartment. Weekends are even more unpredictable.

School is worse than this, and I wake at seven :P