Books Read 11.15.10 - 11.15.11

  1. The Invisible Man- H.G. Wells
  2. A Study in Scarlet- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  3. The Man Who Was Thursday- G.K Chesterton
  4. The Last Interview- Roberto Bolano (Chile)
  5. Silas Marner- George Eliot
  6. The Call of the Wild- Jack London
  7. The Mayor of Casterbridge- Thomas Hardy
  8. The Long Walk- Slavomir Rawicz
  9. First Love- Ivan Turgenev (Russia)
  10. An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris- Georges Perec (French, amazing!)
  11. With Speed and Violence- Fred Pearce (global warming)
  12. Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself- David Lipsky (road book with DFW)
  13. Eugenie Grandet- Honore de Balzac (French)
  14. In Europe: Travels Through the 20th Century- Geert Mak (Dutch, brilliant!)
  15. Why Read the Classics?- Italo Calvino (Italian)
  16. 2084: An Oral History of the Great Warming- James Powell
  17. Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte
  18. Smoke Bellew- Jack London
  19. A Little History of the World- E. H. Gombrich
  20. The Pale King- David Foster Wallace
  21. The Coming Insurrection- The Invisible Committee (this will rile you up)
  22. The Next Decade- George Friedman
  23. In the Garden of Beasts- Erik Larson
  24. Between Parentheses- Roberto Bolano (Chile)
  25. Tropics of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence- Christian Parenti
  26. Antwerp- Roberto Bolano (Chile)
  27. Bonsai- Alejandro Zambra (Chile)
  28. Exercises in Style- Raymond Queneau (French)
  29. Lands of Memory- Felisberto Hernandez (Uruguay)
  30. Conquered City- Victor Serge (French)
  31. Exit the King- Eugene Ionesco (French/Romanian)
  32. Klausen- Andreas Maier (German)
  33. Microscripts- Robert Walser (German)
  34. Soap- Francis Ponge (French)
  35. Detective Story- Imre Kertesz (Hungarian)
  36. On the Celing- Eric Chevillard (French, amazing)
  37. Journey Into the Past- Stefan Zweig (Austrian)
  38. Germania- Tacitus
  39. Rough Winds: Extreme Weather and Climate Change- James Powell
  40. Blood Meridian- Cormac McCarthy
  41. Treasure Island- Robert Louis Stevenson
  42. Not Knowing: The Essays and Interviews- Donald Barthelme
  43. The Missing of the Somme- Geoff Dyer
  44. The Train Was On Time- Heinrich Boll (German)
  45. At the New Yorker- George Steiner
  46. McTeague- Frank Norris
  47. The Faster I Walk, the Smaller I Am- Kjersti Skomsvold (Norway)
  48. The Sextine Chapel- Herve Le Tellier (French, OULIPO)
  49. The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise- Georges Perec (French, OULIPO)
  50. Upstaged- Jacques Jouet (French, OULIPO)

Which is your favorite read so far this year?

Probably The Pale King, although it does just end... In Europe was an amazing read as well.