Some horror/disturbing/gory/violent/exploitation/shocking movies I'm watching these days


I'm actually not a big fan of the horror movies. But I was when I was younger, and I was using every chance to see a good horror, especially when my parents got away for a weekend and left me home alone. I used to watch some movies that were not so scary (but they were scary to me at the time), such as Scream, Friday The 13th series, Halloween series and some other 80-ies slashers.
Now, since my parents gone away on holiday for 2 weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to renew the old tradition and to see at least one horror per night. This time I'm after some real action and much harder and gorier stuff, since the above mentioned movies don't scare me that much now.

VACANCY (2007)
Date of viewing: 28.7.2007.
Rating: R
Why? Well, I had to start with something lighter. My friend recommended me this, since he saw it in the theatre and said it's very thrilling. This is not really a horror, more like a scary thriller.
Story: Divorcing couple is driving to one of their parent's party to announce their divorce. They take off the highway, their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and they end up in a scary motel. In the room they find snuff tapes recorded in the rooms of the motel. They realize that the creepy owner of the motel and his gang are killing and filming their victims, and that they are going to be the next if they don't escape. They run through the underground tunnel to the motel lobby, and then again to one of the rooms. The guy gets stabed, while the woman watches everything from the hiding place. The next day she escapes from the room, gets in the car and kills two bad guys at once in the car crash. After that she goes to the lobby, fights with the motel manager and kills him with the gun at the end. Her husband survives, and their marriage is probably saved (the movie ends abruptly so we don't see that).
Effect: This is not really a bloodfest or anything, but I was a little scared at the beginning when they find the tapes. As the movie progressed, the fear had gone and at the end I was feeling like I watched some drama.
Goriest/scariest scene: The snuff tapes are in fact the scariest thing in the whole movie. They look so real and the killers in it are really scary.
Gory & scary factor: 1/5 & 3/5

HOSTEL (2005)
Date of viewing: 29.7.2007.
Rating: Unrated
Why? This one was on everyone's list as one of the best new horrors on the market, so I just had to see it. And the story sounded very interesting...
Story: Two American students are travelling across the Europe with their friend from Iceland, and they are mainly looking for girls. They want to go to Barcelona, but the Russian guy in Amsterdam tells them that the easiest and the best looking girls are in Slovakia. They decide to go there, and on the train they meet a very strange Dutch businessman, who shows interest in one of the Americans. After they arrive in Slovakia, they check in the hostel and find two beautiful girls in their room. But they don't know that these two girls and the girl from reception are connected with the Russian guy, and that they're planning to sell them to the mafia, who are making possible for the rich businessmans to come and kill the victims for a big money. Shortly after the first guy (from Iceland) disappears, the second guy and one Japanese woman also dissapear and the main guy is left alone. He searches for them, and eventually ends up in abandoned building, where the girl from their room sells him to the mafia. There, he finds out that the weird Dutch guy from the train killed his friend. After the short torture from a German killer (who cut off his two fingers with a chainsaw), he escapes and saves the Japanese girl who is also in the building. Escaping in the car, they kill the two girls from the room and the Russian guy on the road. On the train station, girl sees her reflection in the mirror (she lost her eye) and decides to kill herself by jumping under a train. The main guy manages to get into the train, where he hears the voice of his friend's murderer (Dutch guy). When he arrives on the station in Austria, the main guy follows him to a toilet, where he cuts off his two fingers and kills him. The movie ends with the main guy leaving the station in the train.
Effect: Although this movie is much bloodier and scarier than Vacancy, it didn't scare me that much as i expected. Even during the bloodiest scenes I kept my eyes wide open and at some points I even laughed. Can't wait to see the sequel...
Goriest/scariest scene: Definitely when the main guy has to cut the girl's optic nerve (her eye is dangling from the socket).
Gory & scary factor: 4/5 & 4/5

Date of viewing: 30.7.2007.
Rating: Unrated
Why? Still don't know why. Couple of months ago I was searching for the sickest movies and I found out that this one is one of the sickest out there. At first, I didn't want to see it, because I thought it's gonna be too much for me since people who saw it said it looks awfully realistic. And I hate that in horrors. But since I'm having this "horror week" and I want to scare myself to death, I decided to see it.
Story: There is no story here. Three guys kidnap a poor girl and torture her to death. Supposedly, they want to test on her the levels of human endurance. First they beat her, then torture her for 24h with white noise, then burn her skin with oil, then throw the maggots and animal guts on the burned skin, then smash her hand with a hammer and, finally, they put a sharp needle through her eye which pierces across her retina.
Effect: Eh, what to say? This is the sickest movie I've ever seen, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I'm feeling sick throught the whole day...
Goriest/scariest scene: The needle scene. Vary graphic and very awful.
Gory & scary factor: 5/5 & 4/5

Date of viewing: 31.7.2007.
Rating: Unrated
Why? Again word of mouth. But people who recommended me this movie just said it's good, great or the best horror in last 10 years. They didn't tell me how scary it really is, so I expected something completely different.
Story: Six women set out to explore the cave in Appalachian Mountains. One of them (Sarah) lost her husband and daughter last year, so the leader of the trip (Juno) takes them to unexplored cave, instead of the cave they had planned to explore, in an effort to reunite the group after the tragedy. Things start to go wrong because a collapse traps them deep underground and one of the girls breaks a leg. On top of that, Sarah discovers that they're not alone down there. Soon, the bloodthirsty creatures start to attack them, and we find out they're the main reason why the cave is still unexplored. So the women have to find a way out and fight these creatures. During the one of the fights, Juno accidentally kills Beth, Sarah's best friend, and leaves without knowing that she's still alive. She is later found by Sarah, and she tells her that Juno injured her and that she was also sleeping with her husband. At the end only Sarah and Juno survive, but they have to fight the last group of creatures to reach the possible exit. They manage to kill them all, but then Sarah reveals to Juno that she knows about Juno's affair with her husband, stabs Juno in the leg and leaves. Fleeing, Sarah falls down a shaft, and is knocked unconscious. She dreams of finding the exit to the cave and escaping. The sight of a bloodied Juno startles Sarah from her dream. Screaming, she awakes, still in the cave, hallucinating that her daughter is there with her. The creatures' screams are heard as the film ends (I stole this last part from Wiki).
Effect: As I already said, I didn't expect something so bloody and scary, so I was even more frightened during the scariest scenes. Interestingly, the first half hour of this movie is so slow and boring that I wanted to turn it off at some point. But I'm glad I haven't. Also, this movie is not only scary, but confusing as hell. It's too dark, so during some of the scenes you can't see where they're going or what they're doing. Plus, this Insanity theory appeared, which says that monsters didn't really exist and that Sarah either killed or left her friends to die. The sequel is on its way, so we'll hopefully find out what really happened.
Goriest/scariest scene: The creature jumps on one of the girls, bites off her head and spits it out. Very graphic...
Gory & scary factor: 5/5 & 5/5

Date of viewing: 1.8.2007.
Rating: Unrated
Why? I've read in some magazine that this movie is one of the most banned movies ever, with more than 60 countries who banned it upon its release. Is there a better invitation?
Story: Professor Harold Moore travels to Amazon Rainforest with the two local guides and a captured cannibal to find out what happened to Alan Yates' documentary film crew, which disappeared a year ago in attempt to film a documentary about two cannibal tribes. The group is not welcomed upon their arrival to village, but professor soon earns trust of the tribe members and exchanges the tape recorder (which fascinated the tribe members) for the reels of footage that the missing film team shot. He gets back to New York, and with executives of some broadcast company who want to air the Yates' crew documentary, watches the reels. The first half of the footage shocks them all, and they realize that the Yates' crew commited terrible crimes against the tribe members. But the executives still want to air the documentary, so professor decides to show them the bloodiest parts of footage which only he has seen: gang rape of the tribe girl, killing of the crew member, tribe girl impaled on a pole, gang rape and behead of the girl from the crew and, finally, Alan Yates' death. The executives are left speechless in shock and one of them orders the footage to be destroyed.
Effect: I managed to get an uncut version of this movie, which is still banned in many countries. After I saw some reviews (AsColdAsIce's among others), I thought it's gonna be too much for me, but it seems like yesterday's The Descent hardened me a little so I had no problem watching it.
Goriest/scariest scene: It's really hard to choose, but I'll go with the one where a tribe member performs a ritual in which he penetrates a woman with a knife and some spiky object, and kills her by smashing her head with a rock.
Gory & scary factor: 5/5 & 3/5

THE THING (1982)
Date of viewing: 2.8.2007.
Rating: R
Why? I've heard a lot of good things about The Thing, and John Carpenter in general. Actually, I've already seen some of his movies, but except original Haloween and Vampires (if you can call it a horror), I don't think I've seen any of his horrors. So this is a perfect chance.
Story: A Norwegian Antarctic scientific expedition is wiped out by an alien creature. After that, one of the sled dogs gets back in American Antarctic research station from that very place. Soon, the crew discovers that an alien, which took the shape of the dog occupied their station, and that it can take the form of every human or animal it physically contacts. "The Thing" starts to infect and kill the crew members, so the rest of the crew, leaded by R.J. MacReady, find that "The Thing" could destroy the whole life on earh if they don't stop it right away. They destroy the transport device that "The Thing" was building, but finally they realize that the only effective way to stop it is to burn down the whole station, so that "The Thing" can't freeze down and deefreeze again in the spring. After the big fire, only MacReady and one crew member survive, but even then they aren't sure they killed it.
Effect: I had to watch this one in two parts, because I fell asleep yeasterday watching it. Not because it's boring or anything, but there just wasn't enough violence to keep me awake (and I was pretty tired too). But this is by no means a bad horror. Quite on contrary: this is a great horror, and a great movie in general. Great directing, great acting, great plot and some really cool special effects. Too bad I watched it right after Cannibal Holocaust, because I have a feeling that nothing can really surprise me after CH. Thanks again for the recommendation, dao_tao!
Goriest/scariest scene: The doctor is elctroshocking a guy, but the guy's stomach suddenly opens up, and the giant teeth bite off doctor's hands. Hideous creature with a disgusting head comes out, but MacReady lights his ass on fire with a flamethrower.
Gory & scary factor: 3/5 & 3/5

Date of viewing: 3.8.2007.
Rating: Unrated
Why? Well, just because CaptMal recommended it. Otherwise, I'm not sure I would see it. I've never heard of it, but I've done a little research and found that this movie is somewhat a classic. Some people even call it the best horror ever made, and it currently has a rating of 7.5 on IMDB (which is pretty high for a horror).
Story: Five college students are spending the weekend in a cabin in the woods of Tennessee. They find The Book Of The Dead and a tape, which plays demonic incantations from the book and thus unleashes an evil force from the woods. The evil gets in one girl, she becomes a zombie and starts to attack the rest of the group. Soon, the whole gang is infected except Ash, who has to kill all of his friends to survive. He manages to kill two girls, but the third girl and a guy capture and almost kill him. Eventually he saves himself by throwing the book in the fireplace. The final scene of the film, which takes place at the break of dawn, shows an evil spirit bearing down on Ash. At that moment, the frame blacks out for the closing titles.
Effect: This movie would be scary as hell if it wasn't so ridiculous. I mean, it's a real bloodfest (especially towards the end), but the acting is unconvincing and the make up is so bad and cheesy that I was laughing during the goriest scenes. But I can see why people were so scared and disgusted when it first came out.
Goriest/scariest scene: The zombie girl jumps on Ash, but he beheads her with a shovel. Her beheaded body falls down on Ash, and blood starts to gush from her neck all over his face.
Gory & scary factor: 5/5 & 2/5

I have so little free time on my hands (I can watch 1 or 2 movies per week max), so you can imagine my joy when I found out I'm getting 4 days off. And since today is Halloween, I decided to spend this 5 days watching Halloween series and remembering good old days. I'll try to see all 8 movies, without new Rob Zombie remake.
Halloween movies are not that scary or violent, so I'm not going to pick goriest/scariest scene or rate goriness/scariness of the movie. However, there will be a grade, which will include the overall atmosphere, music, acting, screaming... So let's review some:

Date of viewing: 31.10.2007.
Story: The movie starts on Halloween night 1963, when young Michael Myers kills his sister with a large knife wearing a mask he found in the house. He is locked up in psychiatric care facility, but 15 years later (again on Halloween), he escapes with his psychiatrist's (Dr. Loomis') car and returns to Haddonfield, his home town. There, he starts to stalk Laurie Strode, during and after the school. The real action starts later that day, in the evening, when Laurie and her friend go babysitting in the neighbourhood. Michael sees the opportunity, and starts his killing spree. He first kills Annie, Laurie's friend who is babysitting across the street, and then Laurie's another friend Lynda, together with her boyfriend Bob. Right before her death, Lynda calls Laurie, but all that Laurie hears is moaning caused by the strangulation. Laurie suspects that something is wrong, and decides to walk into the house across the street. There she discovers her dead friends, and Michael, who starts to pursue and attack her. She runs back into the first house, and stabs Michael with a needle, hanger and a knife, but fails to kill him. Finally, Michael's psychiatrist Dr. Loomis, who is chasing him since he escaped from the hospital, appears, and shoots him with a gun. Unfortunately for them, seems like Michael survived, cause his body disappears at the end of the movie.
Effect: I really liked this original Halloween. The first time I watched it, it was even better. Music is great (theme song composed by Carpenter himself is now legendary) and really works great in some scenes. Young Jamie Lee Curtis is good too, but her friends are annoying as hell (especially "totally" girl). Overall, classic horror movie, but maybe too soft for today's horror fans.

Date of viewing: 1.11.2007.
Story: Halloween 2 continues where original one left off. After he sees that Michael's body is missing, Dr. Loomis goes after him around the town, and Laurie is taken to the hospital. There, she experiences flashbacks of her visit to young Michael in the Smith's Grove sanatorium. At the same time, Dr. Loomis seeks for Michael, who is spreading death around the hospital, but he's interrupted by his assistant who wants to take him back to the Smith's Grove. On the way to the sanatorium, Dr. Loomis finds out that Laurie is Michael's sister, and realizes that Michael won't stop his rampage until he kills Laurie. They take back to the hospital, where first Dr. Loomis, and then Laurie shoot a dozen bullets at Michael's body, but don't succeed to kill him. At the end, Dr. Loomis fills the hospital room with gas, tells Laurie to get out, and blows up both Michael and himself.
Effect: This sequel is not that bad either, but some things have changed regarding predecessor. And in a bad way. For example, some scenes are quite long and uninteresting, like one where we have to wait for 10 minutes to see electritian being killed. Also, Michael got more screen time, which decreases the thrill and shock factor. The good thing is that number of murders increased, from 3 to more than 10 in this instalment. So, this is not your typical inferior sequel, but original is still the original.

Date of viewing: 2.11.2007.
Story: Shop owner Harry is chased and hurt by a couple of men in suits. He is transferred to the hospital, and placed under the care of Dr. Challis. Right before he's killed in a hospital room by a man in the suit, Harry tells Dr. Harry: "They are gonna kill us all". That invokes suspicion in Dr. Challis, so after he meets Harry's daughter Ellie, they begin an investigation, which leads them to mysterious little town Santa Mira. That town is run by a certain Conal Cochran, who owns Silver Shamrock factory which manufactures masks for Halloween. After Ellie disappears, Dr. Challis starts to search her and ends up in factory, where he finds out about Chochran's evil plan to kill all the children who will wear his mask, by means of the chip on the back side of the mask and a commercial that will run at the 9PM on halloween. Challis manages to rescue Ellie and destroy the factory, but in car he realizes that Cochran swapped Ellie with an android, so he has to kill her (it). The movie ends up with a scene where Challis succeeded to convince the network manager to remove the commercial from every channel but one.
Effect: The only thing I liked about this instalment is the end. And not just becuase I couldn't wait for the movie to end, but also because the last scene is so powerful and hopeless that you must love it. In it, we see all doctors effort and hard work falling to pieces just because one manager didn't want to remove the commercial from the tv. Besides that, this movie is weaker than the first two, and I have a feeling that it will be the weakest of the whole series. There is no Michael, no Laurie, and the only link with the first two are activities, which are happening before and on Halloween. And I really hate when I fall asleep during the movie. And I fell during this one. Twice.

Date of viewing: 3.11.2007.
Story: 10 years passed since horrible events happened in Haddonfield, on Halloween 1978. Michael Myers survived a gas explosion, and on the way to the Smith's Grove he wakes from coma, finds out that Laurie is dead, but her 8 years old daughter (and his niece) is adopted and lives in Haddonfield. Michael again starts a killing spree, and arrives in his home town right on Halloween. His main goal is to kill Jamie, but Dr. Loomis (who also survived an explosion) and the whole police department try to stop him. Michael manages to kill the majority of the police officers, but at the end the sheriff, together with a group of angry citizens catches and shoots him relentlessly. He falls into an abandoned mine shaft, and sheriff throws a dynamite on him. Finally free, Jamie back home becames possessed, puts a mask on her face (just like Michael back in 1963) and stabs her foster mother.
Effect: After the third part, which had nothing to do with the first two parts, we come back to original story. Michael is here again, Dr. Loomis is here, Laurie is gone, but her daughter is here, and she is the most controversial character in this story. Throughout the whole movie, everybody takes care of her, hides and defends her from Michael. Finally, when she gets through all that, she practically converts to Michael and stabs her mother. And exactly that, last scene, where we see her wearing a mask and holding the bloody scissors, is definitely the most shocking scene in the whole series. The rest of the movie is also very good, so this part deservedly takes the second position on the list.

Date of viewing: 3.11.2007.
Story: Just like the second movie, this one too starts with the repeating of the last scenes from the previous movie. Even though it seems that Michael is destroyed with a dynamite, he crawls out from the shaft, and finds some hick, who decides to take care of Michael. One year after that, Michael wakes up from the coma, kills the hick and sets out to Haddonfield. Meanwhile, Jamie lives in the hospital, can't speak but has a telepathic link with her uncle. Dr. Loomis observes her, and tries to catch Michael via her. Michael comes to town and starts to kill again: first he kills Jamie's sister, then her friend and a lot of other people. He finds Jamie in his house, but Dr. Loomis appears, saves her and captures Michael. He is taken by the police and imprisoned in a cell, but a mysterious man in black appears and drops a bomb in the police station, which kills all police officers. Jamie goes over to Michael's cell and sees that Michael is gone.
Effect: 4th part ended so thrilling and exciting that I just had to watch the next part right away, expecting a movie of the same quality. Unfortunately, I witnessed the worst instalment in which Michael appears. The plot is weak, some actions and decisions of characters (like an attempt to play on Michael's feelings) are incomprehensible, and the worst of all, the hottest actress dies way too quickly. Also, the appearance of the Man In Black is not really understandable, but I have a feeling we'll find out more about him in the next part.

Date of viewing: 4.11.2007.
Story: It's been 6 years since the last bloody Halloween, and 6 years since Jamie, Michael and Man In Black disappeared. The day before Halloween Jamie gives birth to a son, and escapes with him from some dungeon where she, her baby and Michael were kept by the druids. However, Michael sets off after her, and kills her on the way to Haddonfield. Baby is however saved by Tommy, the kid who Laurie babysitted in the original. Tommy, who is now a young man, brings baby into his room. There, he also places Kara Strode, relative of Laurie, and her son Danny. Unfortunately, Man In Black and his druids appear again and take away the baby, Kara and Danny to Smith's Grove. There, they try to make some evil procedure which involves Danny and the baby, but Michael appears and kills all participants. Kara and Tommy take advantage of the situation and take out the baby. Michael catches them up, but Tommy beats him up with some stick and the syringe. Dr. Loomis, who arrived in Smith's Grove with Tommy, but was unconscious the whole time they were in it, carries out the whole crew, but after they're safe, he returns to finish Michael. At the end, we hear a scream, which probably means that Michael is still alive and he just killed the doctor.
Effect: After the catastrophic 5th part, I had a feeling that every subsequent part will be worse than the last one. But this one pleasantly surprised me, inasmuch as with good and pretty complicated story (which includes some symbol called Thorn, a curse, the druids and little Danny (I'm still confused about his role in this whole story), but also with the comeback of Tommy, who ends up as a main hero at the end. Also, we can't ignore the great acting of the guy who played Tommy, along with a standard great performance by Donald Pleasence, who played Dr. Loomis (and who died just months after this movie has been shot). So to summarize: great movie, great acting, great plot. One of the best sequels, just a bit inferior to original.

Date of viewing: 4.11.2007.
Story: Laurie Strode, Michae's sister and the only girl that survived Halloween 1978 massacre is now living in California under the name Keri Tate. She's a teacher and has a 17 yeas old son John, who is also her student. On the 20th anniversary of the tragic events, Michael arrives in California, and starts to kill her students, who didn't go to the school trip. Only John and his girlfriend escape, and get back to his mother house. Michael catches them up, and kills Laurie's boyfriend and her guard. Laurie, John and his girlfriend manage to escape from the house, but Laurie returns into the house, and tries to kill Michael for good. She stabs him couple of times and pushes him off a balcony. It seems that Michael is dead, but Laurie knows that he'll wake up once more, so she steals the ambulance with Michael in it. Michael wakes up, but Laurie throws him out from the ambulance. In an attempt to run him over, they fall down a cliff, and Michael remains trapped between a tree and the ambulance. He's still alive, but Laurie comes up and chops his head off with an axe.
Effect: Not bad at all. If we ignore the fact that this movie completely ignores the 4th, 5th and the 6th part of the series. I don't know what are the reasons for this decision, but if they decided that it's better this way than be it. Apart from that, this is really dynamic and exciting movie. There isn't that much gore as in the last part, and the killings are pretty unoriginal, but some scenes are pretty scary. Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing in the role of Laurie, and she is even hotter than 20 years ago. And the last scene is exactly what I've been waiting for since the original: someone chopping off Michael's head. Because let's face it, it's the only way to stop him. This could be the perfect ending of the series, but unfortunately they didn't stop here and they shot Resurrection, which is a pretty bad idea IMO.

Date of viewing: 4.11.2007.
Story: Laurie ended up in the mental hospital, while Michael is still alive. It's revealed that 3 years ago Laurie chopped of police officer's head, with whom Michael switched clothing and a mask. Michael, who is still alive, arrives in the hospital and finally kills Laurie, just after she almost killed him. Year after that, six students appear in the reality show, where they have to spend Halloween night in the Michael's childhood home. Michael returns to his house, and gradually kills all of the participants, except Sara. At the end of the massacre, Freddie, host of the show, and Sara electrocute Michael, and get away from the house. Michael is taken to a morgue, where mortician opens up his bag. Michael, who's face (mask) is fried opens his eyes, mortician screams and the movie ends.
Effect: Awful ending of the series (or not, since Michael seems to be alive at the end). I had a suspicion that this movie would be redundant, since the last part ended perfectly, and my suspicions were confirmed just after 10 minutes of this part, when I saw that stupid retcon, which reveals that Michael is still alive. Second disappointment came when Laurie dies. I've always hoped that she'll survive, and that she would be Michael's executor. And finally, the third and the last disappointment: Michael is killed by Sara (the girl that is impossible to like or sympathize for (although she is the lead role)) and Freddie (probably the most annoying character in the whole series). I mean, Michael literally survived everything, and it really sucks to see him go off by these two. I have just one word for this, the last movie of the Halloween series: unnecessary.

I decided to spend this time till Christmas watching the christmas-themed horror movies. Some would say it's a pretty weird choice, but I'm already sick of the Grinch, Griswolds and all the other cheesy Christmas characters and movies I have to watch every year. I have this in plan since the last year, when I saw Santa's Slay on TV, movie about fucked up Santa who's killing everyone who stands in his way. And finally now, when I got some free time for holidays, I'm going to fulfill this plan and watch at least 7 movies before Christmas.

Tagline: If this movie doesn't make your skin crawl... It's on too tight!
Date of viewing: 17.12.2007.
Thoughts: When it comes to christmas-themed horror movies, this one is in everyone's top 5. A lot of people compare it with original Halloween, and some say it's even better. Both films were made in the 70s and feature a mentally disturbed maniac who is killing people on a holiday. But, while the Michael in Haloween is seen on the screen and we all know who he wants to kill and why, the killer in this one is a mystery. We don't see his face in any scene, and we don't have any idea why is he killing these girls. Plus, he makes obscene phone calls to the girls from their own house, which are very scary and add to the overall creepiness of the movie. So, to conclude: deep, dark and really creepy movie which will probably become my must-see before every Christmas.
Scariest scene: Girl comes into the bedroom, sees her two friends lying on the bed covered in blood and notices the killer, who is standing behind the door, looking at her with a frantic look in his eyes.
Scary factor: 4/5

Tagline: You've made it through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas.
Date of viewing: 18.12.2007.
Thoughts: Another classic, but I must admit that this one didn't impress me as much as Black Christmas. While the idea is great: an orphan, who lost his parents 13 years ago when the maniac dressed as a Santa killed them on Christmas eve, starts a killing rampage that should finish in his orphanage with a killing of a "mother superior" who abused him, seems like execution didn't quite measure up, so we are left with some really cheesy parts, bad acting and a main character, who is everything but interesting or scary.
Scariest scene: Guy is sledding down the hill, but the crazy Santa jumps out from the bush and chops off his head. The beheaded body sleds down to his friend and a couple of seconds later the head comes rolling down towards the friend. This could also be the funniest scene in the movie.
Scary factor: 3/5

Tagline: The nightmare is about to begin... again!
Date of viewing: 19.12.2007.
Thoughts: God, why did I have to watch this shit? I've seen a lot of bad sequels in my life, but this one is extra awful. If there's ever gonna be a poll for the worst sequel ever, I'd definitely recommend this one. But, let's say something about the movie: it was pretty obvious from the last scene of part 1 that we're gonna get a sequel, but in spite of that, the filmmakers offered us more than half of the movie of explaining through the scenes from the first movie. The second part, filled with cheap nudity and ridiculous death scenes, is even worse, and more funny than scary really, especially the famous 'garbage day' scene. I feel really sorry for people who paid to see this movie and even more for those who bought it on dvd. Parts 3, 4 and 5 have also been made, but I'm not gonna torture myself anymore, so this is the last SNDN I watch.
Scariest scene: There are no scary scenes here. But there are couple of really funny ones, like the one where a nun shakes the lifeless "mother superior", whose head falls down from her body.
Scary factor: 1/5

Tagline: Better Watch Out... Better Not Cry... Or You May DIE!!
Date of viewing: 20.12.2007.
Thoughts: These christmas horrors are truly awful. This one is no exception. Again we have a story about mentally disturbed guy, who starts to kill people around Christmas dressed as Santa Claus. But this one is special because of its extra lame story. The reason why he decides to go on a rampage is absurd (he saw his mum having sex with Santa 35 years ago), and the ending is just awful (his van doesn't crash after falling down the cliff, but flies off into the night sky like in some fairy tale). Everything in between is equally bad: deaths scenes are executed poorly and not scary at all and some scenes are just plain stupid, like one where we see people chasing the Santa with torches. Too bad I watched SNDN 2 last night, so this one is still a masterpiece compared to that.
Scariest scene: Santa stabs a man in the eye with some kind of spike. Too bad that blood looked so fake.
Scary factor: 2/5

Date of viewing: 21.12.2007.
Thoughts: Pretty weird omnibus movie compiled of four related stories that husband tells to her wife while they're driving to the party. In the centre of the story is again the Santa, but this Santa is probably the most demented of them all. The movie is pretty scary, but the acting is awful and there's not much gore overall.
Scariest scene: Two burgulars are wandering through the dark room, suddenly a psycho with a burned face jumps in front of them and kills them with some stick.
Scary factor: 3/5

I've stumbled upon some user-made list of 15 most disturbing movies ever which kinda sparked my interest in these kind of flicks, so after some downloading and some watching, I decided to continue this list. I basically watch movies just on weekends, so this list will be updated mostly once or twice per week.

Date of viewing: 20.06.2009.
About: I decided to start with this little classic, which is, by the way, Wes Craven's debut movie. I've heard that remake of it was just released, and since I always tend to see originals before remakes, I decided that this is a must see for me. I can't say I like Wes Craven that much, his works are usually directed towards mainstream crowd, but this one is completely different. Story about bunch of criminals that kidnap two young girls doesn't sound too scary or intriguing, but the way this movie is filmed is really original. It's almost like you're looking at the genuine footage of the event, not the movie. Also, some of the stuff that these guys do to girls is really disgusting and degrading. Maybe even more shocking and violent is revenge, that parents of one of the girls take on these criminals.
THE scene: Leader of the gang rapes the (more innocent) girl, who after the act vomits and walks spiritless into the lake. Some really sad acoustic music (which was written by the guy who plays the main villain!) plays in the background and the whole gang looks like they're really sorry for what they've done. Suddenly the main guy shoots the girl and her body stays floating on the top of the lake.
Conclusion: Great movie, mostly sad because the other girl is so nice and sweet and you just can't imagine that stuff like this could happen to someone like her. They say revenge is not the solution, but I couldn't wait to see these guys dead at the end. Chainsaw, that was used by the father to kill the leader, was definitely a good weapon of choice.
Rating: 4/5

Date of viewing: 21.06.2009.
About: Another classic which I had on my "to see list" for quite some time. I've heard pretty mixed opinions about it, and movies like that interest me the most. Since David Lynch is in question, I had pretty high expectations, although I knew it would be pretty challenging. I have to say that Eraserhead left me pretty disappointed. Not because I didn't get it, but because this whole "nothing really is happening, it's all about the nightmare-ish atmosphere" is not really my thing. I enjoy surreal movies and movies that strongly rely on ambience, but it has to have at least some kind of story.
b>THE scene: Dinner at Marry's, her father's stare and her mother's "Did you and Mary have sexual intercourse?".
Conclusion: Can't say I liked it. Maybe because I should've changed my focus from waiting for something to happen to some other aspects of the movie. That may change with second viewing, although I highly doubt I'll be watching it again any time soon. Also, it's not really sick or disturbing as I expected it to be.
Rating: 3/5

Date of viewing: 27.06.2009.
About: I really like ultra low-budget movies. Most of the time they very realistically depict some event or a period in a time, and that's what's especially interesting to me. Henry was shot for just a little over $100,000, so that fact alone guarantees that you'll see some genuine footage of Chicago and its people around the mid 80's, because budget limitations made impossible for producers to hire extras or setup some special scenes. Henry is actually based on a life of a real serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, although some facts have been changed. So, the story follows Henry who randomly chooses his victims and kills them apparently for no reason without showing any empathy. Later, he introduces his roommate Otis to his little hobby, and they continue to kill and torture together. What's most surprising is that over the course of the movie, you somehow start to sympathise Henry, and despise Otis. This is one bleak and realistic horror, masterpiece that's unusual because it has the serial killer in the starring role that doesn't die in the end.
Henry and Otis break into some family's house, rape and kill the wife, husband and even the kid. What's disturbing is that Henry videotapes the whole scene, and later they watch it in their apartment (shaky camera adds some special creepiness to the whole situation). Psychologists say that that's not uncommon with serial killers, because watching their killings is almost the same rush as the killings itself for them. So, another plus for that little detail which adds to the overall realisticness of the movie.
Conclusion: Absolute masterpiece, definitely one of the best horrors I've ever seen. Realistic, different, confusing - and all that for just $100,000. Not particularily gory, but that wasn't even the point. It's all about the atmosphere.
Rating: 5/5

Date of viewing: 28.06.2009.
About: Seen this one on "Video nastys" list (list of movies banned in the UK), and since it's still banned I just had to see it. This is a pure exploitation movie, that mostly deals with racial issues. It tells the story of a redneck guy who escapes the prison with his two peers and starts to terrorize the black family in their own home. Most of the story takes place in the house, where redneck humiliates the family (especially the father), throws frequent racial slurs at them, and then finally rapes the daughter. Probably the most disturbing scene happens outside the house, where one peer kills the young boy by smashing his head with a rock. At the end, the father manages to take revenge on all three of them. The whole point of this movie is to shock, and it does that pretty well. Even if you ignore all the racial abuse that happens, there are still couple of scenes left that are really painful to watch.
Already mentioned boy killing scene. Movies that depict the killings of the children as graphically as this one are ultra rare.
Conclusion: One of the better exploitation films I've seen lately. I can see why it was banned, because even today it looks (too) shocking, so I can only imagine how people reacted at the time it was released.
Rating: 4/5

You need some help with some good movies, I can help.

I'm about to see Cannibal Holocaust, The Descent and maybe something from David Lynch (Eraserhead) so if you know something similar please recommend me. I'll watch pretty much everything except August Underground, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and Nekromantik

Don't know exactly what you've seen so I'll just toss some titles out.

Check out SUSPIRIA, if you like it you can follow up with INFERNO and PHENOMENON (Dario Argento)

THE THING (Carpenter '82 re-make)
BLOB ('80's re-make)

Thanks for recs. I'll try to get and see some of it (especially Argento ones). BTW, do you know that he finished the third chapter of that triology?

Yep, and I'm waiting impatiently for THE THIRD MOTHER or MOTHER OF TEARS or whatever the studio finally settles on.

First I'll ask you to step away from any movie made since 95, and visit my exploit board. There are quite a few reviews on there.

I forgot to mention EBOLA SYNDROME (Anthony Wong); it was literally just released. Considering the other titles you've mentioned I think this bona fide CAT III sleazefest is worth checking out.

Or better yet, have a gander at my reviews on here:

Have you seen the Evil Dead trilogy? The first is the only one that's scary, but they're brilliant trips through some seriously gory, crazy, whacked-out delirium.

Funny that you mention that movie. I'm just reading this Banned Movies Trivia ( where it says that a woman is raped by a tree in this movie. God, I don't wanna see that. How gory it is (compared to these movies from the list)?

The only ones on here I've seen are The Descent and The Thing. It's gorier than The Descent by far, and I'd say it's gorier than The Thing by a fair bit. The gore effects are really...inventive. But I'm 100% positive in saying that it doesn't even remotely close at all to Cannibal Holocaust, and like I said, I haven't even seen that.

And, yeah. There's the infamous tree rape.

You didn't think the goriest scene in CH was the turtle scene?

Well, they had to eat something:) But seriously, that scene was pretty disgusting too. Although I'm still more sensitive about butchering a human than about butchering an animal

Yeah, but the turtle scene was real, they were actually killing it in real life. The human scenes were fake.

Btw, I've had the Thing for ages, and I should hop to it.

Aww, c'mon, the make-up effects in Evil Dead are awesome...

Hope that was sarcasm...

No, no, it was genuine...

great list, good horror really can scar you quite a lot, as long as you don't watch it with a kind of a cynical viewpoint. Or with friends, it just loses the effect that way. Looks like some really scary & gory ones here, i must say, having seen Hostel however, i was REALLY dissapointed. They spend way too much time on the first bit of the film, and not enough on the actual torture scenes or explaining what the point in the place and who owns it (I swear it wasn't the mafia though i may be wrong). The Thing however (Only other one on this list I've seen) is really good, and doesn't actually feel dated, unlike a lot of other oldskool alien/horror movies. I really have gotta see some of these they look amazing, especially the devil's experiment one! Lol some recommendations...

Saw 1, 2 & 3 if you haven't seen them already

Cube & Cube 2: Hypercube (Not so much as horror as kindof a mindfuck film, but the ideas and such in both of them are really scary. There's also a third one which i'm trying to get hold of, and if it's any good ill recommend.)

28 Days Later (Kindof classic zombie film, but gets the terror effect well, there's a sick eye gouging scene and the music is just gold alongside the whole film)

All the recommendations iv made are a bit mainstreamy kindof horror except the cube ones, but give em a go if you haven't already seen them. Really good list, hope you keep it going :D

Thanks. I noticed that there are a lot of people who love Hostel, and maybe even more who hate it. I belong to the first group, since I'm not a movie expert and I don't really pay attention to some details and plot holes that can bother the people who take the movies maybe even more seriously than they should be taken. And I love it because it deals with something so horrible (organization within the Russian mafia (as said in the Roth's audio commentary) which sells the people and a chance to kill them to rich businessmen), but at the same time so interesting becuase this kind of morbid business can exist even in your country or your home town.

Cube is a great movie, but it's not for this list. I'm about to see Saw 1 since I've already heard it's good (but the opinions are mixed about this one too). And isn't the 28 Days Later a movie about some deadly virus and not about zombies?

I've been thinking what should I do with this list since my "horror week" is long over (I just have to review The It), but my interest in horror movies is renewed again: should I make a new one where I'll list and rate the new movies I'm going to see, or should I continue here. I'll probably choose the latter option and list here the sickest/goriest movies that I'll see (that's probably going to be one entry per week).

Yeah hostel wasn't for me, an imitation of saw, but still an alright film. And saw is definitely worth watching its class, and the sequel actually lives up to the first one, but the third is just a bit rubbish. 28 days later is kindof zombieish as they all turn into these zombie things with the virus.

Btw. Just downloaded and watched Cannibal Holocaust, and a lot of horror/gorey movies make me laugh. But i watched it with my bro, and we were just silent, it was just sick. Whether it was that kid who they buried in the mud and then killed the mum, or the camera crew who got killed etc, or any of the horrific rapes, that IS a horrific film, and i would not recommend it to anyone. It's disgusting, and it looks real. Scarily real. It's not so much scary as in just tasteless violence and rape, it's a little too realistic and it really hits you. In a bad way.

But you should def. keep this list up, it's good.

Sorry, but how is Hostel like Saw? They are pretty different.

And also, you should try to download the Untold Story. It isn't as gory as CH, but just as intense, and there are light comic relief scenes.

I've wanted to see Cannibal Holocaust for a long time, for the same reason as you, I've heard such infamous things about it. Supposedly, it also influenced Blair Witch Project, especially the framework of recovered footage. Glad you got to see it...

Johnny Waco

I've also read about similarities between them somewhere, but that "found footage" is the only similarity I can find.

So have you seen HC?

No, I haven't seen it yet, so I can't vouch for the similarities between the two films, but it sounds like you didn't find many. One day, when I get back on netflix, I'll see Cannibal Holocaust.

Johnny Waco

I love the obviously quite insane people who think these up;

Tagline: You've made it through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas.

Tagline: Better Watch Out... Better Not Cry... Or You May DIE!!



Where do you get to see these kinda films? I'm really interested, especially The Devil's Experiment.

Why the hell do you want to see Devil's Experiment? Are you some kind of sicko?
Just kidding, I think you have the whole Guinea Pig series at There are some even rarer movies on eMule (, but you'll probably wait a little longer for that ones to download

Thanks! I use for most movies, but they're much more mainstream. And hey, Cannibal Holocaust was too cuddly, I want something with more bite :)