The 50 Greatest Male Singers Ever

  1. Frank Sinatra
  2. Elvis Presley
  3. Mick Jagger
  4. Van Morrison
  5. Otis Redding
  6. Bob Dylan
  7. Marvin Gaye
  8. Roy Orbison
  9. John Lennon
  10. Ray Charles
  11. Johnny Cash
  12. James Brown
  13. Tony Bennett
  14. Michael Jackson
  15. Stevie Wonder
  16. Sam Cooke
  17. Robert Plant
  18. Nat "King" Cole
  19. Tom Jones
  20. David Bowie
  21. Smokey Robinson
  22. Bob Marley
  23. Hank Williams
  24. Bono
  25. Paul McCartney
  26. Leonard Cohen
  27. Elton John
  28. Bruce Springsteen
  29. Bryan Ferry
  30. Peter Gabriel
  31. Freddie Mercury
  32. Elvis Costello
  33. Willie Nelson
  34. Gordon Lightfoot
  35. Sting
  36. Roger Daltrey
  37. Billy Joel
  38. Neil Young
  39. Iggy Pop
  40. Charles Azvanour
  41. Morrissey
  42. Lou Reed
  43. Tom Waits
  44. Carlos Gardel
  45. Wilson Pickett
  46. Paul Simon
  47. Julio Iglesias
  48. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  49. Mel Torme
  50. Serge Gainsbourg
Author Comments: 

I'm pretty sure this list will generate some discussion and controversy. I'd like to point out that sheer talent is not the sole criteria for inclusion on this list. Personality, presence, choice of songs and, most importantly, how the songs are sung were the prevailing reasons for placing a singer higher or lower on the list. Anyway, here it is, feel free to discuss.

I would say certainly Kurt Cobain for his presence.

Also, maybe Michael Stipe, Beck, and Jack White to name some other newer artists.

I think of Cobain as a better songwriter and guitarist; his voice drove me nuts. I almost put Michael Stipe on this list. He's certainly one of my favorite vocalists ever.

For your consideration...

Gravel voice wonders:
Joe Cocker
Bob Seger
Rod Stewart
Robert Palmer - As a soloist and lead.
Jackie Wilson - Powerful singer with great songs.
Aaron Neville - With or without his brothers.
Greg Allman - Soulful blues with a long history.
Chris Cornell - Sheer strength and power.
Jim Reeves - Started the new era in 1950's Nashville.
Ray Charles - My Top 20 at least.
George Jones - No. 1 by everyone on the country side.
Leon Redbone - Wha? Style alone.

I must be a moron. How could I forget Ray Charles? I'll add him to this list immediately.

I certainly like the other names you've mentioned, but I'm afraid they don't crack my Top 50. Top 100, for sure.

I don't see Steve Perry on anyones list he is called " The Voice " for a reason. He is one of the VERY few that sound just as good or better live than on tape.

May I humbly submit Paul Westerburg? He had the certian... I don't know what.

And let us not forget the purple one. No I don't mean Barney - Prince.

Do I detect a bias (positive, of course) towards Minneapolis?

Where's that singer from The Yams?

Jeff Buckley or his father Tim Buckley? If you haven't heard them you should

I adore Jeff Buckley, and he would certainly make my list, but he didn't have a large enough body of material to warrant an inclusion here. It's such a pity he died so young; he could easily have been one of the ten best ever.

Bob Dylan-sigh.... not again
David Bowie- seems out of place for some reason
Bono- I think he whines a bit too much

Still unquestionably Frank is the king.

Me thinks me will make another list...the remaining 50 Greatest Male Singers.

lol, better include Tom Petty, though.

Some might say Frank is king, some might say Elvis is king, but &nbsp Paul Rodgers &nbsp is God.

Wow, rather mighty list here! I think I will need a few days just to absorb this!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

where and when were you all born?lyme regis 1990?have you ever heard steve marriot?he makes all the others look and sound like nanny goats

What about Ozzy Osbourne? May not have the best voice in the world but his is unique, instantly recognisable and employed very well within the context of his genre. On top of that he certainly has personality and presence by your original criteria. Not to mention longevity - 30+ years in the business although how he's managed that after all the drugs/alcohol I'm not sure.

In fact his effect has been so strong in the industry that they even have a festival named after him (Ozzfest) where bands and the audience come to celebrate all things Ozzy.

PERRY COMO PERRY COMO PERRY COMO -----Listen to his smooth strong voice

Yeah! The dude owns "Silver Bells". Warning: Possible bias caused by current season.

While I find many of your listed singer worthy on the list I would most definitely change some positions around. But how on earth could you leave out Morten Harket from A-Ha? Okay he is not necessarily known for his solo work but hey this man has got a voice almost like Mariah Carey in terms of vocal ability. He is my personal #1. Check out his vocals in A-Ha's "Living A Boy's Adventure Tale" or "Hunting High & Low".
I would also like to see Cliff Richard in that list (he has apparently sold more records in UK than Elvis!)...and where is George Michael or Billy Ocean?!?

you must be kidding right? Sam Cooke at number 16? John Gary totally absent from the list, even though he was sinatra AND Elvis' favorite singer?
This is a joke.

Elton John should be in at least the top 25 of this list

I think I speak for everyone when I say: "Where the hell is ZP Theart?!"

This list is absolutely incorrect. Josh Groban is not even on the list? How is this even possible? He should be in the top 3 easily. Perhaps this list needs revised....

male singers,,,or most successful male singers,,,,how the hell is mick jagger /bob dylan above freddie mercury,,,,,,while i love dylan and the stones,,,,,i would concede that mercury is one hell of a singer,,,dylan and jagger couldnt carry one of his tunes

the guy that made the list had this criteria "sheer talent is not the sole criteria for inclusion on this list. Personality, presence, choice of songs and, most importantly, how the songs are sung",,,,,mercury had this in abundance,,,,and dont get me wrong,,,i aint no queen fan,,,,but its his ultra low positioning on this list that wrankles,,,,,,,,,in fact ,,,re-examining this list,,,,its way off,,,,,,,,,,dissapointed,,,,,someone,,,for the love of god come up with a top ten based on pure singing ability,charisma,showmanship,that actually makes bloody sense

Where's Waylon Jennings??? You have Johnny Cash, who mostly talks, but no Waylon? Willie Nelson? But no Waylon? Strange...

When Johnny Cash did talk he talked coherently and made a lot of sense. He was a great storyteller and a talented songwriter. However, he mostly sang and when he did it was with a unique resonating bass voice and one could clearly understand every word. He was able to successfully crossover from country to country rock and pop. He had an awesome presence and charisma and is a legend, the likes of whom we will never see again.

you forgot 1. freddy mercury!!!!!!!!1 he is the best singer and entertainer of all time!!!! end of conversation.

Of course Freddy Mercury and George Michael... Its diffreance between singer and song writter or...But anyway Frank Sinatra doesn't deserve number you know anything about the music..he's all name

Pink Floyds David Gilmour and Roger Waters!! You forgot about Great Britain which I prefer!!! except Nirvana!

JIM MORRISON!! Legend..Put him on second right behind Freddy :)

I think Roy Orbison should be at the top and where is the likes of Gene Pitney, Del Shannon, Art Garfunkel,Bobby Hatfield and Nielson?

What??? This is a joke???
Where Martin Gardner from A-Ha? He must be on top of the list! Does anyone thinks differently?