Off-the-Beaten-Path Jobs For Me to Consider

  • Graphic Novelist- If only I could actually draw. I don't think stick figures would work very well.
  • Escort- I'm not "womanly, bubbly, outgoing, and refined" enough, it seems.
  • Truck Driver- If only I could learn to drive a regular car first...
  • Tarot Reader/Psychic- I could be the next Miss Cleo... but I'd feel too bad about misleading people.
  • Porno Scriptwriter- What porno needs a script? :-p
  • Wedding Planner- I don't know my flowers, heh...
  • Travel Agent- I always liked to order & look at vacation brochures when I was a kid. But who needs a travel agent when everyone has Expedia and Travelocity at their fingertips these days? :-\
  • Nevada Brothel Girl- erm...
Author Comments: 

Feel free to give me suggestions. I'm having a quarter-life crisis. :-(

May I suggest wine critic? It's all over the place. People describe wine in a manner that would remind me of a nymphomaniac describing sex. (or maybe I'm retarded in such matters)

Or maybe really nice DJing?

I don't like wine, but I wouldn't mind being a restaurant or food critic. :-p

Are you even allowed to be a restaurant or food critic if you don't like wine? ;)

No idea. :-p I'm sure I can write a good review of the Coke though. :-p

No problemo. America's leading wine critic was " brought up on a healthy diet of coke and burgers".

Maybe not a graphic novel per say but the stick drawings in
Wimpy Kid series seem to work.