Shows that own my soul (past or present)

  • The X-files
  • Gilmore Girls (Don't judge)
  • Charmed
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Angel
  • That 70s Show
  • Action (A cancelled Jay Mohr show on FX)
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • Real Time with Bill Maher
  • Queer as Folk
  • The Shield
  • The Sopranos

I enjoyed Action for what little time it was on the air on Fox. This show would have been better show would have been better suited on FX, or had HBO taken a crack at it. Fox watered it down too much, but with good reason.

Oh man! Nice to find a kindred spirit... I was so addicted to The X-Files, then Buffy and now Gilmore Girls... crazy addicted. Action Figure and paperback novelization addicted! Plus, there is no funnier show than the Daily Show on TV right now. :)

Oh yeah, I have all the books. The websites. The trivia. The Fanfic. My god, I'm getting nostalgic... Good to "meet" another x-phile.

Gilmore Girls has the best dialogue on television right now, and I love it.

I really liked the first few episodes of Action, but I remember the show nosediving (IMO) pretty quickly later on.

Cool list. This season of Angel has been great, and I didn't really like the previous ones. I still don't find The Daily Show very funny, even after giving it a few more tries recently, but I seem to be the only one...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Aaaack! Don't find The Daily Show funny?! I'm gonna have to pretend I didn't see that, LBangs, cause I really respect your taste...

Yeah, just paste a big "Unhip" sign on my back and send off down the street. I've tried, and I don't hate the show - I just don't find myself laughing at it, and I gradually start eyeing that pile of books slowly overtaking the corner between my couch and wall...

I'm hopeless. Mea culpa.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I started REALLY enjoying The Daily Show when I started watching a lot of news... A lot of CNN, a little local, and the surprisingly large amount of C-span. It's funnier to me I guess because every day before the show comes on I've usually sat around with friends and joked about the same things they cover. I dunno... It doesn't really register in my head that someone could truly not find the show hilarious. I find Jon Stewart so funny that I find him sexy. I laugh so hard, I orgasm.

Not to start a big discussion of the merits of reality tv, but it's all about The Amazing Race, for me. For two years, that was the only reason I turned on my tv. Then I got cable and it was all over.