Favourite South Park Episodes (By Season)

  • S1 - Volcano / Damien / Pinkeye (couldn't decide)
  • S2 - Club Houses / Summer Sucks / Terrance & Phillip in Not Without My Anus
  • S3 - Cat Orgy
  • S4 - Cartman's Silly Hate Crime / Something You Can Do with Your Finger
  • S5 - Cartman Land / The Entity / Kenny Dies
  • S6 - Aspen
  • S7 - Christian Hard Rock / Casa Bonita
  • S8 - Quest for Ratings / Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes
  • S9 - The Losing Edge
  • S10 - Make Love, Not Warcraft
  • S11 - D-Yikes / Lice Capades
  • S12 - Canada On Strike / Major Boobage / Over Logging
  • S13 - The Coon / Pinewood Derby
Author Comments: 

please excuse so many multiple episode selections, but SP is such a great series

Some of these are purely vague memory, so some may be based on one joke or running gag, so please excuse some of the choices, but i tried my best to pick, the best (my faves).

South Park is very tough to narrow down to absolute favourites for me. Outside of "Scott Tenorman Must Die", which is a cut above for me, it's so generally consistently hilarious that I have trouble picking favourites - obviously with a show like SP there's no episode with genuinely heightened emotion that might prove the standouts in other series. But all the episodes that I've seen on this list are great.

Hey, what about Kenny Dies? Cartmanland? Maybe even Tsst?

I agree with you that South Park's humor tends to be pretty consistent from episode to episode, although I do think that sometimes the general plot concept of episodes is hilarious (Towelie, Fat Butt and Pancake Head, Christian Rock Hard), sometimes I think it is dumb (South Park Is Gay! [I pass on crab people]), and sometimes I think it is a tired retread of stuff they've done before (Stanley's Cup). Additionally, sometimes I think their messages are intelligently done (I'm a Little Bit Country) and sometimes I think they're idiotic (Butt Out). That's what sets apart different SP episodes for me. In fact, I think I may make a list too.

Fair point about those examples - but even in those, the emotion was countered by the darkest of humour. I suppose I was comparing it to episodes of shows like ER and Scrubs that I rate highly, where the emotional ending isn't really tempered by comedy. But I do agree that those examples are remarkably emotional by South Park standards, especially "Kenny Dies".

As for your other point: yeah, there are some episodes I feel are marginally too stupid for their own good. Mostly in S1 and S2. But they manage to make me laugh considerable amounts, even if I find the central plot a bit too absurd for its own good. Your way of dividing them into tiers is a good one, though, especially when the actual comedy is so consistent.

Yeah i think i'd agree with AJDaGreat's comment below that Kenny Dies is pretty emotional, at least for south park. They actually were thinking of playing it totally straight with no jokes. damn i might add that on my list, might take butter's episode off.

Playing an SP episode totally straight, eh?.. I'm not sure how I'd react!

same! it would be interesting but i'm sure there would be alot of fan backlash. like when people complain when they do episodes that centre around a different character (Pip, A Million Little Fibers, Lice Capades)

Ah yeah, I remember hearing/reading somewhere that fans were particularly maddened when the Terrence & Phillip episode aired after the "Cartman's Mom.." cliffhanger, hehe. I guess it would get a mixed reaction if they did try a completely humour-free episode, though I think at the very least I'd applaud the attempt.

Just watched S8 this weekend. I really liked your two favourites, though I think my favourites were "The Passion of the Jew" and "AWESOM-O".

The Passion of the Jew i don't like as much as most do, a very popular episode, but i do have to admit when gibbson runs around going crazy, thats pretty funny.

AWESOM-O, i LOVE that episode, might add that.

final season of frasier has been released, i had no idea it was out, was in woolies today, awesome. still didn't get it, but will get both 10 and 11 soon.

Yep the whole run of Frasier is out on R2 now.. a complete series boxset comes out soon too. I'm mulling over selling my old sets in order to buy it. It'd be nice to have the whole series streamlined (all on R2) and with subtitles.

true, where do you plan on going about selling them ? ebay? shop trade in ? friends?