Favourite Simpsons Episodes (By Season)

  • S1 - The Call Of The Simpsons
  • S2 - Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish
  • S3 - Saturdays of Thunder
  • S4 - Last Exit To Springfield
  • S5 - Homer Goes to College / Secrets of a Successful Marriage
  • S6 - Lemon Of Troy
  • S7 - Marge Be Not Proud / Summer of 4 Ft. 2
  • S8 - Homer's Phobia
  • S9 - Not Yet Decided

These are all quality. My pics would differ, but it's like choosing between the double-chocolate and the triple-chocolate cake, really. Is "Secrets of a Successful Marriage" still your all-time fave?

It's up there, probably second, as i think no.1 now belongs to lemon of troy. However i really really like Secrets of a Successful Marriage, brilliant example of homer just getting everything wrong, and i like episodes that explore marge and homer's marriage.

"Lemon of Troy" is top-10 for me too. I haven't seen it in ages but I can still quote scenes off by heart.

I was never as big a fan of "Secrets.." as you but it's definitely grown on me. Firmly in the "classic" territory.