Favourite Scrubs Episodes (By Season)

  • S1 - My Old Lady
  • S2 - My Lucky Day / My Own Private Practice Guy
  • S3 - My Screw Up / My Porcelain God
  • S4 - My Cake / My Last Chance / My Lucky Charm
  • S5 - My Way Home / My Lunch
  • S6 - My Road to Nowhere
  • S7 - My Manhood
Author Comments: 

Some of these are purely vague memory, so some may be based on one joke or running gag, so please excuse some of the choices, but i tried my best to pick, the best (my faves).

Hm, overlooked this set of lists! Good choices, naturally!

cheers dude! i thought S7 was gonna be their last but i hear they are comming back ofr a shorter 8th season, i think mainly due to writer's strike

Yeah, from what I understand it's going to be on ABC instead of NBC so not sure if there'll be any changes or anything. I'm pleased it's getting another season though, from what I heard on the Internet the strike meant S7 didn't really wrap things up properly.

yeah i've watched a few, the series seemed a little weak but generally pretty good. this joke from season 7 had me laughing for days


the writers strike was such a shame really

Haha nice clip there. I'll be no doubt buying the DVD when it comes out, I don't suppose Scrubs will ever really match up to S1-3 again but it's still good stuff. (Well, I haven't seen S7 yet but S6 was good!)